The Front Yard (old & new)

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**As promised, here are some REALLY old “before” pictures of our front yard (taken right after we bought the house in 2003)

As you can see, this was long before we had the house painted. We had a lot of dark brown, which I never really liked. And we had a LOT of ivy. It was insane!

(Amazing…we actually had GREEN way back then)

(I think I took the above picture the day we got the keys to the house — that GIGANTIC tree didn’t last long. I think we had it removed w/in the first week)

**We had the house painted in 2007, right before Nicholas was born. Here are a couple of views of the front yard from ‘before’ and ‘after’ the house was painted.

(As you can clearly see – we did NOT take care of the “grass” in the front yard. It was horrible to begin with and we didn’t want to waste the money to water it)

**So, that brings us to 2011. I know I have already shared the ‘before’ pictures on the blog, but figured it would be fun to see exactly how BAD it looked right before they started work on the yard:



(Above: Front yard a few weeks ago.)

Note: for those that don’t know, I have to point out – our house numbers were made by Joe’s Dad. Aren’t they SO cool!?! He made them out of wood and then painted them with the same red that we used on the shutters & gate.


(The side yard a few weeks ago)

**And – HERE YOU HAVE IT! The LaGreca’s finished front yard! (only thing left to do is build the planters for a garden in the middle)



BIG Thanks to Big Dawg Landscaping for all the hard work (and all the GREAT ideas). We love our new front yard! However, it makes the courtyard look even worse, so — that will be the next project!

* I put together a movie of the pictures/video from the yard project. I am sure the file will be too big to post on the blog, so I will just upload it to facebook.


The LG’s have gone GREEN!

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That’s right! We have officially joined the “green” movement — we had a tree planted 🙂

Big Dawg Landscaping (Mike Smith) is still hard at work on our front yard. The tree and plants were delivered yesterday. And I must say – it was fabulous to come home to a front yard that had some GREEN in it!

Now that we know how much space we will have in the front yard, we can start planning the raised grow boxes. So exciting! My request is basil, basil and more basil 🙂


The Wall is in!

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I am absolutely amazed at how fast this crew has worked. They are such hard workers! And they worked on Saturday AND Sunday! I am so glad they are taking tomorrow off!!

The pavers are finished and I just LOVE them. I love the curve going up to the front gate. It’s SO nice!

I am totally gitty about this front yard! I have waited a long time to get this done. An it’s so fun to watch the progress (in such a short amount of time).

At the end of the project, I will post pictures of the front when we first bought the house. I just looked at them today — what a difference!

Here is yesterday and today’s progress.








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