After leaving the fish hatchery, we hoped over (under) the freeway and kicked off this little hike.

…”Don’t go chasing waterfalls”…. 🎶 (But really, you should)

It started off pretty easy and then got harder and hotter. There was a point (I think this always happens in a hike, when it’s blazing hot and you are sweating, and dealing with kid questions/whining), when I ask myself if it’s worth it to keep going. Usually, I will ask someone on the way down…..and if they give the thumbs up 👍🏻 then I know it’s a good idea to keep moving/climbing.

Nicholas was a bit whiny in this one….neither of the boys were really into it. Ugh. That makes it so much harder. Then…Joe waited back to catch up with Jeff and Connor…so I lost his support/encouragement on the way there.

But then… arrive.

There is no way I can capture the beauty in a photo – although Joe does a great job with his 360 degree pictures (on FB).

She is a ham in front of the camera. I just kept snapping away. Got a few cute shots below. ❤️😍

In a cave in the woods, 

in a deep, dark lair.…”

(name that children’s  book)

Campground for the night. Cards. Bike riding. Squirt bottles. Owies & Bandaids. Dinner. Ice cream with strawberries & lemon cookies. Showers and bed.

Saturday Morning – for some strange reason, my kids were {fairly} calm and compliant. And….they wanted to take a picture with me. Besides the Hubs, this is my favorite staged selfie shot to take.

We hedwd out of town, but first stopped at a famous waterfall. You exit LEFT off the freeway and park in the middle of the freeway (in a lot).

Another Family picture…

…..Time to go to Astoria!!!!!!