A New Year Upon Us

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We are 18 days into the new year and I feel like I haven’t properly ‘closed out’ 2012. For obvious reasons (see previous post) I don’t fully have my act together.

2012 was a good year for us – I would probably describe it as “FULL“. I think I would describe all of our 21st Century years as being full – but always in a different way and GOOD way.

It’s always nice to wrap up a year – or a project, – or anything you have worked on for an extended period of time. Although I am not always on time with blogging, I try hard to keep the blog updated throughout the year. Many of our adventures have been captured on the blog, however there is ONE huge project/adventure/accomplishment that did NOT make it on the blog…yet.

In 2012 (Jan 1 – Dec 30) I read the ENTIRE Bible – beginning to end – for the 2nd time in my life! I didn’t think it was really possible to do it ONE time – so, I am thrilled that I have done it again.

I am really not big on New Years Resolutions (NYR). It seems like anything that makes it on NYR List is destined to be forgotten by the end of January. And it seems like anything that makes it on that list should probably be more of a life-change than just something to do for 365 days.

A few months before 2012 started, Nancee (my dear, long time friend from Turlock – some of you know her from Sign Design) and I decided that we were going to read the Bible together (I assured Nance that she could do it. It didn’t take her long to commit and get REALLY excited!) We decided that we wanted to try out The Message translation and then we started praying for the coming year. Word got out – and before the end of 2011 we had 3 others joining our journey. We set up a group iMessage, so we could ask questions, chat & encourage, and then…we got started on January 1st.

It was SO fun to read with a group of people – I highly recommend it. It was also nice that we had a way to communicate along the way (especially since we didn’t all live in the same city). It was a ‘remote small group’ and it worked out great.

Reading The Message translation was also fun. There were SO many stories that I understood or got more out of this time around — although, there were times throughout the year that I would flip back to NIV just to read to a passage in my ‘better known’ format.

All 5 of us got behind at some point in the year (I think I was at least 2 weeks behind 3 or 4 different times), but that is to be expected with everything we all had going on in the year (work, new baby, death of a family member, sickness, vacations, etc). Having done the annual read once before – I know that’s is super easy to get behind, but I also know that you can catch back up with just a little more effort/discipline.

Nancee loved the year-long read SO much that she is doing it again this (but a different Plan this time). I decided to take a bit of a break in 2013. I haven’t read ANY other books in a very long time, so I figured I would try to do some pleasure reading and squeeze in a few shorter Bible Reading Plans…probably the Gospels again and maybe Revelation.

So, I guess I can officially say that I had a New Years Resolution that I managed to keep for the entire year. And you can bet that it will be on the NYR list again in the future 🙂

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