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You all know (very well) how I feel about marriage. You know how I feel about MY marriage and how I feel about the topic of marriage.  It seems to be the hottest topic (in my life circle) recently, not only because I have a sister getting married and best friend getting married…But it also made the #1 discussion topic amongst my work peers out in Texas last week. Interesting!

There are so many different discussions you can have that relate to marriage (morals, values, finances, parenting, sex, time, and onand on….) And let me say….it’s NOT easy!  It takes work, and dedication, and A whole LOT of communication.  Peeks and valleys. Good and Bad. Ups and downs…..we all have these, amiright?

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The ‘She’ is TWO! 

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Happy 2nd Birthday, Grace Elizabeth!

We have loved watching you grow and learn, especially over the last 12 months. You are a whole new girl!!

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Redemption #goals2017

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Nearing the end of January and finally coming back to the blog. I knew it was going to be a busy month after the 1+ holiday week off. The boys spent a week up at my Mom’s house and Joe went to CES (Las Vegas). Work has been pretty insane this month and on top of all that…the 1/2 marathon was January 15th up at Disneyland. At one point in the month, Joe said “I thought January was supposed to be a slow month…after the holidays??” 😬😳

I will post a few of the family update pictures and then we can talk: redemption.
The boys left on New Year’s Eve – it was a rainy day in San Diego. They did great on the plane and Mom was super excited to pick them up.

They all went to a big NYE party in Old Town Sac, hung out with Auntie Nancy, played cards, went to the movies, celebrated Great-Grampy’s birthday,  and jumped around an indoor trampoline place.

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