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I *think* we are done with all the medical tests for Nicholas and we KNOW what the problem is. He is just like his Mama :/ We pass out easily.

Yesterday was NCL’s EEG (a test to show seizure activity). We were told that he needed to fall asleep during the test (say what?!?) Joe & I both laughed and told the doctor is was going to be quite a challenge to get him to fall asleep during the day!

Our instructions were: Keep him up until midnight and wake him up at 5am.

I decided to schedule the test the day after Halloween — on purpose. I figured he would be tired from all the day’s activities. Joe took the late shift and kept him up until 11:45pm (they watched cartoons for 2+ hours). I took the early shift (painful).

I carried NCL out of bed at 5:25am — and he said “Mommy, WHY are we getting up in the middle the night?!?” I bribed him awake with a promise to get donuts and chocolate milk.


We drove through Starbucks (for me) & then headed over the Mary’s Donuts (open 24 hours).


NCL picked a jelly donut and watched Curious George on my phone. It finally got light around 7am so we headed over to Lake Murray w/ a 2-day old donut to feed the ducks.

First we played on the brand new playground.






Then we headed to the water to feed the ducks.




I dropped NCL off at home around 8:30am and left for work.

I was really hoping NCL was tired enough for the test. Joe said he almost fell asleep in the car – on the way to the Dr office.


He fell asleep shortly after the above picture. I was SO happy to hear from Joe — our efforts worked! And — even better news — the EEG didn’t show any seizure activity! It looks like all serious things have been ruled out and it really is the same thing that I have. We ‘just pass out’.

Needless to say, Joe and I are relieved that NCL is ok. We are SO thankful that he has something that we can live with and it sound like we done with doctors and tests.

Thankful in November.


  1. Aunt Yvette said,

    November 3, 2012 at 6:01 am

    I think I want to say wonderful news!!! Wonderful there is nothing going on. Sorry he has what you have Elizabeth. I suppose the news is good considering what could have been. Poor little guy .
    Love you guys

  2. Rebecca said,

    November 4, 2012 at 2:28 pm

    Wonderful news! God is good!!

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