Cousins are the Best!

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We had Elliot for a bit this weekend – and luckily it worked out that Nicholas went to hang out at Grandma & Grandpa’s house for the afternoon. We got a small glimpse of what ‘big brother Anthony’ would look like.

Right away, he ran to his room to get a book that he could show Elliot.


When Elliot got fussy and started to cry, AJ seemed really worried. He kept asking why the baby was crying and what we could do to stop the crying.

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We finally lost a tooth in the LaGreca House!! In fact, within 10 days – the 2nd one came out!


His first one came out at dinner one night. He said it was loose and then he pulled it out. (I have to admit, when he was playing with it, my stomach was turning. I felt much better once it was out).

The new 1 hole toothless smile:


10 days later, on our way to church this morning, he said from the back of the van: “I lost another tooth!!”


We like the new 2-toothless smile. Our little boy is growing up!


Baby Bump Update

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I just realized this week that I hadn’t posted pictures from our Carlsbad Camping Weekend. I took 1/2 Way point (20 week) pictures that weekend and never got around to posting. Time is certainly moving quicker these last few weeks.

Note: Yes, the above picture was taken by me, in the bathroom (at work). Sometimes you just have to snap a picture when you remember to. And a friend had just asked to see an updated picture. Figured this was the fastest way to do it.

In the last few weeks, this baby has been growing! I can feel it kick all the time (more so at night when I finally sit down / lay down to relax). Joe has been able to catch a few good kicks, too.

I just got over a nasty cold that eventually turned into a sinus infection & an ear infection. I finally went in to see the doctor when I starting having blurred vision in one eye. Doc said I sounded terrible (bad cough) and needed antibiotics to kick the bacteria. I am feeling so much better now.

There are still a few people at the office that get surprised when they see me (if they haven’t seen me in awhile). Just yesterday, I walked into a meeting and the 2 guys in the room had big eyes — looked at the other female in the room and mouthed “is she pregnancy?” (Thinking I couldn’t tell) and she replied, out loud, “no, she just got really fat” — I had to laugh. It’s true either way…yes, I am pregnant and yes, I am fat!!

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