I am sure I have posted something like this before. Everyone says it, right? There are pluses and minuses to all things. Not always evening distributed though.

RV Road – Tripping has a long list on both sides. When people ask me about it – you will almost always get the glowing, amazing, raving review. And then….I will give some of the harder parts too. It’s not for everyone. I feel like all families should give it a try – but I have to admit that I don’t think this ‘vacation life’ is for everyone.

We left San Diego on Wednesday – and have slept in the motor home for {only} 5 nights so far. And every single night has gotten worse for me. The first few, I was coughing myself to a near choking point. The last few have been full of care taking for Grace. I was in my bed (in the back) for 20 minutes last night….and then spent the rest of the night/morning on the dinette with Grace. Not a good time. I am really hoping tonight is the turnaround point.

We left Twin Lakes on  Saturday AM and had a pretty long drive day. We had all 5 kids in the motorhome watching my The Goonies, preparing for all the sites in Astoria….

When Joe couldn’t drive anymore — he found a campground ⛺️ in the middle of no where. We pulled in (only the hosts were in the campground with us). Great shade and fun bike trails for the big kids.

We decided on a late dinner because lunch was later and everyone was playing/having a good time.

Grace had the squirt bottle (hours of fun for a 2 year old). I got the puzzles out and cards.

Tri-tip, baked potatoes, and salad for dinner (so good).

Grace was the only person who got to bathe that night. She loves the bathtub in the RV. And then campfire at night.

The next day, Sunday, we are brwakfast, packed up and headed over to the Lava Beds National Park.

I don’t have the pictures from inside the caves …will have to get them from Joe at some point. It was nice & cool down in the lava caves. We even got ‘lost’ in one.

Our campsite was in the National park – and again, we had plenty of space and a good road track for the bikers. We got to watch the rain come down in the distance. We begged the kids to do a Rain Dance — but it looked more like the Truffle Shuffle (gotta love Chunk).

Heather and I stayed up to play cards by the lantern. Daddy walked Grace to sleep in the stroller. This was the best she slept the whole night. After 11pm – it wasn’t pretty.

We had 2 of 5 kiddos become a Jr Ranger, AJ was the LG kiddo and Sarah was the Veomett kiddo.

The pictures show all the good stuff (pluses)  of RV Life. Bike riding, yummy meals, playing outside, hiking/caves exploring, campfires, friends, seeing new sites all the time.

I don’t photograph the bad (most of the time). The sleepless nights. The bug bites. The FILTHY feet on everyone. The constant babysitting (disciplining  of kids – especially when we are driving – I feel like everyone’s slave!

Luckily, the good outweighs the bad—-most of the time 😜