The LaGreca Family A day in the life... Wed, 24 Sep 2014 04:00:47 +0000 en-US hourly 1 The “Hottest” Place on Earth Wed, 24 Sep 2014 02:10:55 +0000 Yes, that is right. We, in our infinite wisdom, decided to brave Disneyland on the HOTTEST day on the earth…ever, in the history of the world. (Ok..that’s a ‘bit’ exaggerated but man, it was FREAKIN’ hot!) The ‘Happiest’ Place on Earth was quickly turned into the HOTTEST Place on Earth…by 9:34am.

When we picked Sunday, Sept 14th as our day to use up our last D-land tickets, we had NO idea that it would be Death Valley in Southern California. We had to use up our last day-pass before the end of Sept, and the 14th was the ONLY day that worked on our calendar.

We arrived fully prepared for the day. A million frozen ice/water bottles and the biggest, industrial sized squirt bottle (from Costco) for constant cold mist ‘showers’.

The good news (and a surprise to us) was that – 2 days prior to our arrival – they had transformed the Park into “Halloween Time”.  Disney certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to decorations.



AJ was very excited about the day. He wore a Mickey shirt in honor of the occasion.



We headed into CA Adventure first and the boys started off the day on Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree.


Then we all did one of our favorites: Toy Story Mania.  Such a fun game/ride! (and Joe is totally unbeatable)




I have to hand it to Nicholas.  Not only was it ridiculously hot the entire day, but he was also battling a cold.  He was pretty quiet the whole day (very unlike him) but he NEVER complained about anything.  He is a total die hard Disneyland fan…just like his parents :)


Pirates of the Carribean was actually one of the toughest lines to wait in because there were a few sections there were in the direct sun. Seconds in the direct heat felt like HOURS! (Let’s not forget that I am also pregnant…and pregnant people don’t really like/enjoy the heat all that much).


Around 3:3pm in the afternoon — we were heading towards Small World and passing by Thunder Mt on the way.  They had a measuring stand right at the entrance to Thunder Mt and I stopped the family and said “Let’s just see how far away AJ is from the 40 inch mark” (When we were in the Parks in May – AJ was a SOLID inch away from the 40 inch mark and we had just gotten back from Buffalo, NY – where we spent a few days at the County Fair – and AJ couldn’t ride too many rides while we were there. So, I really didn’t think there was ANYWAY that he had grown an inch over the summer).

To ALL our surprise – he TOTALLY hit the 40 inch mark – without question!  I couldn’t believe it.  He looked at me and said “Does this mean I get to go on the ride??? (Thunder Mt)” and I said YES! Go!  I felt so terrible for not checking sooner in the day.  We are the worst parents EVER!


Nearly the ENTIRE park opened up to Anthony. Even Nicholas was SO excited to ‘show him around.’  This new revelation (at 3:30pm in the afternoon on a Sunday) also meant that our planned departure time of 6pm was totally thrown out the window. After all, we had to make it to as many of the ‘big boy rollercoaster’ rides as possible!

Probably one of the more EPIC video clips we have….Joe captured Anthony on the big Splash Mountain drop (pictured above by me…while I waiting on the side lines for all the boys to ride).

Video Link: Anthony on Splash Mountain (Note: turn your volume up and watch until the very end. Total video is only 24 seconds and WORTH IT!)


The picture above shows HOW excited both boys were when they learned about AJ’s new, awesome, 40 inch-tall abilities!


When the afternoon became too unbearable and we needed a bit of a cool down – we headed over to the ice cream saloon in Adventure land and ordered Root Beer Floats and an ice cream sundae.  So, so good.



All 3 boys enjoyed a Star Tours Trip (AJ’s first time….yes, very excited little boys)


We even got Nicholas to try Tower of Terror again (and after the last time, coming off the ride in COMPLETE hysterics/tears, I didn’t think it would be possible).  AJ got all the way to front of the line and they decided that he couldn’t ride :/  Such a bummer.  But, Joe and NCL enjoyed the ride while AJ and went on something else.


