Fall (2015) Fun

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The Fall Season is here, although most of the time it doesn’t feel like ‘Fall’ in San Diego. I have gotten used to it over the years: 80-88 degrees during the day in November is just….’normal

Right after we got back from our weekend in Agua Caliente, we took the kids to Knott’s Berry Farm. Most of you already know about AJ & the roller coaster video (also posted below for your continued enjoyment). That one, 53 second video, made the entire (long) day worth it. There were WAY too many people in the park and the boys didn’t get to do much. But the one roller coaster they did – was Epic 😀

Here are a few pictures from that day.


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Agua Caliente VII

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We haven’t missed a trip in 7 years. Agua Caliente is the only camping trip we have been religious about planning/attending in all the years we have had the RV. We started out there with 3 sites when Nicholas was 2 years old and I was pregnant with AJ.

Each year we have added new friends and families. The 3 RVs that we started with have turned into 6 RVs/Trailers, 2 tent trailers, 2 cabins, 2 tents – 23+ adults & 18+ kids.

For the past few years – we have tried to capture a group pic at some point over the weekend. We don’t always get everyone in the shot – but close!

We had 2 ‘rookie’ Agua families this year – and baby Grace was a ‘rookie’ too. A trip to the ‘famous‘ mud caves was added to the weekend adventure in 2015 (finally)! Joe & the boys loved exploring the caves (Mama & Grace stayed back at camp to swim and nap). Note: Joe posted all the mud cave pictures on Facebook – I don’t have those pics below.

Here are a few of the pictures captured throughout the weekend. (Most of mine have Grace in them since I was with her nearly the whole weekend).

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Wrapping Up: 2015 RV Family Vacation

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We spent the 4th of July at Mom’s house. BBQ, swimming, and then fireworks show in the park (just down the street). 




More fun at Mom’s (we had to stay a few more days after the 4th so that I could get some work done). The park around the corner had a really awesome bike track – with hills & jumps. The boys loved it. 


On Monday night, Joe & I had a date night (Thanks Mom!!). Unfortunately, Princess Peach (Grace) did NOT do well at bedtime. She cried/screamed for an hour and twenty minutes. Ugh. Meanwhile, we had a nice Italian dinner and then ice cream! 

On Wednesday AM we headed to Turlock for a few hours. It was during the work day, so we only got to visit with the Johnson’s. 

  Gracee (Johnson) got to meet Baby Grace and feed her 😀

The boys played games. 

We got back in the RV mid-afternoon and headed towards Visalia for the night. 

BBQ and swimming at Miller’s house. Had a rough night with The Peach that night 😁 I was exhausted by 7am. 

Thursday AM we met family for breakfast before hitting the road for the LONG drive home. 


We are ALL happy to be home….especially Lucy. Although, the night we got home — she refused to leave the motorhome. She was afraid we were going to take off again. Ha ha. 

It wasn’t the easiest RV Trip for Joe & I, but we did it. And the boys had fun. Back to work for me while everyone else in the house can sleep in everyday and enjoy the summer 😀

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