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I lost a post I was writing. Errrrr. Not happy  about the wasted time. 

So….here is a family photo from today. 


Crater Lake, Oregon

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On Sunday, we arrived in our neighboring northern state, Oregon. First stop, for 2 nights: Crater Lake. {I had no phone servicethe whole time}

We got our campsite and headed to the Ranger/Visitor’s Center.

I am glad we watched the movie about the creation of Crater Lake. Very informative.  Read the rest of this entry »

The ‘+’ and the ‘-‘

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I am sure I have posted something like this before. Everyone says it, right? There are pluses and minuses to all things. Not always evening distributed though.

RV Road – Tripping has a long list on both sides. When people ask me about it – you will almost always get the glowing, amazing, raving review. And then….I will give some of the harder parts too. It’s not for everyone. I feel like all families should give it a try – but I have to admit that I don’t think this ‘vacation life’ is for everyone.

We left San Diego on Wednesday – and have slept in the motor home for {only} 5 nights so far. And every single night has gotten worse for me. The first few, I was coughing myself to a near choking point. The last few have been full of care taking for Grace. I was in my bed (in the back) for 20 minutes last night….and then spent the rest of the night/morning on the dinette with Grace. Not a good time. I am really hoping tonight is the turnaround point.

We left Twin Lakes on  Saturday AM and had a pretty long drive day. We had all 5 kids in the motorhome watching my The Goonies, preparing for all the sites in Astoria….

When Joe couldn’t drive anymore — he found a campground ⛺️ in the middle of no where. We pulled in (only the hosts were in the campground with us). Great shade and fun bike trails for the big kids.

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