We finished the night (later than planned) at the same place where we started: Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree.  By 9pm at night we were all tired (Mama especially!), hungry for dinner, sweaty and stinky.  We ate dinner just outside the park (the boys could barely keep their eyes open long enough to inhale their dinner) and they were asleep in the van w/in 3 minutes on the southbound freeway.

One more fun picture…Anthony’s first time on Space Mountain (transformed for Halloween as the ‘Ghost Galaxy’ — yes, another ride that I had to sit out). You can barely see AJ’s head over the seat! Ha ha…but, he came off the ride with a HUGE smile and said “Can we do it again?”



Despite the ridiculous temperatures that day, we all had a great time and surprisingly – the lines weren’t bad at all (that was certainly a plus that semi-out-weighted the heat).  It was even more fun when we realized AJ could join Joe/NCL on the big boy rides.  I just wish I could have been part of that fun (on the rides).  AJ kept telling me “Mommy, you can’t ride the big boy rides because you have a baby in your belly. But when the baby comes out – we can ride the roller coasters together!”  Sweet boy….I can’t wait to go on the rides with you!

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Rewind: ‘The Back-Story’ Tue, 23 Sep 2014 05:07:53 +0000 IMG_8601.JPG


*Disclaimer* This is one of those blog posts with LOTS of ‘feelings’ and VERY few photos. Just wanted to put that out there before you invest time in my thoughts and words below.


I have been meaning to write (document) the ‘back story’ about our surprise pregnancy of Baby LG3 for a few months. Now that I am finally feeling better (so thankful) & I am no longer bitter about being/feeling sick ALL the time, and we are back from our summer vacation, I have a bit of time to tell the story of the May/June/July news/secret.

At the end of May, I had to fly out to Tampa, FL for a work conference. While I was gone, there were early indications that I COULD possibly be late. I was busy with the conference, meetings, and work/team dinners so I didn’t have a ton of time to really think much about the possibilities. (Joe, on the other hand, was getting more excited every single day that passed). I certainly did NOT believe the trip could end up with positive pregnancy test.

I flew home on a Wednesday and got home around 2pm. The entire flight home, I was starting to get more nervous about the whole situation (at that point, I was a week late). I was totally exhausted from a busy week & traveling, so I laid down for a nap (as soon as I got home) before we had to pick up the boys from school.

When I woke up from my nap, I told Joe that I needed to take a test…the only test that I had at the house (I just had to know what was going on). I won’t lie…I was really nervous to take the test.

For those of you that know anything about pregnancy tests, you know it takes about 3 minutes for the test to register and give you an answer. I was gearing up for the 3 minute wait and thought about leaving the test in the bathroom for Joe to go check — but as I was finishing up in the bathroom, the test was already showing an answer…a very clear, unmistakable answer.

In less than 1 1/2 minutes, the test read POSITIVE with a “plus” symbol (+). I couldn’t believe it gave me answer that fast…and the answer it gave was instantly LIFE changing. I walked out to the kitchen with the test in my hand and a smirk on my face. I handed the test to Joe, he looked down and said “what does it mean?” (He was hoping it meant I was pregnant because he felt that was going to be the answer for days).

I just said “I can’t believe it…I am pregnant!” — and then I said “how did this happen?!?” (Yes, of course I know HOW it happened, but I was just so surprised it actually happened…again…without any medical assistance. Wow. Talk about a feeling of disbelief.)

As I posted almost 2 years ago, I was pregnant (with baby #3) and we were VERY surprised by that positive test (more so than this one). In fact, when Joe walked out and told me the results, I burst into tears – shocked and scared at what it meant (after all, we already had TWO boys and TWO Prius’ at the time). It took a few weeks for me to start feeling better about the whole thing and I even got excited about the idea of a third child. And then we went to the 1st doctor’s appt and all bets were off.

After that devastating experience – I had finally come to be totally fine and perfectly happy to have two children (and no more). I did NOT want to go through that heartache again.

This is my 5th positive pregnancy test – we have had two healthy pregnancies/children and two have ended with D&C’s and a whole lot of tears.

