*Arrival of the Guests and The Rehearsal* (4/19 & 4/20)

Two days after Easter, our guests started arriving for THE Wedding! (Dani & Neal’s, of course — just in case you missed ALL the recent posts/pictures on social media 🤗)

My Dad pulled in on Tuesday afternoon with his RV.

My Mom and our 4 CT/Little Rock family members  (Uncle Warren/Aunt Yvette, Aunt Elaine and Cousin Lisa) arrived at the airport on Wednesday afternoon.

Grampy & Della drove down from Central CA and arrived a bit after lunch.

Penny arrived on Wed evening and…

Steph & Jay drove up (from Colorado!) in time for Pasta dinner on Wednesday night.

(Above: Joe doesn’t let ANY sauce go to waste.  It’s THAT good!)

Below, A backyard pick-up game of baseball ensued.  You can see Grace trying to ‘steal’ 1st base….

Neal’s parents came over to visit for the afternoon. It was a great time for family to hang out with the Bride & Groom before the REAL activities started on Thursday AM.
The wee hours of Thursday morning plagued our boys with the stomach bug 😩😩 Nicholas first at 3am and then AJ around 6am.

The 5 of us needed to leave the house around 9:15am to head up to the rehearsal. AJ wasn’t recovered yet, so Joe stayed back at the house to give him a chance to rest.

Grace, Nicholas & I headed north to Green Gables (the wedding site). Wait until you see the wedding pics. This place is stunning. A hidden gem. Amazing.

Below: Steph {pregnant} and Jay.

Me and my sis 👰🏻🤗

Above: my handsome #1. Can you even believe that he was sick 8 hours before this? What a recovery this kid made (and he had it BAD 1 week before this!! Poor kid caught it twice 😳)

The day before they became husband and wife 😍❤️.

The rehearsal was organized and quick. Everyone knew their spots! We were IN and OUT without little down time.  All the girls headed to lunch and pedicures. All the guys went to play golf.  Joe finally made his way up to the North Country with AJ – and had lunch with the family.

Gracee’s 1st manicure & pedicure 🤗