The Ranch

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Thanks to Joe’s parents’ thoughtful gift, we have made it official.  The LaGreca Ranch is named with a sign in the Great Room.

Lots of ‘ranch’ / farm happenings over the last few weeks. Most of these pictures have a little story behind them…I will include a caption/the story below the pictures (for those that have time or care to hear). Otherwise, just enjoy the pictures (Joe LaGreca) and go on with your day 🙂


Above: Daddy & Grace move cages down to the shed. This was preparation for the feral cats that arrived on Sunday, May 22nd (3 of them!).  They are currently living in the cages and being fed daily.  We were told they need to be caged for SIX weeks, before we can let them out.  I am not sure we can last that long.  You can ONLY imagine the stench thats building with 3 cats, 3 water/food dishes, and 3 {NASTY} litter boxes.  (Honestly, I just don’t understand how people tolerate a litter box in their house….I know it’s even more disgusting because we have 3 cats so it’s 3x the mess and it’s also much hotter during the day…but cat poop and pee inside the house, daily.  I couldn’t do it. I am glad Joe and I are on the same page for that one…)

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Rodeo Weekend 2017

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*So many blog posts in the queue right now….but jumping to the present time, here is Rodeo Weekend 2017*

Friday Night Rodeo – we walked over with our neighbors. (Grace was home with a sitter)

We got drinks and food, popcorn and fun! What a great night. I already want to go back….thinking about Sunday…

Bucking Broncos, Roping, Barrel Racing, Steer Wrestling and Bulls! It was a busy night!


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+1 for Daddy

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March 30th marked another birthday celebration for the Mr.

Sometimes, we improvise at our house. Daddy’s actual birthday was on a Thursday and we had planned to Celebrate with the family on Friday night. However, Grace & I stoped at a little local bakery for some sweet treats the night of the 30th. (After Joe made his own birthday dinner…I had to work the whole day 😕)

The kids love signing Happy Birthday and blowing out candles…..Joe doesn’t like all the hub-bub (he doesn’t have a choice though, we love to celebrate him). Grace learned to say “Happy Birthday” and I finally got it on video (Instagram post)!

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