This Small…

9:35 pm Anthony, Family, Nicholas





My boys will never be “this small” again.

I know I probably shouldn’t think this way, but sometimes I try to step back from, what seems to be, a very BUSY life…and really SEE what is going on in my life. I was looking at the pictures above, and thinking.. “Man, they will never be this young again!!” And also, I was thinking “How did they get SO big?!”

There are SO many things to experience when you have children this age. Everything is SO exciting. And kids LOVE to hang out with their Mom & Dad. They want us to play cars with them, eat with them, play games, watch movies with them…just BE with them.

There will be a time…not too far down the road..that Joe and I will WISH the boys would go to breakfast with us or play a game with us. I am certainly thankful that we have their ‘attention’ now – even though its hard to get stuff done sometimes, I am thankful that they like to be with us. I need to keep this in mind when they are working my every last nerve — they will never be this small again…(and sometimes, it’s ok to be thankful for that, too).

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