+1 for Daddy

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March 30th marked another birthday celebration for the Mr.

Sometimes, we improvise at our house. Daddy’s actual birthday was on a Thursday and we had planned to Celebrate with the family on Friday night. However, Grace & I stoped at a little local bakery for some sweet treats the night of the 30th. (After Joe made his own birthday dinner…I had to work the whole day 😕)

The kids love signing Happy Birthday and blowing out candles…..Joe doesn’t like all the hub-bub (he doesn’t have a choice though, we love to celebrate him). Grace learned to say “Happy Birthday” and I finally got it on video (Instagram post)!

The only pic I snapped of the two of us:

We had the family over for pizza, beer, salad and root beer floats on Friday night. Again, Joe didn’t want to be the center of attention – but he had a good time.

I picked up a growler of beer from Ballast Point on my way home from work.

He gets better with age (and, more tired 😜). We love you babe! Happy Birthday!

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