1st Day of School 2015

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It has come….and gone. The 1st Day of School at a new school. Anthony’s 1st Day of Kindergarten! 

We have been talking about and preparing for it this summer. Nicholas knew that he would be going to a new school when he wrapped up his 1st grade year at Benchly. He was really upset on the last day of school in June 😕😢

I will admit. I have been nervous for him (much more nervous for Nicholas than I was for Anthony). I was hopeful that he would meet someone have a great first day of school. 

AJ has been so excited. He LOVES his brand new ‘big boy’ backpack. Kindergarten wasn’t scary to him – not much is actually scary for the 2nd LaGreca boy. 


Nicholas is ‘old hat’ at these 1st Day of school photos. Now we have a new background for the pictures (no more red gate). 


Brothers going to the same school. 

The entire family walked to school on the first day. 

Grace & I stayed with AJ at his Kinder class while Joe dropped Nicholas off at 2nd grade. 

We LOVE Anthony’s Kinder teacher. She is so great.  

First day succes!! 


Howeve, the 2nd day of school had a different ending….


Update x5

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Who should I start with? So many options :) 

Let’s talk about Anthony first – since we just got home from his Kindergarten Orientation. Say WHAT?!?? Our little clown is going to BIG boy school! 

We met his teacher, saw the classroom and learned a lot. It’s a new school for all of us -so we were really paying attention. AJ seems to be excited….mostly about his new backpack AND the idea of having homework (I am sure the excitement will wear off on that). 

Nicholas lost tooth #6 the other night. 

I never like the ‘lose tooth’ stage but I don’t mind the bloody hole once the tooth comes out. He was excited to write on the envelope for the Tooth Fairy…and then he lost the tooth…in the house. It took us a bit of looking but it was eventually found on the floor. 

I missed this on the blog – but both boys had a GREAT time visiting Grandma D (my mom) in Sacramento this summer. They got to spend a WHOLE week up there — and then, they flew home together…alone! 

Aunti Nancy left us, too. She had to get back home to start school :/


Grace is doing good. Growing all the time. We had a tough week with her sleeping – hopefully it will get better this weekend. 

She got new bedding. I love it. 

This is the set I had picked out before we had the baby. I had one boy set and one girl set. I even matched the sets to the new nursery in the old house – and the new carpet. (I still can’t believe we redid that room at the old house – and then moved. So crazy!) 

 Girl set:

Boy Set:

Yes, I wanted Lion King for the nursery (I am sure no one is shocked that I picked something ‘Disney’). 

With Grace’s new room being yellow and white — the set still matches great 😀 I love all the pink 💗 And I was happy to find the set on clearance a few weekends ago. Yahoo!! 
Baby girl’s hair is growing too! 

More hair things to come! (Joe is terrified – ha ha) 

To wrap up the kids’ update, here is one of the BEST pictures ever captured by Joe. 

Doesn’t get better than these smiles!! 

Joe is doing well. He is tired (Especially this week — see comment about Grace’s poor sleeping above). He is always busy. The kids have swim lessons now – and the boys are BOTH playing on a soccer team this year. (I am sure there will pictures to come on that). He & Grace are driving all over the place – making sure everyone gets to where they need to be. 

He has also been busy with work. Not really the best time for that – since he has had three kids home. But he is good at figuring it out. And – Grace will be at Cammi’s 3 days a week – starting next week (when the boys start school). That will give Joe a nice break from the kids AND time to meet with clients, etc. 

Oh and you can’t really tell from the picture, but he needs a haircut — badly. 


**One more thing: we might have baby chicks by tomorrow. Joe has been planning to get baby chicks for awhile. He has everything ready to go. We will see how this goes :) We need at least 4-5 egg-layers in 6 months. (We only have 1 egg layer righ now. That isn’t enough for our family!) 

And finally, me. The most common question I have heard lately is “so, how is it to be back at work full time?” (New commute, new baby, etc)

It’s actually ok. The commute is fine. I leave REALLY early in the AM so I miss a lot of the morning traffic. And I still hit he same afternoon traffic that I had before. BUT – I get home around 5pm and that has been really nice for me AND the Fam. Joe loves it. I plan to keep it up, as best I can. 

As for going back to work after baby: I have to say, it DOES get easier every time. Some things (with kids) do NOT get easier. But going back to work did get easier. Not that I was ready or wanted to leave Grace – but I knew that was the plan and having done it twice before – it wasn’t too big of a deal. 

But I do enjoy my evenings & weekends…


(Photo Credit – above: Charles LaGreca) 

On a personal note: I am 7 weeks into my 2nd ever FAST. The first time I attempted a Fast was for Lent last year (2014). I succeeded then (and I didn’t think I could do it). That one was 9 weeks. 

I decided to try it again. I started thinking about it before we left on vacation – I just knew I had to do something to lose weight & feel better. 

I learned a few things the first time around / so I wrote up an altered plan and got started — first elimination food group: ALL SWEETS/DESSERTS! 

Talk about a painful ‘cold turkey’ 😁 There have been a few tough toys over the last 7 weeks – but mostly, I would say I am doing pretty good. Something new is eliminated each week.  I am currently down to a Veggie, fruit, fish & peanut butter daily diet. It’s really ‘clean’ eating and it certainly makes me feel so much better. It also makes me go to bed hungry nearly EVERY single night (and I am full at dinner!) I keep thinking that will get better/go away. Until it does, I will just drink more water. The entire plan is 12 weeks long so I am over half way! 

Now that I am starting to feel better and lose weight (working away at a pretty steep goal) – I have added in some ‘at home workouts’. Dancing is my poison (as some of you know – I LOVE to dance…weddings, bars, Christmas parties – you name it, and I will dance). Since I don’t have a lot of time to go workout away from home – I brought workouts to my home. I am having a great time – and feeling better everyday.

I think that is about it…for now. A little glimpse into the LaGreca World 😀 

Soccer games & 1st day of school pictures coming soon!!!! 

Check-up & Stats

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Gracee had her 6 month check-up today. It’s just amazing how far we have come – anyone remember when we were worried about her gaining weight?!? She was SO tiny! 

There is NO worry about this girl’s health anymore – at all! At her 4 month Check-up, she had gone from the 5th percentile to the 40th percentile – in weight. Today she measured 17+ lbs and moved up to the 70th percentile! Say WHAT!!? Folks, we have another Eater In the house. She may look like exactly like me – but CLEARLY she has the appetite of a LaGreca 😀 

Her head is 76th percentile — but, poor girl is only 32nd percentile for height. She will be short like her Mama 😕 

She took her shots like a total champ. Cried for less than 20 seconds and then she was over it. 

Check out the difference a few months makes….

It was 103 at our house today – so we decided to head West for a long walk and dinner. 

We did 2 miles on the Boardwalk and then Joe’s found a YUMMY place for fish tacos. 


We headed back and caught the sunset on the way back. It’s so cool to live close to the beach. We don’t go often (especially in the summer – too many crowds) but I love it every time we are there. 

TGIF 😀❤️ Nice way to end the work week. 

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