’17 Years’ & ‘Not Enough’

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Thanks to a friendly reminder from Joe’s cousin all the way on the other side of the country (thank you Mary!) – Joe & I wished each other a Happy 1st Date Anniversary. 17 years ago on St Patty’s Day – we went on our very first date 😀❤️ I think we are to the point in our relationship that I don’t even remember ‘before Joe’.

If it hadn’t been for the reminder from Mary – I am not sure I would have remembered due to the traumatic morning we had at the Dr’s office with Gracee. As you have been reading, Gracee hasn’t been gaining weight fast enough. Yesterday at our follow-up appt (weight check and tongue check), Gracee weighed 7lbs 9oz. Still 4 oz away from birth weight (and she is 5 weeks old now). She only gained 2.5 oz in the last 8 days - not enough.  They want her to gain 1-1.5oz every single day. Little Miss has fallen completely off the weight/growth curve. And the Dr was concerned.

Joe and I decided to start supplementing with formula over the weekend, in addition to nursing and giving her pumped breast milk. We wanted to make sure she was getting enough calories and its much easier to know with formula.

The Dr gave us a new plan. After every feeding (nursing) we will give Grace a bottle of formula – the higher calorie formula. No more bottles of pumped breast milk. Although I am bummed that my milk isn’t doing its job – I am incredibly grateful that we have another option.

Then the Dr ordered some tests for Gracee – that required a blood draw from the lab 😁. Ugh. I had no idea how hard it was going to be. They gave us little plastic warmers to put on her arms – makes it easier to find the veins for the draw. The warmers were not comfortable on her. She was really upset before we went into the room. I held my sweet baby while the two nurses did the blood draw from her little arm (just like an adult would have). Gracee was so upset — and I couldn’t  help but sob right along with her.

The Dr called last night with the results. The first thing he started with was her white blood count – and my heart hit the floor. He eventually (felt like minutes but it was only seconds) said that her count was fine. She isn’t anemic. Her liver enzyme count was high, but not dangerously. Could be nutrition based. She also had a problem with electrolytes – potentially nutrition based also. With the new formula and nursing – the hope is that the two problems are corrected. Dr also sent the results to Children’s Hospital and they agreed with the findings but wanted Grace re-checked next week and they added additional tests. I am not sure which ones – I will find out next week when we go. And that means, we have to do another blood draw. Dear God, help me.

I can’t tell you how often I hear (every.single.day) “oh, look at that baby – she is SO tiny!” Random people say it where ever we go. I know it’s true. But I won’t lie – I feel like a knife is driven deeper into my heart every time. At this point, I don’t even want anyone to look at her – because I know the next comment is going to be about her size.

Otherwise, Gracee is doing great. She tolerates the formula very well. Nursing isn’t going all that well (even after the tongue clipping) – but at least we KNOW she is getting enough nutrition now (from the bottle). I am pumping and freezing – for a later date. Little Miss is smiling up a storm now. It’s adorable.

If you remember, please say a little prayer that Grace puts on some weight. If everyone prays for an ounce, we will be in good shape 😀 Also. Please pray that there are no other test results that come back with concern. We will keep you updated.

*No post is complete without pictures right? (Sorry, I know there were a lot of words on this one). Here are a few pictures of our sweet Grace.

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So much going on!! You would think that we coupled a newborn baby AND a giant move — all in one. Oh wait…. 😕

We are 4 weeks into sweet Gracee’s life and I think we really are on the way up! She is nursing SO much better now. I am in VERY little pain now. Tomorrow, I will re-check her weight. Even though I LOVE her this size (so small — as EVERYONE keeps saying), I can NOT wait to see her weight start with an 8 (instead of a 7).

She has done SO well taking a bottle. Daddy and brothers have all had the chance to feed her (which makes her very happy).

Grandpa likes to stop over for a few cuddles.

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Professional Photos

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When I found out I was pregnant (and got over the initial shock), the one thing I really wanted to do this time – was take professional family & newborn photos.

We have a friend of a friend that is a professional photographer and I knew I wanted to hire her 😀

Back in Sept, we met at the beach in La Jolla and took maternity & family pictures:

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