Everyone Gets a ‘New Bed’

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The 4th weekend in March was one for the history books. While Daddy was away, Nicholas and I brought the toddler bed down from upstairs.

I don’t think Grace even knew of it’s existence until I pointed it out.

She was immediately excited about it. Picture above – she had to try it out while it was upstairs still.


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Christmas 2016 (Day)…continued…

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Super excited BOYS!! Santa came! We heard them RUN up the stairs to share the news with Auntie Dani & Neal. 

We made them wait until Pepere & Penny came in from the motorhome…then we went to town. Not many pictures of the actual opening…it was a bit crazy! 

Santa brought stocking filled with goodies! The boys got rollerblades and Grace got a baby doll jogging stroller! Everyone was SO excited! 

The boys got a trip to Sacramento to visit Grandma D, Eric & Auntie Nancy for a week! (AJ reads it above) 

Time to get ready for the family dinner and festivities. Joe made a prime rib on the grill. And started hot cider in the crockpot. Mom LaGreca decorated the tables for dinner. 

Flint siblings 💗💗💙

I forgot to post earlier – I got an Apple Watch for Christmas! It’s been fun trying to figure out how it works 

Time for family gifts and the $10 gift exchange game. 

We had a great day. It was really busy and full of food, drinks, family and fun. So glad we get to host at our house. The 2nd year was even better then the first. We knew what to expect and had everything organized pretty well. 

Merry Christmas 2016! We hope your home was filled with love and joy 🙏🏻❤️! 


Christmas 2016 (Eve)

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This was our 2nd Christmas out on The Ranch. It was just as magical as the 1st – probably a bit more because I knew what to expect. 

Here are all the pictures from the last few days before Christmas – the boys had school until Thursday the 22nd. I worked on Friday from Starbucks and then the break began 😊 Pepere and Penny arrived on Friday afternoon, in their RV. 

Christmas Eve…fun (fighting) at home and then dinner at Auntie Meg & Uncle Steve’s house. Auntie Dani & Neal arrived in the afternoon. 

Doesn’t everyone shoot on Christmas Eve? 

We headed over to Meg & Steve’s for dinner. Pasta (Italian tradition) and Leftse (Norwegian tradition) & Shrimp. Cannoli for dessert. 

We didn’t make it to church which I wa stunned about. But you can only do so much with 9 people and 3 of them being kids.  We went home for Christmas Jammies, stories, and letters/cookies for Santa. 

Time for the kiddos to go to bed and wait for Santa to come! 

Moose mugs & spiked eggnog for the adults. 

Christmas Vacation! 

It’s always so fun to see everything after Santa’s arrival. Knowing there would be at least 2 little boys waking up EARLY – I tried to go to bed at a reasonable time. I was up rocking Grace around 2 am 😕 Poor girl couldn’t breathe through her nose. 6am came pretty quick (the boys are NEVER up that early! Eek! Not sure how people do it everyday) A few others stayed up to play dominoes…

Christmas Day….continued in the next post….

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