The LaGreca Family A day in the life... Sun, 01 Feb 2015 06:44:45 +0000 en-US hourly 1 The 2nd Project Sun, 01 Feb 2015 03:43:24 +0000 As I said a few days ago…we did not stop the house projects when we finished the nursery. With the carpet installation so close, and furniture cleared out of the boys’ room – we decided to spruce up their room, too. (The carpet in there is just horrific. 11 years of traffic…yuck!!)



We kept the red wall (way too hard to paint over in a short time AND I do like the red). Also I found a few Star Wars pillows that had the colors I liked — and they match the red wall. Thank you, Amazon.


The other walls needed to be painted and the room REALLY needed new baseboards. We purchased paint and baseboards last week and got to painting.


The baseboard went in today (much easier than the wainscoting in the other room).



Thank you, Dad, AGAIN!! For all the help. It’s much appreciated!!





The boys are getting new Star Wars Sheets and pillows for their beds. They are very excited 😀 (and so is Mama!!)

And NOW….we are officially ready for the carpet…coming Monday. (Baby LG3: if you would like to arrive tomorrow or Tuesday, that would be great. Let’s not make Monday ANYMORE crazy….please).

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Pros & Cons Thu, 29 Jan 2015 20:28:01 +0000 (null)

Today marks 39 weeks and 1 day that Little Surprise Baby LaGreca #3 has been growing. We are now in the 4th quarter of the game…and we are ALL anxious to hear the news of the winner (what kind of baby is this??) Over the last few days, I have had the thought: “Why did we keep the sex a surprise? I really just want to know what this baby is and what it looks like!!!”

Of course, I am glad we will be surprised by the whole thing 😀. But it’s just SO close now! The anticipation is getting the best of me – ha ha. A few weeks ago, I wouldn’t have believed it if someone told me that I would still be pregnant on Jan 29th.

I had a Dr’s Appt (regular check up) today. Much like last week, we heard baby’s heartbeat, he measured my belly (measuring 36 weeks and I am 39 weeks – that means the baby has dropped), and then he checked to see if we were any closer to the BIG hospital trip. I am still 1CM dilated – which still means: it could be tonight or it could be another week. Totally unpredictable until something really happens. I had a TON of contractions yesterday. Joe & I look at each other’s multiple times a day and he says “Are we going to the hospital soon?” Or “You going to have that baby now?” If only we knew! It’s certainly making Joe nervous.

I have a PROS and CONS list in my head for – having baby sooner (ie today or tomorrow) vs. later (ie 1+ weeks from now).

PROS to having baby ‘now’ (ASAP)

+ The little sleep that I will get, might be a little more comfortable.
+ I can stop taking Prilosec and rid myself of acid reflux forever
+ We get to find out & announce what this baby is!! (And find out the winner of the guessing game)
+ I can start the postpartum healing process
+ If it’s a GIRL, we can announce the NAME right away (see ‘CONS’ for a boy & naming)
+ I get to see one of THE most amazing things in the world — Joe holding his brand new baby 😀 (one of my favorites sights)

CONS to having baby ASAP

– Our house is in NO shape to bring home a baby
– We aren’t done with our “2-room remodel” and the carpet isn’t here yet
– If it’s a BOY, we will likely not have a name right away (and it may take us a bit to come to terms with a 3rd LaGreca little boy – ha ha).
– The longer the baby stays in, the more fat/weight it will gain. Since it’s supposed to be a small baby, we wouldn’t mind giving it the chance to beef up as much as possible before the nursing fun begins.
– Once the baby comes out, I will never get to feel it kicking & getting hiccups inside my belly again. I KNOW I will miss it — and have been reminding myself to enjoy it for months now.

I know I have said this before on the blog – but it’s still true. I CAN’T believe we are about to have another baby. I remember the day we found out I was pregnant like it was last week! And part of me is STILL just as shocked today. I know the whole thing won’t really sink in until that baby is in my arms – but man, what a blessing this whole experience has been (even with the ‘cons’ of pregnancy). I really thought our Family of 4 was complete. It took a few years for me to be ok (and totally content) with not having another baby. For a few years after Anthony, I really felt like we weren’t done and would have a 3rd child. This baby has been a gift. A real surprise and a true blessing. We know it won’t be easy but we will make do. We {mostly} know what we are getting into. Just have to retrain ourselves a bit and work a little harder for a few years. It’s a good thing we aren’t lazy 😀

Dr B said he will let me go about a week over due. If baby hasn’t come by Feb 10th, he will induce. I am praying we don’t get to that point. I would REALLY like to stay away from pitocin if I can. Dr said today “There IS an end point…this baby is coming out one way or another”.

…..We will keep you posted….

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The Nursery Project Tue, 27 Jan 2015 21:56:05 +0000 Sometimes I just shake my head at some of the things we decide to do. Last Wednesday, we FINALLY picked out and paid for new carpet for our bedrooms (after months of talking about it – and knowing we needed it done before moving in all the nursery furniture, etc). With the carpet selected and the install date (Mon, 2/2) set, we then decided to ‘kick it up a notch’. (And yes, let’s not forget that baby is due on 2/4 and I am VERY pregnant…that just adds to the craziness of all this, right?)

