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As 2016 comes to a close, it’s a time to evaluate the annual goals. Everyone makes resolutions, right? I think that is still a thing. I don’t call them resolutions because it seems like they die all too quick when they are called resolutions. I have goals.

I didn’t actually write them down (for real)  at the beginning of the year because my goals grew and evolved throughout the year. There are two goals that I had at the beginning of the year…and I think I did pretty good! (And both of these were, in fact, documented in one way or another) 

#1 was: Read the New Testament in 2016. Today, December 31st, I finished the entire NT Plan (YouVersion Bible App) in 2016. I was behind…many, many times. But I pulled it together and finished it out ✅

#2 was: Take pictures of the Mr & I. Started in Jan 2017 with this picture at the beach. You can see the caption…my goal, documented!! 

Here are screen shots from Instagram with other pictures of ‘just the two of us’ 

And here is the last one of 2016, from dat night last night (12.30)

I didn’t get as many as I would have liked (I also didn’t post all of them), but I will consider this goal…accomplished ✅

I have already blogged about a couple of my other goals in 2016: 

  • Finish my first 1/2 marathon (March 16)
  • In April, I wanted to get 10K steps in a week. As of today, I have 38 straight weeks of 10K+ steps (minus only 1 day…in November, I had the flu). Now, I am going for a whole year..only a few months left and I will be there! 
  • Start working out in the mornings (started in March 2016 and carried on throughout the year)
  • Work on training related to management (work goal) 
  • Do a real push-up, not on my knees (it took a lot of work, 50 T-25 workouts and more!)
  • Not elect Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States
  • Hear news of my best friend getting engaged (yahoo, it happened on Christmas Eve! 🙏🏻💍😊)

I am sure there was a few others that I am not remembering….I must say, 2016 was another good year. Grace learned to walk and talk. The boys stayed active….really, really active. Joe & I still love each other and love being married. Our house on Promise Lane is still a dream come true. I celebrated 8 years at work (the longest I have ever worked at a company). And it goes on from there….

I guess it’s time to work out some goals for 2017. I know a few already…at least I have a start 😊

Happy New Year, friends & family. I hope you find yourself healthy and happy. Make this new year all that you want 👍🏻🎉


Holiday Week at Home

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I think I say this every year, but it’s worth repeating. I love working for a manufacturing company, especially at Christmas time. For the last 7 of the 8 years, my office has closed down the week between Christmas & New Years. They give us a couple of paid holidays and then we are forced to take vacation the rest of the time. It’s wonderful!!! I love being home  for a week +! 

The hubby & kids love having me home, too 😊

We had Scout over for a play date on Tuesday. Then I took the three big kids to FunBelievable. 

On Wednesday morning, the 5 of us went to Alpine for breakfast. Our 2nd Annual Janet’s Montana post-Christmas morning. We love it out there. 

Had to get a family picture by the fireplace & tree. 

And a few other pictures while we waited for our food. 

I hope to make this an annual tradition in the years to come. It will be fun to get family pictures by the tree each year. Fun way to see the kids grow (plus, I am a total sucker for traditions that include all 5 of us). 

On Thursday we all headed out West for our Annual Cousins Breakfast at Caitlin’s place. 

After eating all the yummy food…we head down to the beach (LaJolla Shores) it was a BEAUTIFUL day! ☀️🌊

I had ‘Grace watching duty’ — hence, all the pictures of her at the playground. 

Another chance for a LG5 pic…..

Time to play on the sand for a bit before heading home. 

Little girl played hard…

Night time kid train…

Hard to believe another year is coming to a close. I need to get the boys packed. They leave (on a plane) tomorrow afternoon and get to celebrate NYE up in Old Town Sac with the family. Should be super fun for them (and my Mom 😊❤️). 


Boxing Day (the day after)

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The day after Christmas was so nice – the kids spent most of the day outside playing / using their new stuff. The boys practiced a lot on their rollerblades. Grace pushed all the new babies around in strollers. 

We also went to a Boot Barn to pick out new hats (Joe & I). And we exchanged NcL’s new boots for a smaller size.  With Grace’s new PINK boots, we now ALL have boots! Yeehaw! We can take family pictures in our boots in January 😊

Nicholas got a bunch of books from Grandma D, for Christmas. He was reading all day! 

In the afternoon on the 26th, Aunt Lisa picked up the boys and took them rock climbing! Such a GREAT gift! Cousin Caitlin met them at the gym. Here are the pictures Aunt Lisa texted me while they were there. 

Both boys made it 57ft up!!! 

I started taking down all of our Christmas stuff. Would have liked to keep it up a bit longer, but our tree was SUPER crispy. It needed to be taken down. 

The lights are still on the house…I just love them so much….but, they will have to come down soon, too. 

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