Sweet Valentine

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Again, one of the BEST Christmas gifts under the tree this past year was a ‘hand’ made calendar from preschool. Such a treasure and probably my FAVORITE part of my office decor.

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Usually that would have me slightly stressed and completely behind (at this point, only 2 days away).

Thanks to Joe’s involvement on Pinterest — we had easy homemade Valentine’s ideas picked out for the boys this last weekend . (And special thanks to our dear, sweet neighbors for letting us print in color, on a Sunday afternoon).

AJ wanted light sabers…..


*And might I add that he signed his two-letter name on all of them!! We were impressed.

Nicholas chose these (Joe & I definitely swayed this decision)….


We read him the little saying on the Valentine (“so glad we are in the same school”)…and he said “I get it! It’s a school of fish!!” 🐠🐟🐠🐟

The boys are ready for their V-day parties and I am super relieved that everything is put together early (as Joe likes to point out, I tend to procrastinate…sometimes).

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. I hope you all feel loved ❤️💚💜💛💙

Auntie Dani: The Spartan

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The whole family headed up to my Dad’s house a few weekends ago – to hang out with Dad & Penny and also, cheer for Aunti Dani at The Spartan race. (Oh – and how could I forget – throw in a last minute ticket purchase to the Styx concert at Pechanga on Saturday Night! A few pictures at the bottom of the post)

Btw, have I mentioned how much we love to have Auntie Dani in San Diego? (I haven’t mentioned much of anything in this space in a long time…I know). Well, let’s just be clear – we all (especially NCL) LOVE having her close.


The Spartan Race didn’t start off so grand for the spectators (us). By the time we finally GOT to the entrance – we were ready to leave. (But the boys and I stuck it out…with Neal…until the end)

(As seen above, Neal & the boys were less than thrilled…with waiting…and not knowing if we would EVER see her pass).


She finally showed up..and then we got to watch her (and her friend) complete lots of hard obstacles!









Auntie Dani — our Spartan hero 😄 (and she is already talking about doing this again…but DOUBLE the length. She’s crazy).

******Styx Concert Proof: 7th Row seats!!!*****






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I am so thankful for Preschool Artwork made with love (and little boy handprints).


I am thankful for school aged projects that make my son think about the things that he is most thankful for. Included in his collage were: Darth Vader (because “he is an awesome bad guy”), our family – including Lucy, kiwi (his favorite fruit), yams (his favorite veggie), and the Fort & Brother combo.


I am SO thankful for friends. Jen dropped off these awesome pilgrim hat treats for us the other night. We are so blessed to have amazing friends surrounding us.


I am thankful for sweet naps with Anthony. He is such a joy to rest with. So snuggly and warm. My sweet baby boy.




I am thankful for ‘dates‘ with my two little guys. It seems to be so much easier and fun to go out with the boys. I can take them shopping or to get (me) a pedicure or coffee. They ‘usually’ behave pretty well (definitely when I just have one of them, alone). The 1:1 time with the boys is so special. I love it.


I am thankful for protection. Thankful to all our troops near and far – for protecting our country. As you can see from above, the boys also like to protect our house ‘from bad guys’. I am thankful for their bravery.


I am thankful for family. ALL of our family, near and far. I am thankful for the family we have just up the street – and thankful for impromptu story time when we stop by to drop something off. I am thankful for FaceTime/video chats with our family afar.


I am thankful for our weather in San Diego. At the end of November, we are still out front riding bikes and working on chores. We are SO fortunate to be able to do this every month of the year.

*I don’t have a picture of Joe & I on my phone (currently) but I am (always) thankful to be married. And not just to have the title or the status — I am REALLY thankful to have a ‘partner in crime’ to join me on this great life adventure. It is a lot of hard work — but our life comes with so many amazing rewards. More than either of is could have ever imagined. I am thankful that, 15+ years ago, that he loved me.

Here are a few pictures from our Thanksgiving festivities.









Spring has Sprung

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* I started this post back in March, well before Easter. Figured I should still post it with all the pictures. *


It’s kind of funny when we (San Diegans) people here go on and on about Spring…and how excited they are for the weather change, etc. I always smile when I hear it because…it is basically ALWAYS “Spring” in San Diego.

I do love ‘Spring’ according to the calendar…it means… Easter!! I never would have thought, growing up, that Easter would be one of my favorite holidays. I mean, I have ALWYAS loved hard boiled eggs (to make egg salad), but I have never been one to love pastel colors. Now that I am adult….those childhood reminders of Easter hardly enter my mind when thinking about this time of year…BUT….another blog post on that coming soon.

I need to catch up (again) on a few pictures….including or recent trip to Turlock. We spent 5+ days up north… With a rented van, 2 little boys, and one brand new puppy.



Everything went pretty good on the way up (Except for AJ’s TWO accidents in his pants while sitting in his car seat :/ Oh well, that’s why we have washers/dryers.)














We had a busy & fun trip with lots of play time and visiting. The Johnson’s had us over for the day and let me tell you, a group of six kids is ALWAYS fun :) We had a picnic at a local park – with a SUPER awesome play structure! We visited with my Grandmother for a bit. We had dinner at the Vallier’s (which also included a few drum solos by AJ — Bec even threatened to send the drum set HOME with us!)! We went bowling as a family. We played sidewalk chalk games made up by Nicholas and sailed on Pirate ships invented by AJ. And of course, we took a field trip to BassPro.

It was a long drive home but I have to admit, the boys AND Lucy did so well. I am glad we rented the van and had all the extra space!

***And now that Easter is over (I had at least two other blog posts planned before Easter)…I will really have to get my act together on the blog! Sometimes, I just don’t know where the time goes.***

Movie Night

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Best way to end the weekend…

Movie Night


Complete with..POPCORN!!


Nicholas requested Cars 2.

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