To say that I wasn’t terrified in June, when I got that positive test would be a lie. After working out the shock, I was SO, SO nervous about the whole thing. Joe was so happy & smiley about the news and I was TERRIFIED. He kept saying “It’s going to be fine. I have a good feeling this time. Everything is going to be fine” and I would tell him that he was supposed to say that – to make me feel better, but he couldn’t be sure. Ugh…it was a hard few weeks.

Right after the positive test, we headed up to Silver Lake for the week with friends and family. I booked our first doctors appt (July 2nd) and we told our parents the news (Joe’s parents and my Dad would be camping with us at Silver Lake). By the time we left, I was already feeling yucky (I was approx 7 weeks at that point). The trip was great — but I felt sick nearly the entire time :/ Made it hard to enjoy EVERY little bit, but I certainly tried to put on smile and participate in all that I could (except the ‘happy hours’ of course).

The entire month of June, I remember thinking “how can I be so scared of July 2nd AND counting down the minutes until July the same time?!?” The days leading up to the appt where so hard. That last week, I had reached out to quite a few friends and asked for prayers. I really needed help calming down. I don’t remember a time before, when I felt SO nervous. So nervous that I was feeling even MORE sick to my stomach.

The night before the appt, I remember praying a TON before finally falling asleep. I was scared to sleep because I didn’t want to have bad dreams and I didn’t want to wake up, and have to face the doctor’s appt. That next morning, I was up at the CRACK of dawn and couldn’t go back to sleep. So, I got up and read my Bible…for quite some time. We got the boys off to Summer Fun and then went to the doctor.

Our first prenatal appt is always with a Nurse Practioner at the OB’s office. We scheduled our appt with our favorite NP (which happened to be the same one we had last time…when we got the bad news during the ultrasound). The whole thing was hard because she went through my history and we talked about ‘the last time’ and she remembered the whole thing. Finally she said, “ok, we can talk more after, let’s just get to the ultrasound room and check on this baby.”

Same room, same machine…MUCH worse on the nerves. When I laid down, Joe held my arm and I could tell he was nervous. I couldn’t even look at him…I already had tears in my eyes.

Our NP was so sweet and right to the point. She found my uterus right away and told us that we wouldn’t be able to hear anything (the heartbeat) that day but we should see it flicker on the screen. Man, seconds felt like LONG minutes. She found the baby right away and very clearly, we could all see the little heartbeat flickering on the screen.

I could feel Joe’s relief (and hear the excitement). Our NP nearly jumped out of her chair with excitement. By that point, I think I was in full female emotional mode…tears falling down my cheeks….but what a relief of weight and thankfulness!!

Joe’s immediate response after seeing the heartbeat was “Is there another in there?” (Yes, the man would have been thrilled to find more than 1 baby, especially this time!). After looking all around, she confirmed 1 strong, 8 1/2 week old baby LaGreca heartbeat. We talked about when it would be ok to tell the boys and our NP said it was really a personal choice but if we wanted to be safe, waiting until the next appt (12-13 weeks in) would be a good idea.

When the NP left the room so I could get dressed, I was really fighting back the tears. As soon as I got dressed, I threw myself into Joe’s chest and burst into a sobbing mess. I just couldn’t believe that the appt was over and that we had received the best news possible.

There were quite a few people waiting to get a text from us. I have never felt SO supported in my personal life than I was that morning. Family and dear friends (that know our story and our history) were storming Heaven’s doors with prayer. It’s pretty amazing — you really can feel it. My hands were shaking as I texted the words “Praise The Lord – we have one strong heartbeat!!”

I know we both wanted to tell the boys the news, but we were (I was) still worried and didn’t want to get them excited prematurely. We waited 3 more weeks until we saw my OB and got to hear the heartbeat for the 1st time….then we told the boys (see previous post for pictures and YouTube for the video).

It was fun to see our doctor’s reaction when we had our July 23rd appt. He walked into the room with a HUGE smile on his face and said “well, it’s true. I couldn’t believe it when I saw your name on my appt list – I thought it was a annual checkup, but had to re-check that it was a prenatal appt”. He brought the Doppler in and said “Let’s hear this baby!”

