{Rewind} FitBit: How It Changed My Life!

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Y’all already know how this one ends….BUT it’s not really over until I have it documented on this space.  Because let’s be real, the only thing I will actually remember is the fact that I completed 1 Year of 10,000k+ steps every single day. And that was never really the goal.

In April 2016, after wearing a FitBit since Christmas (a gift from the hubs, that he was sure I would love and I was convinced I didn’t need), I decided I needed to see if I could get 10,000 steps everyday for 7 days.

Let me tell you…. Having a sit-down office job makes it SO hard to get 10k steps in a day. I knew it would be a challenge but man – it was really a struggle to get them all in.  {By the way – The American Heart Association  recommend at least 10,000 steps everyday. That’s where that goal came from. }

I felt REALLY accomplished when I hit 7 days straight! Then, I decided to try for another week. And another week.

Before I knew it, I was at the 1 month mark. Yahoo!

When I hit 6 months (last October), I was so excited! 1/2 year and 10k steps every single day!!!  It was then that decided I should try for the 1 whole year.


I can’t even tell you how many laps I have done on Promise Lane. And around my living room. While brushing my teeth at night. Sometimes I would jog in place, right next to my bed, in my pjs — just so I could hit 10k and then hop in bed to go to sleep. I was obsessed. I stood in the back of many meetings and stepped in place, at the office. Anything for extra steps and that green star ⭐️. Oh – and the vibration party on my wrist (if you have FitBit, you know what I am talking about). I saw this picture and had a party on my wrist for an entire year.  That black bracelet was attached to me….so much so, that when I took it off, my skin needed to heal!

Pretty much everything changed. I parked far out in every parking lot. I would walk extra laps around my building while waiting for lunch to cook. Run down to the boys’ school on Fridays, to pick them up. The Work Week Hustle challenge started last summer (for me) – I was invited into an exclusive 4 person weekly challenge on FitBit, by a friend and her ‘people’. That kept me moving, too! Had to do my 10k, at least…and anything extra went towards the challenge.

Weekends were always so easy. I could get 10k no problem – and still work in an afternoon nap with Grace. (Always a weekend goal for me…but doesn’t always happen)

But…as you might remember…there was ‘that one day’….back in November. I don’t like to bring it up because we were in ‘Exchange Student Hell’ that week. But…it happened. I got the stomach flu/bug. It was the only thing that ever kept me from my 10k goal. Every time I got up to take steps that day – I felt sick to my stomach. I only got 5k that day 😩😩😩 I had to be ok with it and forgive myself for missing only 1 day. After all, I had been up all night…in the bathroom – really sick :/

In December, Joe gifted me my second wrist device….the Apple Watch 🍎⌚️  I was excited to see what it could do but I told him i only wanted it if I could still sync with my FitBit app.

It’s not possible. So….I wore 2 devices (one on each hand) for 3+ months. I needed to finish out my 365 days on FitBit (no, I didn’t win anything. And no, no one really cared but me).

I never cheated – people recommended putting it on the dog. Or give it to Nicholas for a few hours. I never did it. I wanted to get EVERY single step on my own.

I snapped a picture of my biggest day in Jan (1/2 marathon day). I made 10k look like a joke!

Here are some of the Stats from the year:

  • 365 days straight, at 10,000 per day = Annual Goal of 3.65M steps
  • *I ended the year at 4.8 Million steps*, 32% higher than the goal
  • I averaged 13.1K steps per day
  • I never went below 11k steps on average for a month
  • My two highest months of steps were: July 2016, avg 14.8k (RV trip/vacationing/hiking) and December 2016, avg 14.4k (1/2 marathon training)
  • My highest day was 1/2 marathon day in January at 38,549 steps
  • My lowest day was the November ‘sick day’ at 5,039 🙁
  • Side note: The FitBit does not like either of the Time Changes. For Spring Forward and Fall Back, FitBit miscalculated the Sunday steps – I manually fixed those two days so the numbers were correct.

Below: My first day at work without my FitBit on. It felt SO weird!!! It took me a few weeks to get used to this new ‘free’ look.

Special thanks to Joe for, once again, gifting me a new way of life — when, once again, I didn’t know I needed one.  It was a great run – I enjoyed the challenge (not every single day, but most days).  And, it’s always great to look back at an accomplishment when you meet/exceed your goals.  Something to be proud of, for sure.

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