+1 for Daddy

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March 30th marked another birthday celebration for the Mr. 

Sometimes, we improvise at our house. Daddy’s actual birthday was on a Thursday and we had planned to Celebrate with the family on Friday night. However, Grace & I stoped at a little local bakery for some sweet treats the night of the 30th. (After Joe made his own birthday dinner…I had to work the whole day 😕) 

The kids love signing Happy Birthday and blowing out candles…..Joe doesn’t like all the hub-bub (he doesn’t have a choice though, we love to celebrate him). Grace learned to say “Happy Birthday” and I finally got it on video (Instagram post)! 

The only pic I snapped of the two of us:

We had the family over for pizza, beer, salad and root beer floats on Friday night. Again, Joe didn’t want to be the center of attention – but he had a good time. 

I picked up a growler of beer from Ballast Point on my way home from work. 

He gets better with age (and, more tired 😜). We love you babe! Happy Birthday! 



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You all know (very well) how I feel about marriage. You know how I feel about MY marriage and how I feel about the topic of marriage.  It seems to be the hottest topic (in my life circle) recently, not only because I have a sister getting married and best friend getting married…But it also made the #1 discussion topic amongst my work peers out in Texas last week. Interesting!

There are so many different discussions you can have that relate to marriage (morals, values, finances, parenting, sex, time, and onand on….) And let me say….it’s NOT easy!  It takes work, and dedication, and A whole LOT of communication.  Peeks and valleys. Good and Bad. Ups and downs…..we all have these, amiright?

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A Weekend Full of Parties!

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The 1st weekend in December was CRAM-packed on family calendar! At least it’s early in December – our calendar looks to be slowing down as the month goes on….mostly.

On Friday night (12/2) we had my company annual Holiday Party 🎉 As soon as the date is announced, Auntie Dani gets a text….Mark Your Calendar. Sleepover with the LG3!

‘Uncle’ Neal arrived first (it will be nice when we can officially say Uncle Neal, instead of ‘Uncle’ Neal) and we bolted out of the house before Grace knew what was going on (if she sees me leave…it’s bad for everyone).

We checked into the hotel (super nice place!) and got ready ❤️😊

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