The Big Brother

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I have a story to share about our blue eyed, full-of-energy, can’t stop moving, 2nd grade, often can’t remember what he was JUST asked to do, social butterfly & pack leader, chicken- loving son

Yesterday morning (Monday) Joe started his week off like most other weeks. His alarm got him up and he walked out of our bedroom (7:30am) to get started on coffee, kid prep & breakfast. 

The door was shut to our bedroom because I leave VERY early (and it’s still dark outside), so I turn the hall light on to  gather all my stuff before leaving. The monitor to Grace’s room is always on so he can hear what is going on from our bedroom. All was quiet….

Joe walked out to quite the SURPRISE. Grace was in her highchair and all 3 kids were eating breakfast. 

Eggs, toast, grapefruit and milk. 

You heard me right. All 3 kids were eating breakfast….that was cooked on the stove…lead by our 8 year old son. 😳😳😳

My 1st thought when hearing this was: AND THEY ARE ALL STILL ALIVE? And then, NO ONE IS CHOKING or BURNT? 

This isn’t the first time Nicholas has prepared a breakfast in his own. On Joe’s birthday 2 weeks ago (a Wed morning), Nicholas brought Joe breakfast in bed (toast and grapefruit). This WAS the 1st time he has ever used the stove – unsupervised!! 😁 Eek! 

Joe said it smelled a bit burnt (NCL didn’t use any butter or oil in the pan, for the eggs) and Grace had a sippy cup full of milk (done perfectly). Toast was cooked with butter added. Grapefruit cut in half and served to his siblings. 

Can you believe that?? 

I guess he really does want to be like Alton Brown (he chose Alton Brown as his famous biography report and presentation at school, a few weeks ago) 


We are SO proud of Nicholas’ thoughtfulness and his ability (and willingness) to take care of his siblings. (We have a bit more training needed in the kitchen – but he really didn’t do bad for his first try!) We just want to supervise for a bit longer – when gas & fire is involved. 

We still need to work on dining etiquette with him (he is a VERY messy eater) – but clearly he has a great deal of leadership & responsibility characteristics already. What a great big brother he is ❤️😀💙 

13.1 Miles, Whoa!

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Someone had the bright idea of signing up to do a half marathon…any guesses who that might be? 😳

Jen & I signed up for the El Cajon 1/2 marathon. And then the whole family got into it. Neal, Joe, AJ, Dani, Nicholas, Johm Henry & Grace did the 5k.

Joe found me a treadmill on Craigslist and I got to training.

It was all going pretty good…(hard, but good).  Red-faced sweaty me after 8 1/2 miles (below).

Until…I got the flu….followed by a sinus infection…followed by a foot injury.

I was TERRIFIED the night before. I really didn’t know if I could do it.

Saturday, March 12th was a beautiful day. Couldn’t have asked for better. Jen & I kicked things off with Dani cheering us on.

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“We work out”

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In Februaury, the boys ran in their school’s annual jog-a-thon. It was on a Friday (I work from home on Friday), so I got to go – and RUN with them! (Well, I tired the ‘run with them’)

Both boys like to SPRINT! I couldn’t jkeep up.


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