A Local Tourist

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When your due date comes…and then passes…what should you do?

Become a tourist in your own backyard, of course!

On Wednesday, (Baby LG3’s Due Date) after we slept-in from the hospital visit the night before, we headed out for lunch (just Joe & I) and then we took advice from a friend. She told us that visiting Mt. Helix was a FOR SURE way to get a baby out! It worked out great for a few reasons. (1) I had never been to the Top and walked up to the cross, (2) it was a beautiful day in San Diego (actually, a bit too warm for me!) and (3) we could say a few extra prayers in front of a giant cross.


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The boys picked me up in Boise yesterday and we headed back to Hagerman. It’s been 3 years since we have been out here. Hard to believe Anthony was a newborn (3 weeks old) last time we were here.

We had a little BBQ at the house for the 4th, and planned to shoot some fireworks – but a storm rolled in.


Oh – and we played with the new marshmallow guns from Auntie Meg & Uncle Steve.





A little front-yard swinging too…


It was a fabulous 4th of July and I have to say, even after being married for almost 10 years and together for 15 years – reunions with my hubby are still as anticipated as they were years ago :)

One Special Dude

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My two boys are so incredibly blessed to have the Daddy that they do. I know it’s easy for them to take him for granted because they are so young — but one day, they will look back and they will be completely blown away by their Dad.

People have asked me before..”How did you know that Joe was ‘the one’?” I have a longer answer to that question, but the short and important answer is: “I could see him as the Father of my children and knew he would be great.” And….He is SO much better than I even thought he was going to be (way back then!)

❤ He loves our boys.
🏊 He TEACHES our boys.
😉 He cares for our boys.
⚡ He disciplines our boys.
🍴 He feeds our boys (and most of you know HOW amazing he is at this.)
🙏 He prays for our boys.
👏 He encourages our boys.
🎩 He is a great example for our boys.


And…he has a great job 🚕

For Father’s Day this year, we took my Dad & Joe to the Fair..after a fabulous breakfast at my sister’s place (I think we were her first guests!)





If my boys could blog, I know they they would say THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU, Daddy. He is the BEST! 😀

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