Father’s Day 2014

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What a GREAT idea…to spend Father’s Day doing what we love. Vacation Camping!!

There was quite a bit of fishing (not so much ‘catching’).



A whole lot of bike riding!! AJ finally learned how to ride a 2-wheeler this morning!!


A little boat trip to a VERY small island on the lake.



Wishing all the Dad’s a very happy day. Looking forward to a whole week of camping fun at Silver Lake 😀

A Gift

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The boys came to visit me at work on Friday after school. Nicholas could NOT wait to give us the gift he had made. I asked if we could wait until Christmas but he just didn’t want to wait. He was so proud of his hard work.


Honestly, the card would have been enough. Seeing his little boy handwriting is so, so special. And the last line “I love you” is so heartfelt.

I don’t have a picture of the actual gift. It’s already hanging on our Christmas tree. It’s a handmade framed picture of Nicholas. And It’s beautiful.

Nicholas (and Anthony) are gift enough for me.


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I am so thankful for Preschool Artwork made with love (and little boy handprints).


I am thankful for school aged projects that make my son think about the things that he is most thankful for. Included in his collage were: Darth Vader (because “he is an awesome bad guy”), our family – including Lucy, kiwi (his favorite fruit), yams (his favorite veggie), and the Fort & Brother combo.


I am SO thankful for friends. Jen dropped off these awesome pilgrim hat treats for us the other night. We are so blessed to have amazing friends surrounding us.


I am thankful for sweet naps with Anthony. He is such a joy to rest with. So snuggly and warm. My sweet baby boy.




I am thankful for ‘dates‘ with my two little guys. It seems to be so much easier and fun to go out with the boys. I can take them shopping or to get (me) a pedicure or coffee. They ‘usually’ behave pretty well (definitely when I just have one of them, alone). The 1:1 time with the boys is so special. I love it.


I am thankful for protection. Thankful to all our troops near and far – for protecting our country. As you can see from above, the boys also like to protect our house ‘from bad guys’. I am thankful for their bravery.


I am thankful for family. ALL of our family, near and far. I am thankful for the family we have just up the street – and thankful for impromptu story time when we stop by to drop something off. I am thankful for FaceTime/video chats with our family afar.


I am thankful for our weather in San Diego. At the end of November, we are still out front riding bikes and working on chores. We are SO fortunate to be able to do this every month of the year.

*I don’t have a picture of Joe & I on my phone (currently) but I am (always) thankful to be married. And not just to have the title or the status — I am REALLY thankful to have a ‘partner in crime’ to join me on this great life adventure. It is a lot of hard work — but our life comes with so many amazing rewards. More than either of is could have ever imagined. I am thankful that, 15+ years ago, that he loved me.

Here are a few pictures from our Thanksgiving festivities.









Epic Halloween 2013

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Halloween 2013 had to be one of my two favorite Halloween’s EVER! I know everyone has already seen a few of the pictures from that Thursday night, but I figured it would be fun to document the story of how it all came together.

Months ago, we picked a family theme but hadn’t yet started work on our trunk or costumes…imagine that, I was procrastinating (it’s never happened before). Then, at the beginning of October, we happened upon a Barnes & Noble free kid event that happened to be a Star Wars theme. The Miller’s (Mike and the kids) met us there – and they were already dressed in their Halloween costumes. The next day….the idea was born. A Two-Family, Two-Trunk Star Wars Halloween Theme.

Since the Miller’s already had their costumes – we knew what NOT to pick. They were going to be Darth Vader, a Jedi, and two little Storm Troopers. That left MANY characters available for the LG Fam.

 AJ (with a little coaxing) picked Yoda:


And Nicholas chose Boba Fett (because he has a gun AND a jet-pack, of course)


Joe and I just HAD to be Han Solo and Princess Leia :)  So fun! But..the hard part had yet to come….

The Sunday before Halloween, we all met at our house to figure out how we were going to decorate our cars.  We decided to attempt to build the Millennium Falcon with a bunch of awesome cardboard pieces that Mike came upon.


We formed what we thought looked sort-of like the front of the Millennium Falcon while Joe “over-saw” the work..proof in the picture above…ha ha. We labeled each of the pieces of cardboard and Mike said he would take them  home and try to spray paint them to make it look more like the Falcon.


The night before Halloween, Joe carved our pumpkin while I worked a few other projects in the garage.


