Agua Caliente VII

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We haven’t missed a trip in 7 years. Agua Caliente is the only camping trip we have been religious about planning/attending in all the years we have had the RV. We started out there with 3 sites when Nicholas was 2 years old and I was pregnant with AJ.

Each year we have added new friends and families. The 3 RVs that we started with have turned into 6 RVs/Trailers, 2 tent trailers, 2 cabins, 2 tents – 23+ adults & 18+ kids.

For the past few years – we have tried to capture a group pic at some point over the weekend. We don’t always get everyone in the shot – but close!

We had 2 ‘rookie’ Agua families this year – and baby Grace was a ‘rookie’ too. A trip to the ‘famous‘ mud caves was added to the weekend adventure in 2015 (finally)! Joe & the boys loved exploring the caves (Mama & Grace stayed back at camp to swim and nap). Note: Joe posted all the mud cave pictures on Facebook – I don’t have those pics below.

Here are a few of the pictures captured throughout the weekend. (Most of mine have Grace in them since I was with her nearly the whole weekend).

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Halloween 2015

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We had quite a few Halloween festivities at the end of October (although – we never made it to the pumpkin patch and we actually live right down the street from Oma’s now! Oh well, there is always next year).

The boys’ school had a Halloween carnival last weekend – it was a fun night of games, friends, and food! (And Grace loved the shaved ice).

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Happy 8th Birthday Nicholas!

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It’s true…tomorrow (Oct 29th), our 1st baby, will be 8 years old 🎈🎉🎈

I always love to relive & remember the day the kids were born. In Nicholas’ case, it was my hardest, longest & most painful labor. I am pretty sure that is because I was induced with pitocin. 19 hours after the fun started in the hospital, I finally got to the point when the nurses said I could push. I think they were a bit surprised when I ‘got it’ after the first contraction- I didn’t need a lot of training for some reason (I was HIGHLY motivated to get the baby OUT by then).

Less than 20 minutes of pushing and a beautiful, perfect baby BOY was laying on my chest. Joe & I were both in tears (mine might have been a bit more from pain/exhaustion, his were happy emotions).

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