An AMAZING Weekend

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This is the only picture I will post (on the blog) for now…an iMovie documenting the weekend, coming soon…

But I just have to say…we just had the MOST amazing beach camping weekend. I just told Joe that it might have been my favorite weekend camping trip ever!

It DOES get easier — there was a time when I didn’t believe it — but it’s TOTALLY true. Now that we have a 5+ year old and an almost 3 year old, weekend camping trips actually have gotten easier and WAY more FUN!!

Our boys are pooped. They ran. They rode. They dug. They worked. They ate. They climbed. They raced. They roasted. They slept.

I am finding it more common to be sad when it’s time to go home — and I used to be excited to go home because I was SO exhausted and just wanted normalcy. Now, I want our two night weekend trips to ALWAYS be at least 3 nights. I will have to make it so.

Like I said…video to come.

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