The “Hottest” Place on Earth

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Yes, that is right. We, in our infinite wisdom, decided to brave Disneyland on the HOTTEST day on the earth…ever, in the history of the world. (Ok..that’s a ‘bit’ exaggerated but man, it was FREAKIN’ hot!) The ‘Happiest’ Place on Earth was quickly turned into the HOTTEST Place on Earth…by 9:34am.

When we picked Sunday, Sept 14th as our day to use up our last D-land tickets, we had NO idea that it would be Death Valley in Southern California. We had to use up our last day-pass before the end of Sept, and the 14th was the ONLY day that worked on our calendar.

We arrived fully prepared for the day. A million frozen ice/water bottles and the biggest, industrial sized squirt bottle (from Costco) for constant cold mist ‘showers’.

The good news (and a surprise to us) was that – 2 days prior to our arrival – they had transformed the Park into “Halloween Time”. ¬†Disney certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to decorations.



AJ was very excited about the day. He wore a Mickey shirt in honor of the occasion.



We headed into CA Adventure first and the boys started off the day on Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree.


Then we all did one of our favorites: Toy Story Mania.  Such a fun game/ride! (and Joe is totally unbeatable)




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Rewind: ‘The Back-Story’

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*Disclaimer* This is one of those blog posts with LOTS of ‘feelings’ and VERY few photos. Just wanted to put that out there before you invest time in my thoughts and words below.


I have been meaning to write (document) the ‘back story’ about our surprise pregnancy of Baby LG3 for a few months. Now that I am finally feeling better (so thankful) & I am no longer bitter about being/feeling sick ALL the time, and we are back from our summer vacation, I have a bit of time to tell the story of the May/June/July news/secret.

At the end of May, I had to fly out to Tampa, FL for a work conference. While I was gone, there were early indications that I COULD possibly be late. I was busy with the conference, meetings, and work/team dinners so I didn’t have a ton of time to really think much about the possibilities. (Joe, on the other hand, was getting more excited every single day that passed). I certainly did NOT believe the trip could end up with positive pregnancy test.

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Baby LG3 Update

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This past Thursday, we had our big ultrasound for the baby. The tech spent an hour taking pictures and measurements, and answering our questions (as best she could). We had too look away a few times while she looked between the baby’s legs…didn’t want to take a chance that we might see anything.

Here is a view of the baby’s arm and hand (the hand is in the right ride of the picture).


And here are the feet (a view of the bottom of the feet).


And finally, our favorite shot of Baby LG3, the profile:


Unfortunately, the tech couldn’t get a good enough view of the heart to take measurements so we have to go back for another ultrasound next week.

And then at the end, she had to double check the location of the placenta which appeared too close to the cervix (placenta previa). She kept saying she ‘wasn’t a doctor’ so she couldn’t tell us much.

I was bummed when we left – since we really didn’t know too much. Joe read a bunch online and said that the higher statistics were that placenta previa wouldn’t be an issue by the end of the pregnancy. I emailed my doctor when I got to the office and he got back to me within an hour. He had already read the report and said he wasn’t too concerned and it was likely to be totally fine by the end. AND – he was happy to see that all was well with the baby. It was SO awesome to hear that news (and not have to wait until next week when we will see him in person).

Here is a view of the baby from the outside – Mama at 19 weeks.


As they always say, Time is flying by…mostly. It’s hard to believe I am almost half way, but at the same time – I wonder how I will make it through the next 4+ months! Eek!

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