Rewind: Wedding/Roadtrip Month

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At the beginning of July, the boys & Nancy flew up to Sac to spend a few weeks with Grandma D. Joe & I got to be the parents to a SINGLE again!

One way tickets to Sac — see you in CO,kids!

Back on the Ranch…

Sunday breakfast out with only 1 kiddo….why didn’t they TELL us it was this easy…the first time around?? 😂

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Rewind: Beginning of Summer / End of School

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We started off the summer with the end of a lovely long visit from our Buffalo Cousins. It was great to have them out on the Ranch with us. We were all sad to see them go 🙁

We had to finish up the school year for the boys (2nd & Kinder) and Grace moved into her summer waredrobe to match the weather.

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Disney Magic 2016

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Not all adults think / feel like Joe & I re: Disneyland. It’s one of our favorite places to go …. Since our very early years. 

We have So many pictures of us over the years, including TWO trips to Walt DisneyWorld! 

I only captured ONE picture of the Mr. and I right before we walked into CA Adventure the first day. Happy 40th to my favorite guy (this was his birthday wish). 

The boys were beaming with excitement when we told them we were going and that we were staying in a HOTEL! AND — The Veomett’s were going to meet us there! 

On top of all that – Miller came down to So Cal and spent all day Sunday in the park with us! It was gift after gift….treat after treat!!

To REALLY top it all off — it was Baby Girl’s 1st trip to our magical place 😀. 

Ready for PICTURES?!?!?! Here goes….

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