Outdoor Concert

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CT folks know how to have fun outside during the summer (they have to take EVERY advantage of the summer months, since the winter months are so rough).

We packed up the kids and some chairs one night and went to a concert in the square. The kids got their faces painted and played games.









NYC 2014

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I was SO excited that we got to spend a whole day in New York City and we got to bring our boys with us!

We took the train with the family (at the crack of dawn). 6 adults and 6 kids – summer in NYC for the day.




We couldn’t have asked for better weather. My previous visits to NYC have been fun BUT the humidity has always been nearly unbearable. We had NO humidity on Monday – I was super thankful for that.




Grand Central station was our first stop. Such a great place!! And they also have a really cool Apple store that Joe was VERY excited to see.


Have you ever done the whispering walls (not sure what you call them) in Grand Central? It’s really cool!




What trip to NYC is complete without a trip on the subway?!?! I love it!





We ate lunch in Time Square.


We went down to the brand new 9/11 Memorial. I could NOT believe how Big the fountains are – wow!!




We wanted to go out to Ellis Island & Statue of Liberty but we couldn’t get tickets to the top – so we decided to walk down along the water so we could at least see the islands.






We spent a bit of time in FAO Swartz and the boys got to pick out a small Legos set. They were in heaven!

Of ALL the choices, the boys picked the SAME Lego set. (At least they didn’t fight over anything when it came time to build the sets)





We rested in Central Park and the kids played tag.



Joe saw the Apple Cube and got VERY excited!!


And…when ALL of our legs were about to give out…we headed back to Grand Central for dinner and our train home.


AJ asked to sit on my lap (before we caught our train) and he fell right asleep. So sweet.






It was a great day. I love NYC!

Eastward Bound

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I have been trying to post on the blog for days…but it’s been broken. Thanks to my IT guy, we are back in business.

We headed to the airport last Wednesday morning and had a pretty good flight to CT.


By the end of the second flight, the boys were DONE (and so was I). I am glad we weren’t going farther.


It really is a lot nicer to travel with the boys now that they are a bit older.

We have a some BUSY days in CT so far. The weather has been amazing (hardly any humidity!!) The time change has been so tough – for all of us. Time change + ridiculously busy has made for two VERY bi-polar boys (mood swings come and go). But all in all – so far, it’s been great. Fun to hang out with the family.

More pictures to come…

And then there were….

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Surprise! (Yes, it was a VERY BIG surprise a few months ago)…Baby LG #3 is on his/her way!


We finally told the boys tonight with these cool “one of a kind” Ninja brother shirts (my 1st Etsy purchase). They came out so great and the boys loved them!


Nicholas read the shirt but didn’t quite pick up on what it meant (since he is already a Big Brother). He didn’t quite ‘get it’.


When Grandpa read Anthony’s shirt (“Big Bro Anthony, 1st time”), AJ said that he was a big bro because he is growing so big! AJ had NO idea that it meant a baby was on the way.


Hard to believe there could be another boy in the family….or, maybe we will be blessed with some pink.


Either way, we will welcome Baby LG into the family around February 4, 2015.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

(1) Was this planned?
It depends which parent you ask. Joe would say “yes” – it’s been planned all along (remember, he wanted 6 kids?)
I say: It was not prevented but it was not planned or expected. I was completely shocked when I finally figured out what was going on.

(2) Are you going to find out the sex this time?
You can probably guess the answer to this one…since we did NOT find out with the first 2. No way! We welcome the surprise, at the end! Plus, we have to give Aunt Yvette a chance to win for a third straight time on the baby guessing game.

(3) Do you & Joe really want/hope for a girl?
Joe & I really pray for a healthy baby. And that is all. Seriously. Girl or Boy – it doesn’t matter to us. Praying for health.

(4) Ok, yes, Healthy baby – of course. But don’t you REALLY want a girl, deep down?
I have to laugh at this one. I guess I understand. My Dad & Joe’s Mom both really want a girl. I will let them pray for that :)
Joe & I really don’t care (but you better believe that I am going to spend the next 6 months preparing for a 3rd boy)

(5) How have YOU been feeling?
It has been the roughest 1st trimester I have ever had. It was so hard to make it through the work day (especially when my team didn’t know!) My MiL suggested acupuncture and I decided to give it a try (couldn’t get anything else to work). Seems like it was a miracle coupled with the end of the 1st tri. I finally feel like I can make it through the day again. Yay!

(6) What did the boys say?
We just told them tonight. Joe recorded the whole thing so we have it on video. The BEST part was the moment when Nicholas finally understood…and came over to me to poke my belly. He said “How do you know there is a baby in there?” So cute.
The boys have already asked if they can sleep with the baby. I thought that was very sweet.
When I tucked NCL in tonight, I asked him to pray for his baby brother or sister. He said “Mommy, I really wanted a sister. I am praying for a sister”.

(7) Do you guys need to buy a bigger house?
Yes. (Thankfully we don’t have to buy a bigger car…since we bought a van in December).

(8) Are you going to take off on a crazy long RV trip after Baby LG arrives? (Again)
Depends who you ask. Joe LaGreca was ready to pack the RV the day I got the positive test. He is already on the road…in his mind.

(9) Are you excited?
I think I will table this question for another post. I can give the short answer now. Yes! I am VERY excited (now). The boys know, the baby is healthy (all tats have come back positive and there is a healthy strong heartbeat!), and it’s fully public now. It’s going to be scary…but I am excited. Another LG Baby. Can’t wait to see what it looks like!

(10) If you aren’t going to find out the sex, will you at least tell us the names on the list?
Simple answer. NO WAY!!! You will have to wait on that, too.


I am 12 weeks now…and already visibly showing. Eek!! And in case you were wondering….I have NO maternity clothes left. 5-6 months ago, we got rid of EVERYTHING! All baby clothes and ALL my maternity clothes. A huge bummer!! I remember Joe saying “it’s fine. If you need them again, you can just go buy more” (He only said that because he didn’t think it would ever come true).

{some} of July 2014

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Bike rides at Lake Murray – less than 2 weeks after learning to ride a 2-wheeler, AJ was going off sweet jumps on his bike.

Nicholas continues to secure our house from bad guys with his arsenal.



Grandma & Grandpa have stopped by for dinner or a visit throughout the summer.

The preschool Summer Fun program had a fabulous parade & picnic for the 4th of July. Nicholas & the older kids ran a lemonade stand to raise money for the end of the summer party. We were so impressed with how hard NCL was working and trying to sell. He was very intent on selling all the lemonade 😀


Daddy & AJ relaxing on the couch one night.





We spent the 4th of July at Aunt Patty’s pool party. It was a nice afternoon.



We drove out to Santee to see fireworks that night (with a secret east coast visiting friend) and the boys fell asleep on the way home.




We had a family movie day and saw How to Train Your Dragon:2. Always fun to go to the theater.


We met up with dear friends this last week when the Mion’s were in town. Fun to see the kids growing.

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