This is Us

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Joe & Elizabeth Oregon Coast July 4th, 2017

Ha ha…I had this post titled “Us” when I first started it – but then I thought about that new TV show (maybe not so new anymore) and thought this title would be better/more catchy.  Please note: I haven’t seen an episode of that TV show but nearly EVERYONE I know has told me that I NEED to watch it. I will get there…after a few other goals are accomplished (I always have something, huh?)

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The Finale

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All vacations come to an end. It’s a fact…..except the ultimate vacation: retirement. Yes, we have, once again, spent many hours discussing retirement life while we have been out on the road. Joe can’t wait. He is always calculating the number of years left before we can retire and hit the road more permanently.

And the best part of that plan is the fact that he WANTS to spend more time with me 😍❤️. Hopefully he still likes me when y comes time to spend 24 / 7 together 😳.

We drove into CA on Wednesday and camped just south of Shasta Lake. Wednesday night was our last camping night with the Veomett’s.

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Happy 4th of July!

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I have a few days to catch up on (Maher just 1 or 2) but it’s the 4th of July AND….we have a campsite for tonight!!!! This is HUGE! We didn’t think our chances were good with no reservations and a popular summer holiday.

We are camped….DOWN BY THE RIVER {again, thank you Chris Farley)! But first – we hiked down to  a Blowhole and a really great beach that the kids had a blast playing on.

The LG Clan is decked out in our patriotic gear. Happy Birthday America 🇺🇸! We sure are thankful for our Freedom.


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