On the Road Again

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The theme of this summer vacation will have to be “Wingin’ It”. 

We thought we would spend a few more days at Silver Lake – maybe stay until Wednesday. But – by Saturday night, Joe & I both had reached our max. The thought of having some help with the kids was sounding a whole lot better than roughing out another few nights. 

The boys had a blast with all their new friends. They rode bikes together, made secret hide-outs, toasted marshmallows, and hunted crawdads in the river. 
Here are some pictures from our time at Silver Lake. 




Monday AM…time to leave the mountain temps and head to the 100+ degree temps in Sacramento 😁😳😁😳

Back at Silver Lake

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We left Mammoth yesterday morning and headed right over to Silver Lake to see if we could snag a ‘first-come-first-serve’ campsite. We have never stayed across the street at the dry campground (no hookups) so we weren’t sure how it would go. 

We found a spot that was available for 1 night only and parked right away. 


It’s amazing — as soon as we opened the door and let the boys out with their bikes — they had already found a pack-of-kids to play with. I asked where the boys went and Joe said “They are running around playing Lord of the Flies”!😀 So glad there were other kids to play with, since we aren’t camping with our group from SD. 

We had hamburgers for dinner and plotted our move for the morning. We scoped out a few possible sites that would be available at some time before noon. 

Joe found is two options in the AM and we moved before lunch time. 




   The weather is pretty nice and the girls (Gracee & I) are starting to feel better. 

We will probably be here the next 4-5 nights. Should be fun 😀

The Beginning

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After a few days off the grid (ie. without cell service), we are back up in Mammoth with a fast connection. Here are pics from our first few days on the road. 

It’s the tradition (for many years now) to spend the first night (of our big annual RV trip) at Pepere’s house. Penny cooked us a fabulous dinner and breakfast (thank you!), Gracee got a bath in the sink, Joe washed the windshield and then we were on our way. 

(Side Story: My throat started hurting on Saturday when we got to Dad’s house 😕 I was hoping it wouldn’t turn into anything…)



Our longest day of driving was Sunday. I think we did over 400 miles. At one point – ALL 3 kids AND the pooch were napping. It was a miracle. 


Our first stop was Keough Hot Springs. Swimming & Dinner were on the agenda for the evening. And…Happy Father’s Day to Joe. I snapped a pic of him with all of his babies in the pool. 


On Monday, we headed down to Devil’s Postpile (just outside of Mammoth) for 3 nights of dry camping (that means: no hookups). Our site was nice and we had a bunch of little girls across the way – so the boys stayed busy while we were in the campsite. 

(Side Story Update: Sore throat turned into a cold – I blew through almost 2 boxes of tissues in 3 days. Some might call me Rudolph😳)

Breakfast at Tom’s:   

Mineret Falls Campground & Hike to Devil’s Postpile. 






AJ, Grace & I stayed at camp for the Day 2 hike (to Mineret Falls. I wasn’t feeling well. Gracee had a stuffy/runny nose and AJ was tired). 

Day 3 was our big hike to Rainbow Falls. 


Some more shots at the campground. River across the way from us. Bacon on the fire for breakfast. Hardy Boys & Marshmallows by campfire at night. 


(Side Story Not Finished Yet: By Wednesday night, I was coughing and Gracee was super congested and didn’t sleep great 😕. I wanted to cry at 2:30am)

On Thursday AM we headed up to Mammoth to get supplies (more food) and find a campsite for the night. 

Joe took the kids swimming at our campground while I worked in the RV. 




(Side Story…that never ends: I am now losing my voice. Road trip with 3 kids (one that is 4 months old) and the dog, while you have a cold…I don’t recommend it. I keep telling myself tomorrow will be better — at least I have COFFEE to look forward to every morning and Joe is a super help c Also looking forward to our stop in Sacramento to visit Grandma D and family. It will be nice to have a few extra hands with the kids.) 

Tomorrow we move onto Silver Lake…we hope. More scenic pics to come 😀 

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