Easter 2016

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Soooo many pictures to share!

Holy Week started with Palm Sunday. The kids carried palm branched into the church on Sunday AM and sang a song.


We colored eggs with friends the Saturday before Easter. It was our 2nd annual back patio egg coloring on Promise Lane. Can you believe we have lived in this house for 1 year?!?! It still feels brand new to me.

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2016 Early Shenanigans

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It’s seems like the first month of January FLEW by! I was looking back at the month in pictures – and realized I let 1 1/2 months go by with NO blog updates. Eek!

To kickoff the new year – we invited ‘a few’ of our family & friends over to make Italian sauasge. We bought more meat than we had EVER bought before: 265 lbs of pork. 


We celebrated Great Grampy’s birthday while he was visiting. 


We headed out to the beach to have a Cousin’s Brunch at Caitlin’s place. So yummy & then a nice walk down to the playground/ocean. 


We FINALLY got tickets (and a sitter) to see the new Star Wars movie! I might have been more excited then a many of the boys. 


I had never seen a Star Wars movie in the theater, so it was a real treat for me. The boys liked it — except one scene was too much for Nicholas (he knew what was coming), so he ran out of the theater with his ears plugged 😕

Phillip’s Laser Tag / Minecraft birthday party was fun for all! 

Towards the end of January, Cousin Angie (from Buffalo) came out to visit….meeting Grace & Elliot for the first time. 

The week went by WAY too fast. Always so hard to say good-bye 😕

A few days after Angie left, we went to Nicholas’ school for a very special awards ceremony. 

Nicholas’ teacher awarded him with the Character Counts Award for Responsibility! You can tell in the pics below how incredibly PROUD we were  of NCL! 



And that same night was the Mother/Son Laser Tag event at the boys’ school. 

It was SO fun (despite me being under the weather. I took Ibprofen and sucked it up). Joe & Grace hung out while we played ‘Moms vs Boys


  And that, my friends, was January 2016! Here are a couple more pictures for fun. 










February: 1st Beach Trip

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President’s Weekend — historically, we would be camping at the beach this holiday weekend, but we have been slacking at reservation booking.

We made up for it today (sort of). We decided to pack up the family and head west for the day. It was Little Miss’ 1st Beach day {officially}.

The Veometts met us there and the kids LOVED boogie boarding and playing in the sand. Hours of fun. Our kiddos went from the SNOW last weekend…

To the SUN & SURF this weekend…

Here are the some of the pictures from today.

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