AJ Turns 6

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It’s true. My Baby Boy turned 6 years old at the end of April (4/27)!

His teacher made him a crown and Daddy brought in ice cream sundae’s, for his class, on his actual birthday. He had a great day and felt very special.

He requested tacos for his birthday dinner. And then we did presents and ice cream (again) for dessert.

For their birthdays this year, AJ & Daddy requested to go to Disneyland. So, we just had a small gathering of people on Friday night – to sing and eat cake.

Connor & AJ are 1 day apart – so we sang to BOTH boys. So fun!

It was a GREAT birthday week…..but the REAL fun & excitement was only a few days later…..Disneyland/Birthday 2016 Post…..coming next! (Picture overload)

Western Days & The Rodeo!

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There isn’t anything more Country and Amercian than the Rodeo, right?  April is the great time of year that our little town celebrates Western Days and The Rodeo

This was our 2nd annual Western Days Parade appearance, after a yummy breakfast in town. 

The weather was SO perfect this year. (Last year was BLAZING hot). 

A 1st for us this year – The Lakeside Rodeo!!! A few of us wore our boots to church in preparation for the afternoon Rodeo!

The whole family had a great time (but AJ didn’t like the men getting hurt in the Bulls 😕😢)

We even got to see the famous Budweiser Clidesdale horses!! 

I am pretty sure we will make this an annual tradition for our family. I LOVE living in the country! ❤️🐴

An ‘Enchanted’ Weekend (Apr 16th)

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As many of you know….I am a huge Disney fan. And….I DO love a good chick-flick. There is a movie that combines both ❤️ ‘Enchanted‘. I absolutely love this scene in Central Park – and I love this song…

This past weekend came together beautifully (mid-April) — and although it’s not my love story — I certainly felt like we were in the movie. I just needed little birds to fly up to the porch and help me clean on Saturday (I was already whistling 😊)

The Calvary arrived on Friday afternoon – with LOADS of supplies – and the prep work began.

The sign above was made by Neal’s Mom (Mother of the Groom) – and it was SO adorable! Can you believe Neal & Dani went to Preschool (Turlock Nursery School) together?!? And they went to high school together, knew a lot of the same people, AND they have the same birthday (1 year apart) but didn’t officially  meet until 2012.

It was meant to be (we have been saying that for a long time…glad they finally got on the bandwagon!)

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