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Gracee had her 6 month check-up today. It’s just amazing how far we have come – anyone remember when we were worried about her gaining weight?!? She was SO tiny! 

There is NO worry about this girl’s health anymore – at all! At her 4 month Check-up, she had gone from the 5th percentile to the 40th percentile – in weight. Today she measured 17+ lbs and moved up to the 70th percentile! Say WHAT!!? Folks, we have another Eater In the house. She may look like exactly like me – but CLEARLY she has the appetite of a LaGreca 😀 

Her head is 76th percentile — but, poor girl is only 32nd percentile for height. She will be short like her Mama 😕 

She took her shots like a total champ. Cried for less than 20 seconds and then she was over it. 

Check out the difference a few months makes….

It was 103 at our house today – so we decided to head West for a long walk and dinner. 

We did 2 miles on the Boardwalk and then Joe’s found a YUMMY place for fish tacos. 


We headed back and caught the sunset on the way back. It’s so cool to live close to the beach. We don’t go often (especially in the summer – too many crowds) but I love it every time we are there. 

TGIF 😀❤️ Nice way to end the work week. 

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Grace Food Face Tue, 04 Aug 2015 04:27:28 +0000   

Little Miss tried carrots for the first time this weekend and loved them. What’s not to love about the sweet orange vegetable that we all love? 

But….the Peach has a favorite when it comes to food. She goes nuts for applesauce. After eating carrots/cauliflower/rice cereal tonight, she had THREE {baby sized} helpings of applesauce. And squawked at me for MORE! 

It’s nearly time to add in a solid food lunch for this girl. That complicates the day a bit more – but she may be ready pretty soon :) We seemed to have struck gold when it comes to kids that eat good. These ‘LaGreca food/appetite genes’ are strong

Here are a couple other shots of her Royal Pinkness recently: 

She really does LOVE to smile. When I get home from work, she hears my voice and looks up — the minute we make eye contact, her face erupts in the BIGGEST smile 😊 I absolutely love it! 

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Gracee Gets Baptized! Wed, 29 Jul 2015 04:16:30 +0000 For the 3rd time (this past Sunday), we stood in front of our church (FHPC) with friends & family present and watched a Little LaGreca get baptized. Another special day in the history books for our family. 


Many thanks to Rev. Kim DR – we are so blessed to have her. (Although, you would think Grace was about to be tortured if you looked at the faces of the LG boys 😁😳).  Grace did fantastic – not a peep out of her while we were up there. 

The highlight for me was seeing our sweet girl in MY Christening gown. I was baptized at 1 month in the same outfit that Grace wore, bonnet and all. I found it in one of the bins my mom had given me years ago. It was in pretty bad shape when I pulled it out. I hand washed it 3 or 4 times and it turned out great!! It’s a good thing we had her baptized now, be side we couldn’t get the top button to go as it was (no one could tell). 


Here are some picture from the morning. 

After church, we all headed out to our house for a brunch. Yum! (Another excuse to gather around food) 

And…it was the 1st we had Grandma & Grandpa sit down with ALL 5 grandkids for a picture. We got a couple of good ones 😀

I added the kids’ names & ages to one, so we wouldn’t forget:


It is so awesome to share these special moments with our friends & family. Our kids are loved ❤️😀 

Welcome to God’s Family, Grace!  

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The Peach is 5 Months! Sun, 12 Jul 2015 03:49:13 +0000   
Princess Peach (as Daddy calls her…yes, from Super Mario Bros) turned 5 months old yesterday! 

As you have probably  noticed from our trip pictures, she has changed a LOT in the last month. She has gained quite a bit of weight. She is already eating TWO solid meals a day (rice cereal, bananas, pears, applesauce and tonight we introduced sweet potatoes). She JUST found her feet in the last two days. She is rolling all over the place with no effort. And she can finally reach her feet down to the floor when she is in the exercauser/jumpy.  

Unfortunately, she is no longer sleeping through the night. She was doing SO well before we left on our trip :/. We are also not swaddling her anymore (she was swaddled, and LOVED it, up until a week and a half into the trip). 

She LOVES to be held and she definitely knows her Mama & Daddy. We do NOT have a shortage of pictures of #3 (I think people used to say that the 3rd kid and beyond, never had anywhere near the pictures as the first 2 kids. Thanks to smart phones with awesome cameras – I am pretty sure I have more pictures of Grace than either of the boys). 

Gracee has developed a scream – when she wants to get someone’s attention. She has a HUGE smile 😀. She & I can’t go ANYWHERE without someone stopping us to say “Wow! That baby looks JUST like you!!” 

I would have to agree with everyone. When I look at pictures of me  as a baby — I am amazed! 

Our baby girl is going to be baptized at our church on July 26th. It will be EXTRA special because she will be wearing the same gown I wore for my baptism. 

What ‘they’ say about 3 kids is true. It’s HARD! I am just thankful that the boys are older (and I don’t have a 2 year old running around right now). It sure is fun to have a little girl this time around 😀 Lots of firsts in the clothes department…and more to come, I am sure. 


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Wrapping Up: 2015 RV Family Vacation Sat, 11 Jul 2015 23:12:40 +0000 We spent the 4th of July at Mom’s house. BBQ, swimming, and then fireworks show in the park (just down the street). 




More fun at Mom’s (we had to stay a few more days after the 4th so that I could get some work done). The park around the corner had a really awesome bike track – with hills & jumps. The boys loved it. 


On Monday night, Joe & I had a date night (Thanks Mom!!). Unfortunately, Princess Peach (Grace) did NOT do well at bedtime. She cried/screamed for an hour and twenty minutes. Ugh. Meanwhile, we had a nice Italian dinner and then ice cream! 

On Wednesday AM we headed to Turlock for a few hours. It was during the work day, so we only got to visit with the Johnson’s. 

  Gracee (Johnson) got to meet Baby Grace and feed her 😀

The boys played games. 

We got back in the RV mid-afternoon and headed towards Visalia for the night. 

BBQ and swimming at Miller’s house. Had a rough night with The Peach that night 😁 I was exhausted by 7am. 

Thursday AM we met family for breakfast before hitting the road for the LONG drive home. 


We are ALL happy to be home….especially Lucy. Although, the night we got home — she refused to leave the motorhome. She was afraid we were going to take off again. Ha ha. 

It wasn’t the easiest RV Trip for Joe & I, but we did it. And the boys had fun. Back to work for me while everyone else in the house can sleep in everyday and enjoy the summer 😀

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