The LaGreca Family A day in the life... Thu, 27 Nov 2014 19:48:49 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Agua Caliente VI Thu, 27 Nov 2014 18:48:24 +0000 I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t gone back to my previous posts for Agua Caliente (links to my previous years are included at the bottom of this post). This year was our 6th time out in the desert with our ‘people’. We seem to have acquired more ‘people’ with each year that passes. This year was no exception. We had a few newbie families. Yay!!!

Final Counts
10 RV Sites (including 2 tent-camping families)
1 Cabin
28 Adults
18 kids (ages 1-9 years old)
2 Dogs
3 Pot-luck meals with TONS of yummy food
And…22 Band-aids between the 2 LaGreca boys


The weather was absolutely amazing this year. We couldn’t have asked for anything better.


We got to try out our new pop-up tent…it was perfect!! The walls helped keep us shaded from the desert sun in the morning and the afternoon.








Below: Pepere and Anthony worked on puzzles outside while waiting for a snack.






The debut of our “Party Ball Lights” also occurred in Agua Caliente. Our group pot-luck meals were well lighted under the lights of our tent.




Glow sticks for kids…and dogs (below).




It was so fun to have the Howarth’s join us for the first time!  Below from left to right: Jonas, Anthony, Nicholas and Eden jump into the pool together.



Jen & Jacob (our cabin campers this year) enjoying the cool water.








All the {big} boys were working on happy hour and preparing the fire for the baked potatoes.





For the first time, the kids enjoyed a Ranger Activity: they got to paint their very own walking sticks. SO much fun!








A few games (my favorite: Kan Jam) before dinner.




Outdoor movie night at Pepere’s RV (complete with Popcorn!)  The kids (and a few adults) watched Planes 2: Fire & Rescue.



Time for Sunday breakfast — Joe prepares for mimosas for the adults.







One last swim before we take off.



Nicholas came home with nearly 20 bandaids (as you can see below, he had a pretty rough crash – his poor legs!)


Agua – The First Trip
Agua V
    Sadly – I did not post about our trip last year. Not sure how I missed that one (I was in a big of a writers drought in 2013, I guess). But I know that we had a fabulous weekend out there :)
Last year was also the debut of the Kids Outdoor Movie Night at my Dad’s RV — with POPCORN!
Come to think of it – it was also the first time we have witnesses an arrest at a campground.  I REALLY should post about last years trip!
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Say Hello to the 3rd Trimester Mon, 17 Nov 2014 03:49:19 +0000 To start of the post: Here is the link to the Baby Guessing Game again.

Get your GIRL or BOY guess in while you can. I haven’t seen a guess from Aunt Yvette yet—she is the one to beat :)

Last week we welcomed the 3rd & final trimester for Baby LG3! 12 or so weeks to go — I guess that means we really should get ready for this baby’s arrival!!


23 Weeks vs. 28 Weeks – this baby is getting bigger every week!

It still surprises people when they haven’t seen me in a few weeks or they only see me sitting down at my desk. When I stand up, I generate quite the reaction. “Whoa!! You really are….pregnant!” – ha ha. Yes, that is a nicer way of saying “Dang, you are HUGE!!”

We had a Dr’s Appt this last week. Everything is going as planned. Surprisingly, I measured approx. 27 weeks ON my 28th week day. (I find it hard to believe I am not measuring AT LEAST 1 weeks ahead). The heartbeat was great. We have another appointment in 3 weeks to do a follow-up ultrasound to make sure the placenta isn’t close to/covering the cervix. Should be interesting to see the baby this far along. We have never had more than the ’20 weeks ultrasound’ before. Maybe a chance to get a glimpse at the ‘goods’ —– kidding!!!! We certainly wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise now!

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Halloween 2014 Sun, 16 Nov 2014 16:19:33 +0000 After last Halloween (Star Wars themed costumes & trunks) – I have to admit, we (and the Miller’s) were out of the next ‘epic’ idea. Fine by me. We kept it pretty mild and manageable – but LOTS of activities.

We went to the Halloween Happening at Nicholas’ school (and brought a friend, Jonas, with us)








We went to a new Trunk-or-Treat at Grandma & Grandpa’s church.


Cousin Elliot was trying out his Yoda hat a few days before the Meduna’s dressed up as a Star Wars Family for Halloween (Nicholas wore his Boba Fett costume from last year).


Cora LOVES her Uncle Joe (evidenced by the picture below).


We all attended Nicholas’ Fall Performance at school (it was awesome!!) It was actually on his real birthday, so that was fun 😄




The boys and I certainly have a good time together (they are in a phase right now where they LOVE to take pictures – I don’t have to beg or ask twice, it’s awesome)


We went to Anthony’s Halloween Parade at Preschool.




