Silver Lake: The Rest

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I pretty much gave up blogging after the first few days at Silver Lake. Although we had a connection, it was PAINFULLY slow to upload pictures…so, I moved over to Instagram to post pics.

Here is the rest of the week in pictures:

Day Trip to Bodie with the Camping Gang.


Fun at the campground.
















We spent the day in Mammoth towards the end of the week. It was GREAT fun. Joe bike-rode the mountain the entire day and the boys got to try out rock climbing, bungee-trampoline jumping and zip lining! They LOVED it all!





It was a great week with friends and family. We so fortunate to have a great group to travel with. All the kids had a great time together and the adult got to have some fun, too. It’s always hard to end our annual RV road trip. This one was shorty than normal for us – but that’s because we had to save a bit of vacation time for our big trip to the East Coast – only weeks away now 😀

Father’s Day 2014

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What a GREAT idea…to spend Father’s Day doing what we love. Vacation Camping!!

There was quite a bit of fishing (not so much ‘catching’).



A whole lot of bike riding!! AJ finally learned how to ride a 2-wheeler this morning!!


A little boat trip to a VERY small island on the lake.



Wishing all the Dad’s a very happy day. Looking forward to a whole week of camping fun at Silver Lake 😀

Our {long} Travel Day

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(Note: I have no idea why these pictures are posting so large, from my phone now. I am still trying to figure out how to fix that).

Friday the 13th was our long travel day. It wasn’t too bad, but it beaver fails…it ends up starting a bit later Han anticipated and there are more stops along the way (especially with 3 rigs in the caravan)….and all of that means that we arrive later in the evening and eat dinner fairly late.


We aren’t really huge fans of the 395 desert. Not much to look at. I am always so thankful for our generator and air conditioners 😀 The kids always stay cool and comfortable.


Joe, however, had the HOT seat most of the afternoon. The sun was beating down on him and his legs are close to the engine hear while he is driving. As you can see from above, we used the 2 frozen hot dog packs to cool him off (worked out great….since we needed the hot dogs defrosted for dinner).


We arrived at Keough Hot Springs I time for the boys to go swimming while I cooked dinner.



We were all happy to have the long travel day behind us.


Summer has Begun!!

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Sweet Lucy had been in the motorhome non-stop for 3 days. She wanted to make sure that she wouldn’t be left behind.

As of 8:31am, we are on the road!!


Our family is happiest when we are in the motorhome. Summer is here!!!

October at the Beach

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We spent the weekend of October 11-13th at San Elijo State Beach and it was beautiful (as you can see from the picture above). I am telling you – EVERY time we camp at the beach, I am always in complete AWE of the amazing sunsets over the Pacific Ocean.  I always pause and remember to be thankful that we live in a such a beautiful part of the country.


As usual, the boys could not WAIT to get to the beach on Friday night.  Above, they were looking out the window as we pulled into the campground – anxiously anticipating all the friends they would have to play with for the whole weekend.


On Friday night, we gave Nicholas his birthday gift (a few weeks early, but the timing was right). He got an awesome ‘new’ BIKE for this 6th birthday (Mommy got it slightly used from her old boss)! It’s a little big for him, but he jumped right on and started practicing. The new bike has gears and brakes on the handles (instead of the pedals).  With a little more practice, he will be able to mountain bike with Auntie Dani :)



All our amazing kiddos at our potluck breakfast (above). Have I mentioned how FUN our camping group is?  These kids LOVE camping together (as you can see from the smiles up and down the table.  And let’s not leave out the awesome parents, too :)  One of them, in particular, can make an amazing happy hour beverage (you know who you are).




Lucy has been a pretty good traveler so far.  She hangs out with us outside, most of the day – while we are camping.  AND – the best part – she doesn’t mind when we put her in the RV when we go down to the beach! She doesn’t even cry or bark. She just curls up on the couch and takes a nap.




Above: Daddy was trying to encourage AJ to ride a two-wheeler (eek! I am not ready for him to be such a BIG boy yet!)



Above: My favorite picture from the weekend. Love those two boys.



For the first time ever – thanks to Kristen, we had a pinata while we were camping. The kids had a blast with it!


Unfortunately, the above picture of AJ was nearly the last from the weekend (on Saturday afternoon).  He was clearly not feeling well all afternoon and by the evening, his breathing was VERY fast and labored (you would NOT be able to tell from the picture and that sweet baby boy smile – but he was in my lap for hours and didn’t want to play with his friends)  I had to call Joe’s parents to come and pick us (AJ and I) up so we could get home for a breathing treatment.  Otherwise, we were going to have to pack up the entire camp and head home.  THANKS so much, Mom & Dad, for coming to get us — it was totally the right thing for us to be at home so AJ could sleep in his own bed (and get the medicine he needed).


Before AJ and I left, I took one more sunset picture.  The view from our campsite was awesome.  I wish we could have stayed for another week. In fact, one of these days, I want to book a site for at least a week – and just stay down at the beach the whole time.  We have to take advantage of this beauty as much as we can — AND — it also REALLY tires out the boys. They usually sleep REALLY well after a long day of beach play. Success.

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