Last Day & First Day

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Wednesday June 21, 2017 – the last day of school for the boys! 🎉🤗 

It was Field Day for all grades (fun games outside). Too bad it was BLAZING Hot today :/

Daddy helped 3rd grade (NCL’s class) make tie-dye shirts on Monday. He wore it to Field Day today. 

Good news! He got good marks on his report card, a nice comment from his teacher,  and he has moved up to 4th grade! 

AJ had school spirit and his sweat-band ready for Field day! 

Good News! AJ is well above grade level for reading (he has been all year), he is a smart cookie (but needs to work in his temper), and – he is moving up to 2nd grade! 

Grace has to do all things that her brothers do 💗 So, here is her picture on the Last Day of School. Aunt Elaine sent her that shirt and she just HAD to wear it as soon as I got it out of the washer. 

Sad News (for Mommy) and Good news (for Cammi & Grace)! Grace is moving into Preschool in the Fall (Aug). I can’t believe we have to say goodbye to Cammi….again….for the {for sure} final time. Grace has loved it there, since day 1. I am sure Cammi is ready for her to move out though. She has been sassy and rough with the helpers and other kids 😳. Time for more structure and challenges. 

Grace can count to 15 (isn’t that crazy?!?!) and she can say her ABC’s. (Y’all, she isn’t even 2 1/2 yet?!) She can have a full conversation with an adult. She is sassy and has ‘tude, especially with her Dad. 

…..2 hours after school ended, and it was the First Day of Vacation! Annual RV Family Road Trip 2017.  

Can I just, for one minute, tell everyone how much WORK it is: to get ready for vacation in the motorhome? OH. MY. GOODNESS 😳😳😳 So. Much. Work. 

And…add in 10 days of being sick 😷 (today is day 11). There were definitely times when I wanted to just sit…and cry. Laundry, packing, making food, working….Joe had a ton of maintenance work to do. It’s been crazy. 

But – we did it!!! We are ON THE ROAD!! Here is my annual/standard “Joe Driving the Motorhome” picture. 

All the kids are in different spots, doing different things….

And….this year….we have the Veomett’s car-a-vanning behind us…

Stay tuned….there will be stories and pictures along the way…

Yay Vacation!!! 


Mother’s Day 2017

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Mother’s Day was Sunday, May 14th – the day after Miller’s wedding. It actually worked out pretty well, because my Mom, Eric and Nancy came down to Visalia for the weekend and babysat the kids the day of the wedding (Thank you!!) It was great to actually SEE my mom on mother’s day, that doesn’t happen very often.

And, it also worked out pretty good because my Aunt & Uncle live in Visalia with my Grandma (my Mom’s Mom, Ginny). We had all decided to meet up for breakfast on Sunday morning before we hit the road for the long drive home to San Diego.  2 out of 3 cousins also live in the area, with their families – so we got to see lots of the family.  {I wish I had taken a full group shot – I think my mom got one of the table}

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{Rewind} Wedding Festivities: V4

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Above: These six poses (photos from the professional photographer that I will get in high quality to print) are quite possibly the cutest shots of Grace to date.  These 6 rank up there with the 12 shots of Nicholas in the Idaho sprinkler (some of you may know the frame that I am talking about, that has been hanging in our bedroom for 8+ years now).  Grace is standing in Auntie Dani’s boots with her hand-made (also, Auntie Dani) baby’s breathe crown and her little white flower girl dress.  I love ALL six poses – this girl!!!

*The Wedding and Reception*

Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a cuter set of 3 kids. Wow!! They pulled it together and REALLY came through on their duties & their looks!! I thought their outfits really were perfect (and I wasn’t 100% sure how it would all turn out. You know me — and fashion. We don’t really mingle, all that well).

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