Rewind: Beginning of Summer / End of School

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We started off the summer with the end of a lovely long visit from our Buffalo Cousins. It was great to have them out on the Ranch with us. We were all sad to see them go 🙁

We had to finish up the school year for the boys (2nd & Kinder) and Grace moved into her summer waredrobe to match the weather.

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Rewind from May/June: Double Date Night(s)!

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While Mary & Grant were in San Diego, we got 3 Double Date nights (one was even more than just the 4 of us).

🎸🎤 Brad Paisley Concert! 

He is my FAVORITE in concert. I think this was the 4th time I have seen him live and I just love it every single time.  We stopped for a cowboy hat at the 7-11. Grace tried it on right before we left the house.



Me and the sis — Loving country music 🙂





We tailgated (BBQed) before the show, out in the dirt field. If you are going to be Country — BE COUNTRY all the way!

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3 Months & 13 Years

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The two times/dates are not related.

*Tomorrow marks 3 whole months since I have updated y’all on this space. Holy cow! Do you KNOW how much can happen in 3 months?!? People can visit, girls can get married, families can take summer vacations (many!), kids can start school….the list goes on!

—-“Rewind” / catch-up posts are coming. So many pictures to share! —

*Tomorrow also marks our 13th Wedding Anniversary! I always have so much to say about anniversaries – especially mine 😊 And I have a pictures to share, too.

I just browsed through some old pictures from 2003 – wow.  I was looking for a few wedding pictures to share, because that is always fun – but I also ran into a few from before the wedding and a few from our honeymoon.  You will NOT believe how YOUNG we look (and skinny – holy COW!)



Above: The night of my bachlorette party (two nights before the wedding)


Above: The hubby…right before he actually became a husband!


I haven’t changed one bit in 13 years…above: ‘barking’ orders at the rehearsal in the church.

Here are a couple shots from the actual day, October 4, 2003 – My 1st favorite day in history.



The picture above was captured when we got in the limo after the ceremony. I have it framed in the house – I have ALWAYS loved this picture!

You guys, I didn’t think it was possible, but it’s true. I look back at these pictures and I can SEE the love. I can FEEL it in the smiles.  And it makes me think “I couldn’t  have possibly loved him anymore than I did the day that we said our vows” – that’s what I would have thought. It sounds like it should be true, right? I mean, it was our WEDDING day!

I looked through a few of our honeymoon pictures, too….here are just a couple:

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