An AMAZING Weekend

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This is the only picture I will post (on the blog) for now…an iMovie documenting the weekend, coming soon…

But I just have to say…we just had the MOST amazing beach camping weekend. I just told Joe that it might have been my favorite weekend camping trip ever!

It DOES get easier — there was a time when I didn’t believe it — but it’s TOTALLY true. Now that we have a 5+ year old and an almost 3 year old, weekend camping trips actually have gotten easier and WAY more FUN!!

Our boys are pooped. They ran. They rode. They dug. They worked. They ate. They climbed. They raced. They roasted. They slept.

I am finding it more common to be sad when it’s time to go home — and I used to be excited to go home because I was SO exhausted and just wanted normalcy. Now, I want our two night weekend trips to ALWAYS be at least 3 nights. I will have to make it so.

Like I said…video to come.

My Valentine

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He has been my Valentine for almost 15 years…wow…it doesn’t feel like it could be that long!

Not only did he put together these awesome Valentines for the boys…


But he also got me flowers, unexpectedly!! And he cooked my two favorite things…filet and shrimp.

What in the WORLD did I do to deserve this?? I will never know…

Today, as I was driving to work, I was thinking about my fondest Valentine memory. It had nothing to do with a boy that liked me. But it made me feel so incredibly special.

My Grammy (who died of lung cancer right after my wedding, in 2004) was such a fun Grandma. It was ALWAYS so special when we got to spend the night at my grandparents’ house. Once, I spent the night on Valentine’s Eve…and I woke up in the AM and went downstairs…there were two GIANT Valetines cards (1 for me and 1 for Grampy)…handmade. I felt so special and so loved.

As much as I dislike the “commercialism” that comes with this “holiday” — I do LOVE to take every opportunity to think about the people I love most. And honestly, there are SO many of them — it would take than one day to reach them all.

Happy Valentines Day everyone! I hope you felt LOVED in a special way today.


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Curious as to what MI(b)A stands for? I made it up 🙂

I have been Missing in (blogging) Action for the past few weeks (really, all of 2013).

Shall I even list the reasons for my disappearance? Does anyone really care? Probably not. I should just get back to my digital documentation of the LaGreca Life, in a more timely manner.


In January, I attempted to get my niece to drink from a bottle. I wasn’t really successful, but I had fun hanging out with her (when she wasn’t screaming at me for giving her a bottle).


Nicholas made these AMAZING airplanes in the courtyard. He used mud to glue them together (since he didn’t have glue or nails).


I had a Girls Breakfast on the beach in Del Mar (2nd annual) – a few of the old HSBC girls. So fun to catch up with the old gang. I definitely miss seeing all my old co-workers everyday.


We had some ‘Park Time’.




I had a big work meeting in January – stayed away from home for 3 straight days! But, I got to have lunch with my sister one day and got to watch all the guys at work RACE cars one night. A LOT of testosterone.



At the end of January – our two Buffalo cousins came for a visit. I snapped a few pictures before I was struck down with the FLU!! (I missed three days of work and almost their entire visit to SD).







I joined the gang for Pizza Port and the Beach the day before they left. It was chilly, but fun for the boys to run around in the sand.






AJ and I watched the Superbowl while Joe & Nicholas climbed Cowles (NCL’s first time to the TOP!!)



We had the Harris Family over a few times for dinner and play time 🙂




We picked up the motorhome for our trip this coming weekend! To the BEACH we will go! The boys can’t wait!


Hockey finally started — but our Sabres aren’t doing very well, despite our constant wardrobe support.


Grandma/Grandpa LaGreca took Anthony to get his FIRST Barber Shop hair cut (all other cuts have been at home).


And most recently (tonight), I snapped a few cute pictured of the boys in the bath. This was before Nicholas COMPLETELY lost it (super tired=VERY emotional) and AJ slipped and bashed the side of his head into the corner of the wall :/

See…we didn’t disappear off the face of the Earth…we have just been busy…living…and getting healthy…

Hopefully, I will be back sooner rather than later…..