There really is nothing like the sound of that 1st heartbeat. Of course, there are many other “firsts” that are all awesome – but when you get to HEAR the new life for the first time, it’s breathtaking. Doc said “It’s strong! It sounds good. There is definitely a baby in there. I am a believer, are you?”


Fast forward: We have now SEEN & HEARD the baby multiple times and there is proof in the profile picture below.

Yes Doc, I am a believer 😀


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Baby LG3 Update Sat, 13 Sep 2014 19:27:33 +0000 This past Thursday, we had our big ultrasound for the baby. The tech spent an hour taking pictures and measurements, and answering our questions (as best she could). We had too look away a few times while she looked between the baby’s legs…didn’t want to take a chance that we might see anything.

Here is a view of the baby’s arm and hand (the hand is in the right ride of the picture).


And here are the feet (a view of the bottom of the feet).


And finally, our favorite shot of Baby LG3, the profile:


Unfortunately, the tech couldn’t get a good enough view of the heart to take measurements so we have to go back for another ultrasound next week.

And then at the end, she had to double check the location of the placenta which appeared too close to the cervix (placenta previa). She kept saying she ‘wasn’t a doctor’ so she couldn’t tell us much.

I was bummed when we left – since we really didn’t know too much. Joe read a bunch online and said that the higher statistics were that placenta previa wouldn’t be an issue by the end of the pregnancy. I emailed my doctor when I got to the office and he got back to me within an hour. He had already read the report and said he wasn’t too concerned and it was likely to be totally fine by the end. AND – he was happy to see that all was well with the baby. It was SO awesome to hear that news (and not have to wait until next week when we will see him in person).

Here is a view of the baby from the outside – Mama at 19 weeks.


As they always say, Time is flying by…mostly. It’s hard to believe I am almost half way, but at the same time – I wonder how I will make it through the next 4+ months! Eek!

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More from Buffalo Sun, 24 Aug 2014 19:25:22 +0000 My vacation has come to an end 😕 I shouldn’t be the least bit sad about that, right?!? After all, I have been gone since Aug 6th!

The boys are sticking around Buffalo for a few extra days but it’s time for me to face the music and get back to the office.

I have a few more pictures & activities that I wanted to post about (I wish I could have gotten everyone else’s photos before posting about all the Fun we have had…but let’s be real…there is NO WAY I would blogged even half of our trip of our trip if I had waited until returning home.)

One afternoon it was ‘supposed’ to rain (I wanted to see some serious thunder/lightening action!), so Angie, Joe & I took the boys to the Fisher Price Explore & More kids museum. So many fun things to do there!


AJ and I both did a nice water color painting in the art room.






The boys spent quite a bit of time in the fishing boat and house. Grandpa – they are practicing for the real thing!



On our way out to the Blueberry Fields, we stopped for lunch. Just happened to be a newer restaurant owned by a retired Sabre, Rob Ray! (Hockey player). And…he was there when we walked in. Pretty cool timing.
(I didn’t get a picture of him, you will just have to trust me)






We did get some pool time at the Pizz’s house. I imagine the boys will get more this week since the weather was going to be warmer starting today.




Haircuts by Gina!


And I didn’t date take a picture of all the food we consumed. But this one was a good ‘last’ dessert (for me).


We visited Cousin Connie & Ray.








Dinner at Cousin Mary & Grant’s




Sad to leave my boys behind. Thanks to ALL the family in Buffalo. Come visit SD in the spring — after Baby LG3’s arrival!

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Blueberries!! Fri, 22 Aug 2014 21:03:23 +0000 One of the most anticipated and talked about activities of our summer vacation – Picking (and eating) Blueberries. On Thursday we headed out to an old favorite: Burdick Blueberries (farm). This is the same place that Uncle Sam used to pick blueberries.


Despite what the weather man said on the news, it was a VERY nice (and hot) day. We were expecting some rain at some point (& it would have been welcomed) but it never happened. Luckily for me, there were a few chairs in the shade that were perfect for me 😀



















We have been so fortunate to have extra photographers around whole on vacation. Not only did Grant take pictures with his super nice camera — but, we also have had a few great opportunities for family photos. I really like this one….(thanks for snapping it, Cousin Mary!)


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