….while the Johnson’s were visiting…


Halloween day Mexican food for lunch. Yum! (Silly kids)



And finally, to finish out the month of October – on Halloween night, we went to FHPC’s Trunk-or-Treat….as ‘Duck Dynasty‘.


Luckily, the Muehlman Boys had also planned to be Duck Hunters for Halloween and they put together an awesome trunk.  We had to get pictures with all the duck decoys :)





Wow! October was a busy time for us! It was all fun…but exhausting. We were happy to welcome November, the cooler weather, and a less crowded calendar.

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Nicholas Turns 7! Fri, 14 Nov 2014 19:31:24 +0000 IMG_9291.JPG

I am a bit late posting about our big boys’ birthday – but I didn’t want to skip it, so here goes.

This year we did a little something different. Instead of our normal large house party – we decided to have a small ‘friends only’ [party for Nicholas. He invited 12 friends to come over on a Friday night for “Dinner & a Movie“. Joe & I thought this was a reasonable and do-able plan (serve pizza, eat cupcakes, open presents, watch a movie with popcorn). It was ‘only‘ 3 hours….(eek!!)




The movie was ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2′ – so we got a few fun things for the boys (to wear and take home as a small gift).




Pizza, fruit and sparkling lemonade out on the back patio. Only a few spills, and a whole lot of movement.







Nicholas (and his brother) had a great time at the party. Mommy & Daddy were completely exhausted by the end of the night. Next time, we definitely need Auntie Dani & Neal to come help 😀

We had a much milder family birthday dessert gathering a few days after the boy feast. I made (from scratch!) a chocolate cake with peanut butter cream cheese frosting. So good!!


And one of the greatest birthday gifts Nicholas got for his birthday this year was a day trip to LegoLand from Auntie Dani!!


Hard to believe this little guy is already 7 years old. He is growing into a fabulous young boy. Joe & I are so proud of the person he is becoming. The last few weeks have proven to be the strongest leap towards reading on his own. His start in 1st grade had been great! He can eat more than Joe (and I am NOT exaggerating. He tries everything and always asks for seconds…and more milk….and then fruit…and then dessert).

Happy 7th Birthday, Nicholas!

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Baby LG3 Update & The Guessing Game! Mon, 03 Nov 2014 20:35:07 +0000 I missed posting an update last week.  I can NOT believe how busy the end of October is for the LG Family. Between Nicholas’ Birthday and Halloween, we could barely catch our breath.  (There will be another post on both of those events).

I snapped a picture last week (yes, in my office’s bathroom, again – it’s the only way I will capture the growth. I have to take the picture when I remember) just to prove that this baby is growing a LOT right now.  Evidenced not only by my physical appearance but by the amount of food I can consume. Holy cow!


After looking at the above picture, and FEELING a whole lot bigger – I compared the previous 2 pictures.  This baby REALLY grew in the last 4 weeks (between Week 22 and Week 26).


And, as we are creeping up to the 3rd trimester, I figured it would probably be good to get the Guessing Game started! There are a LOT of people already making predictions and yes, there is a {large} ‘GIRL‘ camp for LG3.  I am not sure if any of this info will help in your gender/birth-date estimate strategy, but I figured I would give you all the info I have to date – and I get asked if this pregnancy is different than the others. I will let you be the judge of that, based on the below:

(1) This time around, I felt MUCH worse until Week 14 (so much so, that I gave acupuncture a go).  After weeks of feeling terrible, Joe said “it has to be a girl.” — since I was feeling so terrible, for so long – he just figured it had to be a ‘different’ kind of baby.

(2) My belly was showing a LOT sooner (they say that happens with each subsequent baby).

(3) No, we have NOT peeked at any of the ultrasounds. I promise. We know nothing. (And there was PLENTY of opportunity to find out the gender).

(4)  I went to acupuncture last week (my lower back has been really, really sore).  Before she started anything, she listened to my pulse (on my wrist). She said, “You are having girl, aren’t you?” and I told her that we weren’t going to find out.  She said she could tell by MY pulse that it was a girl - and she continued to call Baby a “she/her” – we will see if she was right.

(5) The Chinese Calendar says that Baby LG3 will be a boy. For the record, I did a quick check on Nicholas and Anthony (with the Chinese Calendar) and it said a boy for Nicholas and a girl for Anthony.  Seems like the odds (50/50) aren’t much better than ANY other wives’ tale trick.

(6) Nicholas and Anthony don’t really have any input/insight that will help you with a guess.

If you ask Nicholas what he thinks the baby will be, he says (in a slightly annoyed voice) “The baby will be whatever it is and we will find out when it comes out.” He has also said  “I would like a sister because I don’t have one, but I was also like another brother so that we can have an all boys club” (he really doesn’t care what the baby is, which I find very sweet. Makes it easier on us – we don’t have to worry about preparing him for one or the other).