Thanks to the girls at work – they talked me into making ‘sock-buns’ for my hair and I actually pulled it off!


And…it was FINALLY Game Time. I left work early on Halloween (to avoid traffic and to be sure I had plenty of time to help get the cars ready).


And then….Mike brought out the cardboard. It. Was. AMAZING! I was in total shock. He spray painted the whole thing!






My two Littles – they had been asking for weeks when they could dress up ‘for real’ (green face paint and all).



(The Death Star pinata from Nicholas birthday party made it’s Final appearance before ending up in the trash)




We all had so much fun at Trunk-or-Treat that night.  It was fun to watch everyone’s face when they walked up to Trick-or-Treat at our Trunk. The Mom’s would all say “oh, look how cute!” and the Dad’s were all saying “Whoa! That is so awesome!” The kids there were dressed up as a Darth Vader or little jedi’s were REALLY excited to battle our Darth Vader and get their pictures when us.


We were missing our little girl Storm Trooper – she was home sick on Halloween night :(  And it’s nearly a miracle that we were able to get all 7 of us in the group picture above. If you have ever been to our Trunk-or-Treat, you know how BUSY it is and how fast the kids run off and do their own thing! Oh, and Joe also helps with the food every year, so he was manning his area on the other side of the parking lot for the first hour.

My favorite picture from the night has to be the picture of Han Solo and Princess Leia with the Falcon in the background. A perfect match :)


Thanks to Mike – our Trunk won FIRST place in the annual decorating contest.  He definitely went above and beyond with his amazing artistic ability.


I didn’t want the night to end.  It was such a fun family night — although I didn’t actually see the boys all that much. Nicholas was off with his friends on the giant slide and the obstacle course jumpy. AJ spent quite a bit of time watching Star Wars (the movie) on the iPad by our trunk.  Joe was cooking and then I had volunteered to be one of the MC’s to close out the event.  What a great night. It. Was. EPIC!

May the Force Be with You…always :)

Rewind: Easter 2013

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I didn’t want to let Easter pass w/o it’s OWN blog post. After all, it’s probably my favorite holiday of the year!

The weeks leading up to Easter were busy with fun activities. The boys both attended Easter for Kids at a local church. It’s a GREAT free program where kids learn all about the Easter story, and work on crafts, decorate cookies, watch a short video and learn a new song (to sing for all the parents at the end). It was AJ’s first year going (kids have to be 3…so, I got ‘special’ permission for him to go a month before his 3rd birthday). The church served a free lunch to all the families and them there was a BIG Easter Egg Hunt outside.


Then we had Palm Sunday at church and one of our traditions at FHPC is to have the children walk into the sanctuary with Palm branches and then they sing a song in front of the church.



In preparation of Good Friday, Nicholas drew the above picture of his understanding of the events happening on Good Friday. I just LOVE evert hung about his picture. Although he doesn’t really understand the unbelievable significance of that 1st Good Friday, his little brain is soaking up as much as it can. Every year, I can see a difference and maturity in his understanding of Easter.





Another Easter Egg Hunt the Saturday before Easter with friends and family. The boys got MORE candy. And we had a family picture taken with the Easter Bunny (not pictures above…maybe it will be good enough to make it on the Christmas card this year).






We dyed a LOT of hard boiled eggs the evening before Easter. I can’t believe how fast 5 kids dyed 24 eggs!! AJ was excited to get them all done and then he was very concerned about WHEN we would be able to EAT them. I let him have one with dinner that night :)



Easter Morning!! It was a busy morning at church. The All Church breakfast was first.


Then an Easter Egg Hunt on the playground.





One of my favorite parts of our Easter Sunday worship is the cross with flowers. And I FINALLY remembered to bring flowers this year! The boys each got to put two flowers on the cross to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection on Easter morning. The music at church was AMAZING!! Seriously, wow!


We ended the day with Easter lunch/dinner at Meg & Steve’s house…and THE FINAL Egg Hunt of 2013!




Lent was a great time of sacrifice and prayer. It was fun to talk to the boys about Easter and teach them a little bit more than they already knew. Nicholas is starting to have some REALLY good (and hard) spiritual questions!! Sometimes I really have to think about my answer (and try to put it in terms that a 5 year old can understand). It’s NOT easy!

Hard to believe it’s April and Easter has come…and gone :/ Lucky for us, we get to celebrate Easter every Sunday! (But Easter Sunday is still, and always will be, my FAVORITE Sunday of the year).

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