Pregnancy with 2 Boys

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It is pretty fun & interesting to be pregnant this time – and have two little boys around. They are so different (always have been) and their reaction to Baby 3 and me being pregnant is no different.

AJ has been so loving and sweet about the baby. Nearly every single day, he rubs my belly and says “I like your baby, Mom.” He gives the baby kisses and wants to feel it kick whenever possible. When asked what kind of baby he thinks it is – he just says “I don’t know” with a sweet smile and a shrug.

Nicholas has been more removed. He is JUST now asking to feel the baby kick. The most excited I have seen him was the day I surprised him as the Mystery Reader in his class. He ran up to me, gave me a big hug and said loudly “My Mom is pregnant!!”

This morning was definitely one of my favorites. Nicholas was in my room when I came out of the bathroom from getting ready for work. He said “Mama, when the doctor takes the baby out at the hospital, how will he know what kind of baby it is?” (meaning: gender). I said “the doctor will look at the baby, and if it has a penis, it’s a boy. If it doesn’t have a penis, it’s a girl”

He paused a second and then said “oh….yeah….the penis” – in that ah-ha voice when something just clicks and makes sense. I had to laugh because it was so sincere and cute – coming from a little boy.

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Cousins are the Best!

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We had Elliot for a bit this weekend – and luckily it worked out that Nicholas went to hang out at Grandma & Grandpa’s house for the afternoon. We got a small glimpse of what ‘big brother Anthony’ would look like.

Right away, he ran to his room to get a book that he could show Elliot.


When Elliot got fussy and started to cry, AJ seemed really worried. He kept asking why the baby was crying and what we could do to stop the crying.

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We finally lost a tooth in the LaGreca House!! In fact, within 10 days – the 2nd one came out!


His first one came out at dinner one night. He said it was loose and then he pulled it out. (I have to admit, when he was playing with it, my stomach was turning. I felt much better once it was out).

The new 1 hole toothless smile:


10 days later, on our way to church this morning, he said from the back of the van: “I lost another tooth!!”


We like the new 2-toothless smile. Our little boy is growing up!


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