A Surprise Visitor!

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Well, with the speed of Instagram & Facebook – nothing is left to ‘surprise’ on this blog :/

Last week, we met my sister for dinner and while we were waiting for our food…my Mom walked up to our table!! It was a surprise for the boys & I. And, for the first time, I was actually SURPRISED!! (Good secret, Dani & Joe).


The boys were thrilled to have Grandma D visit us AND they loved that she was sleeping in the room next door to them.


Mom and AJ met me for lunch on Thursday and AJ did a little brainstorming in my white board.

Unfortunately, the stomach bug hit our house the next day :/ Mom had a rough day. Joe picked Nicholas up from school and he threw up in the car on the way home. I was TERRIFIED to go home on Friday. It’s nothing shirt if a miracle (and a WHOLE lot of bleach water) that Joe & I escaped this round. We were SO thankful.



(On Friday night, AJ and I enter down to the park to play for a bit. It was fun to hand out with just him and watch him master his super social ability with a boy playing in the sand).

By Saturday morning we were seeing signs of recovery…


Nicholas even planned a birthday party for Raspberry (I guess he turned 18…says NCL).



Grandma D felt good enough to babysit the boys on Saturday night, so Joe I had a date night! Shopping at Viejas outlets and the Seafood Buffet (for free!)



We finished up the weekend with church and a big family dinner at the Moreno’s.






Despite the yucky stomach bug, we all enjoyed the visit. We tried to talk her into staying longer…but we failed. Nicholas wanted her to stay forever…or 100 days (I don’t think he understand the difference yet).

Thanks for driving down to San Diego, Grandma D!! Come back soon — the boys are ready 🙂