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Joe & I got quite the surprise on Saturday night…after we finishing making a few new recipes of sausage.

We made our Italian sausage recipe but used chicken instead of pork. And then we made breakfast sausage with pork (and had it for breakfast this morning…it’s REALLY good!!)


Then we headed over to Chris & Dan’s house for a big family dinner…..or so we thought.

I pulled up to the house and before I could get the car turned off: Dani, Neal & Jay jumped out of the car and said they had to go to the bathroom. They threw the case of beer in Joe’s lap and went running.

As we were walking up to the house, we heard a loud group of people say “SURPRISE!!” — Joe looked at me and said “Are you mouse-trapping me, again? (I threw him a surprise 30th birthday party, at the Moreno house) I couldn’t figure out what was going on. It’s not our birthday – and I thought maybe it was a party going on at the neighbors’ house. (Come to find out – Tyler walked into the house before us and tripped the “surprise” on accident – oops!!)

We walked up to the house and everyone yelled Surprise! The boys ran up to us and gave us a big hug. They were very excited.


Everyone knew about this for months. We had no idea! Such a great surprise. Many thanks to Mom & Michelle for all the work that went into the planning. It was so nice to have all the family together in one place (including Joe’s family.) And again, thanks to my San Diego Parents, Dan & Christina, for opening up their home for ANOTHER party. We are so blessed!!


It was a bit strange to open up a bunch of baby stuff. I still can NOT believe we are having a baby. The little onesies were so LITTLE!! We will have a little LaGreca that fits into that in a few weeks!! Say what?!?!?

It’s time to get the nursery ready now! So much to do – and not that much time – eek!

Agua Caliente VI

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I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t gone back to my previous posts for Agua Caliente (links to my previous years are included at the bottom of this post). This year was our 6th time out in the desert with our ‘people’. We seem to have acquired more ‘people’ with each year that passes. This year was no exception. We had a few newbie families. Yay!!!

Final Counts
10 RV Sites (including 2 tent-camping families)
1 Cabin
28 Adults
18 kids (ages 1-9 years old)
2 Dogs
3 Pot-luck meals with TONS of yummy food
And…22 Band-aids between the 2 LaGreca boys


The weather was absolutely amazing this year. We couldn’t have asked for anything better.

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The “Hottest” Place on Earth

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Yes, that is right. We, in our infinite wisdom, decided to brave Disneyland on the HOTTEST day on the earth…ever, in the history of the world. (Ok..that’s a ‘bit’ exaggerated but man, it was FREAKIN’ hot!) The ‘Happiest’ Place on Earth was quickly turned into the HOTTEST Place on Earth…by 9:34am.

When we picked Sunday, Sept 14th as our day to use up our last D-land tickets, we had NO idea that it would be Death Valley in Southern California. We had to use up our last day-pass before the end of Sept, and the 14th was the ONLY day that worked on our calendar.

We arrived fully prepared for the day. A million frozen ice/water bottles and the biggest, industrial sized squirt bottle (from Costco) for constant cold mist ‘showers’.

The good news (and a surprise to us) was that – 2 days prior to our arrival – they had transformed the Park into “Halloween Time”. ¬†Disney certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to decorations.



AJ was very excited about the day. He wore a Mickey shirt in honor of the occasion.



We headed into CA Adventure first and the boys started off the day on Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree.


Then we all did one of our favorites: Toy Story Mania.  Such a fun game/ride! (and Joe is totally unbeatable)




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