A Weekend Full of Parties!

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The 1st weekend in December was CRAM-packed on family calendar! At least it’s early in December – our calendar looks to be slowing down as the month goes on….mostly.

On Friday night (12/2) we had my company annual Holiday Party 🎉 As soon as the date is announced, Auntie Dani gets a text….Mark Your Calendar. Sleepover with the LG3!

‘Uncle’ Neal arrived first (it will be nice when we can officially say Uncle Neal, instead of ‘Uncle’ Neal) and we bolted out of the house before Grace knew what was going on (if she sees me leave…it’s bad for everyone).

We checked into the hotel (super nice place!) and got ready ❤️😊

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The Whole Story: Exchange Students

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Many have asked…”What is the STORY?” or – “What in the world is going on?”

I will start at the beginning and go chronologically through the days.

Get ready for a Wild Ride….bumpier than Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride…


(1) I can not properly convey this story via words/text on this blog. You will have to insert my very passionate voice inflections as you are reading (for those that have heard this in person, you KNOW what I am talking about) – oh – and the many facial expressions I am capable of, add those in, too.

(2) Big pet-peeve of mine = slamming doors/loudly closed doors. Even worse in this house since we have huge, real wood, heavy doors… (every door in the ENTIRE house)

(3) This is all true. There is no way that I could make this stuff up. I promise.

(4) This is a long one. Really long. (You aren’t going to believe everything that happened in 1 1/2 weeks)

   You have all been warned.

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Rewind: Beginning of Summer / End of School

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We started off the summer with the end of a lovely long visit from our Buffalo Cousins. It was great to have them out on the Ranch with us. We were all sad to see them go 🙁

We had to finish up the school year for the boys (2nd & Kinder) and Grace moved into her summer waredrobe to match the weather.

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