The Name

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A few friends/family have asked us about her name. Figured I should write out my thoughts so she could read it one day 😀

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Meet Your Sister, Grace

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I have to start this one off with a GIANT Thank You to Mom & Dad (Grandma & Grandpa LaGreca) for pinch hitting this week with the boys. It was such a relief knowing they were cared for and having a good time. Thank you for all the help – we really do appreciate it!!

After 2 whole days of waiting, the boys FINALLY got to meet their new baby sister (at home).

Nicholas was the first boy home from school on Thursday and he was thrilled to run into the house and find his baby sister sitting with Mama in the rocking chair.


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Her First Days

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Over the last few years, I have contemplated whether or not I should keep up with the blog. With all the social media outlets and tech savvy avenues – the blog is pretty antiquated for 2015.

But I keep coming back to the same things:
(1) It’s my blog (my family’s) and I don’t have to feel bad about how much or little I share
(2) I can post 40 pictures if I want, and no one (but me or Joe) can complain
(3) I usually have WAY more to say than is allowed in a text or status update.

Because of the 3 points above… The blog will stay 😀 (It will just be behind sometimes – it’s not so ‘instant’ as other spots – mostly because of #3 above, ha ha)

Our little Grace is just over 2 days old. Only 49 hours old! She is doing great. We would have left the hospital after her 24 hour mark, but she had to have some additions tests run on her heart (3-4 nurses heard an irregularity in her heart beat). We are thankful the results were all normal/good. So, we got the discharge papers this morning.

Here are a couple of shots from her first day (Dani & Joe probably have better ones)

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