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My vacation has come to an end 😕 I shouldn’t be the least bit sad about that, right?!? After all, I have been gone since Aug 6th!

The boys are sticking around Buffalo for a few extra days but it’s time for me to face the music and get back to the office.

I have a few more pictures & activities that I wanted to post about (I wish I could have gotten everyone else’s photos before posting about all the Fun we have had…but let’s be real…there is NO WAY I would blogged even half of our trip of our trip if I had waited until returning home.)

One afternoon it was ‘supposed’ to rain (I wanted to see some serious thunder/lightening action!), so Angie, Joe & I took the boys to the Fisher Price Explore & More kids museum. So many fun things to do there!


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One of the most anticipated and talked about activities of our summer vacation – Picking (and eating) Blueberries. On Thursday we headed out to an old favorite: Burdick Blueberries (farm). This is the same place that Uncle Sam used to pick blueberries.


Despite what the weather man said on the news, it was a VERY nice (and hot) day. We were expecting some rain at some point (& it would have been welcomed) but it never happened. Luckily for me, there were a few chairs in the shade that were perfect for me 😀



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Niagara Falls – a True Wonder

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You really can’t come to Buffalo, NY without making the 20-30 minute drive to Niagara Falls. We picked a beautiful day to drive over the US/Canadian border.


However, the Canadian Border Patrol officer (female) was LESS than inviting.  Wow! I actually thought we would have a harder time getting back into the USA (being that Nicholas’ passport had expired and I didn’t know until we were about to leave the house that morning).  She was VERY unhappy with the fact that Nicholas was riding in a different car (than the rest of the LG Family). She marched right back to our car, while Mary & Grant were waiting at the booth. She also didn’t seem excited that we were borrowing a car (from Joe’s cousin) to cross the border.  I think she was having a bad day :(

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