If you ask Anthony what he thinks/wants, he just says “I don’t know! It’s a baby!” (He just REALLY like “my baby” and loves to compliment me on how big my baby is getting). *I will note that AJ came home from preschool a few weeks ago with a family picture he had made.  It was a house – with 5 people. Mommy & Daddy, Nicholas & Anthony and the 5th person was a “baby sister“. (I took a picture of his art and posted in Instagram at the end of September.)

(7) Joe’s entire family has a “strong feeling” it’s going to be girl.  I try hard to prepare them for another boy, because you just never know – and they are still very strongly weighted towards a little girl LaGreca.

(8) I get asked if I had a feeling about my first two kids (we did NOT find out the gender for them either).  I am sure you have heard me say this before, but when I was pregnant with Nicholas I spent the last 7 Months telling myself that it was going to be boy.  I was SO scared to have a boy. I had NO idea what it would be like to have a boy and since my Grammy had said that I was going to have a boy (before she passed), I just had to TRY to prepare myself for a boy.  And – we ONLY had a boy name ready.  With Baby #2, I went back and forth a bit more on boy vs. girl. I am pretty sure I was leaning mostly towards a boy (my gut feeling) so it wasn’t super surprised when Anthony was a boy.

With this baby – I DEFINITELY go back and forth more. And it’s super strong feelings one way and then the other. On the days that I feel like it will be a girl - I REALLY believe it will be a girl.  And then the next day, I am totally convinced it will be a boy. I really think this baby might be the biggest surprise for me (and I guess that is suiting, since the whole pregnancy/Baby LG3 was a complete surprise!)  *I kicked off the Baby LG3 Guessing Game with a boy guess (seems like the safest guess given our history).  Before I clicked ‘submit’ – I had changed my mind 3 times. I really have NO idea.

(9) My Mom has gone back and forth over the last few weeks/months – based on the way that I look and where I am carrying the baby. Mom says that a basketball-belly in the front is a boy, and the ‘barrel look’ – weight gain all over is a girl. I would have to argue that I was GIANT with both boys – with weight gain ALL over – and ended up with two boys.  She hasn’t had the chance to do her ‘ring test’ yet (another wives’ tale).  When she comes down for Christmas, I am sure we will have to do it, just to see what it says.  Since I had Nicholas, she has said that she can only see me with a house full of boys.

(10) Names.  No, we are not sharing that either. But – at this point, we ONLY have a girl name.  With Baby #1, we ONLY had one boy name and Nicholas Charles got it (we did NOT have a girl name picked out).  With Baby #2, we had a girl name and I had a boy name – but Joe didn’t love it…until he was born. After Joe had studied the baby, he said “he looks like an Anthony Joseph”.  Just this weekend, I mentioned to Joe that we really should TRY to work on a boy name (at least have one in mind – since we clearly are not the couple that will have a ‘list’ of names that we agree on. We will be lucky to go to the hospital with ONE of each).

 (11) Acid Reflux has already kicked in – full force.  I would have to look back at old blog posts, but I am pretty sure this is much earlier than the others.  And it’s EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  No matter what I eat.  Going to be a long road from here on out.

(12) Stats for the boys. Both full term.

  • I was induced at 40 weeks with Nicholas and he arrived the day after his due date (40 weeks, 1 day). He weighted 7lbs 5oz, 20 inches.  Labor was 19 hours from the time I was induced at the hospital. It was brutal. I hate pitocin (I also did NOT have an epidural so I felt EVERY bit of pitocin during labor – ugh!)
  • My water broke 2 days before Anthony was due (I was SO excited, because I was scheduled to be induced again and was NOT excited about the thought of pitocin for a 2nd time). Labor was a dream come true with AJ (not that it didn’t hurt – but it was exactly the kind of labor & delivery I had always dreamed of). I walked around the hospital, got to take a shower, etc. I even had pleasant ‘breaks’ in between contractions up until 8-9 cm (that was NOT the case with Nicholas).  Less than 8 hours after my water broke, Anthony was born (again, no epidural or ANY kind of drug).  He weighted 7lbs. 12 oz, 19 inches  (39 weeks, 5 days).

I am not sure if ANY of that helps, but it’s all I know at this point.  If I think of anything other ‘clues’ that might help you in your quest to take this title from  TWO time winnerAunt Yvette, I will let you know.  It sure would be UNbelievable if she pulled off a Three-Peat in the Baby Guessing game.

Best of luck to everyone that plays. It will be fun to see all the guesses.  And yes, you can guess more than once. Each guess gets a score. You are trying to get the LOWEST score possible (getting the wrong gender gives you 400 points: Gender selection is the MOST important of the game).

Click Here to Make your BEST Guess for Baby LG3 gender, birth-date, and stats.

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