Before getting brand new carpet, it’s a good idea to paint a room (if it’s needed). The nursery definitely needed it and nearly everything had already been moved out of the room anyway.



Joe absolutely despised the colors in the nursery (for YEARS!!) He hated the brown. So…we took a different route with the style this time. Joe & Dad bought wainscoting on Thursday & Mom/I went to the paint store to pick colors. Joe & I started painting on Friday night.




On Saturday, Joe & Dad installed all the wainscoting. Dani & I painted and moved furniture/toys out of the rooms (to prepare for the carpet install).




On Monday, we put the chair rail back up and did all the touch-up painting. By Monday afternoon, the room was finished and ready for new carpet.






I took a picture of the carpet (just the sample) and merged it with the colors of the room. Here is what it will look like with the new carpet.


We are super happy with the way the room turned out. It’s fresh and clean and nearly ready for baby.

…And….you would have thought our home projects ended there……ha! More to come….

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38 & Counting Up Thu, 22 Jan 2015 22:40:25 +0000 Is anyone tired of getting pregnancy updates at this point? Are you thinking to yourself: “I would much rather HEAR about Baby’s arrival and SEE pictures of this LG Baby?” I mean, when do the ‘Pregnant Belly Pictures in a Bathroom Mirror’ get old??!

Oh wait..maybe that is just what I am hearing in my head this week…ha ha.

Ah well. Why stop now with my updates and pictures? We have come this far, right?


Week 38. According to my weekly email updates, baby is developed enough and welcomed to come out to breathe its first breath. Baby LG3 might be on the smaller side, so everyday on the inside is a chance to plump up a little more. That is definitely the benefit to an extended stay.

One other HUGE (recent) improvement is: Prilosec. My sister-in-law swore by it, for her 3rd trimester with Elliot. I was hesitant and doubtful that it would make a difference. I started it a week ago — and HOLY COW!! My life has been changed! Since Day 1 – I have had NO acid reflux. I can’t even believe that was possible but it’s true. It’s heaven. It’s a miracle.

We were at the Dr’s office yesterday (picture above), and all is well. Baby sounds good & is still moving around in the space that it has. Dr cautioned us that, although I no longer have placenta previa, I still have a ‘low lying placenta’ — which means I need to monitor myself with a bit of extra precaution (especially when real labor starts).

As we (Joe & I) were leaving the Dr’s office, I told him that I was actually a bit nervous about Labor & Delivery this time. Not so worried about the pain (although, I KNOW it’s coming), but really more worried about the safe delivery and healthy baby. There are just so many things that have to go right! I am sure it’s a worry that all pregnant Moms have. Doesn’t matter that this will be the 3rd L&D…there is still worry!

Dr said I am dilated to 1cm and 50% effaced. All is moving the right way. It could be any day, or another few weeks (eeek! Not praying for the latter).

Oh, and in the meantime. We have decided to redecorate the nursery. Yes, at the 11th hour. Ha ha. We are having new carpet installed in the 3 bedrooms and figured, before the brand new carpet goes in – we should probably paint. Joe bought wainscoting yesterday and my MiL & I picked out paint colors today. We will transform the walls of the nursery this weekend – and move furniture out of the boys’ room. Then we will be ready for carpet. There could be a 1-2 night stay at the hospital somewhere in there, too :)

We will see what the next week holds….I am off for a walk around the neighborhood.

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26.2 Wed, 21 Jan 2015 01:30:57 +0000 On Sunday morning, we headed northwest to Carlsbad to cheer on my sister (Auntie Dani) as she ran her very 1st marathon.


We met up with Neal & friends at Mile 12 just after 8am.


We all got a High-Five as she zipped past us with a great pace and a smile on her face.

We met up with Dad (Pepere) for coffee & breakfast and then headed to Mile 21.


Unfortunately, we JUST missed her running by. We had to park a bit away – and couldn’t make it to the course in time :/ That wasn’t the only miss from the day (I also forgot the signs the boys & I made, at the house. I was SO so bummed).


We took a picture and sent it to Auntie (after the fact).

We headed towards the finish line and thought we might miss her crossing. She ran the 2nd half a whole lot faster than expected. We parked and and made our way through the crowds to the Finish Line. We got a spot at the fence only minutes before she came running up the road. I couldn’t even get a good picture!!


We found her right away and the boys were excited to give {super sweaty} Auntie a hug.



She was still smiling. We were all super proud of her. Her goal was a finish in under 5 hours. Her official time: 4 hours & 11 minutes!!! Amazing!!




After the race we all headed to Pizza Port for beer & pizza.



Great job Auntie Dani!! You did it…and you did it well!! Way to stick with it and finish STRONG!! Now you get to put a ‘26.2’ sticker on your car. Not everyone can do that :)

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