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Above: the official Redfin post of the ‘SOLD’ Promise Lane house (our house). 

I tried to document a bit of the move in pictures throughout the week. I wasn’t able to take as many as I had hoped….I spent quite a bit of time feeding Grace and picking up the boys from school –  while things were being moved. 

We started last Friday night — and 9 days later, we are DONE!!! After church today – we picked up the FINAL few things. 

Here are some pics:

Old House












New House





The old hous is already being painted (the inside). The new house is already being cooked in 😀 We enjoyed a cooked breakfast inside this morning – with our guests. We loved having people spend the night. 

We owe SO many people a HUGE Thank You!! This last week was probably the busiest & most physically tiring for Joe. The long hours of lifting and moving – in super hot weather – day after day… Was NOT easy. And unfortunately, I wasn’t able to help with the big stuff. Thank God for the amazing help and support from friends & family. There is NO way we could have done it without everyone!  

Now…it’s time to make this house…our home 🏡😀❤️


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I have adopted a new motto (for the last week anyway).

TODAY is a good day to have a baby!”

The 1st week in February is now complete. It’s the morning of February 8th, and this Little LG baby is still perfectly content to reside in the only place it has ever known as ‘home.’ I totally get it. It’s the best deal ever don’t you think? Besides, when you don’t know ANYTHING other than where you have been your whole life (and it’s been pretty darn comfortable), why would you want to change anything?

In the absence of a hospital visit the last few days, we have been trying to keep busy with ‘other’ things 😀

I was lucky enough to attend Mom’s Night Out on Thursday night (Thanks for the ride, JP). When I RSVP’d months ago – I really thought I would be attending with a little sleeping newborn. I bet I enjoyed the gathering (and was less stressed) more with baby still inside. Always great to see all the awesome Mom-friends I have!

Got to hang out with Chicken Little over the last few days. Friday morning Rollie Pollie collections.



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Joe & I got quite the surprise on Saturday night…after we finishing making a few new recipes of sausage.

We made our Italian sausage recipe but used chicken instead of pork. And then we made breakfast sausage with pork (and had it for breakfast this morning…it’s REALLY good!!)


Then we headed over to Chris & Dan’s house for a big family dinner…..or so we thought.

I pulled up to the house and before I could get the car turned off: Dani, Neal & Jay jumped out of the car and said they had to go to the bathroom. They threw the case of beer in Joe’s lap and went running.

As we were walking up to the house, we heard a loud group of people say “SURPRISE!!” — Joe looked at me and said “Are you mouse-trapping me, again? (I threw him a surprise 30th birthday party, at the Moreno house) I couldn’t figure out what was going on. It’s not our birthday – and I thought maybe it was a party going on at the neighbors’ house. (Come to find out – Tyler walked into the house before us and tripped the “surprise” on accident – oops!!)

We walked up to the house and everyone yelled Surprise! The boys ran up to us and gave us a big hug. They were very excited.


Everyone knew about this for months. We had no idea! Such a great surprise. Many thanks to Mom & Michelle for all the work that went into the planning. It was so nice to have all the family together in one place (including Joe’s family.) And again, thanks to my San Diego Parents, Dan & Christina, for opening up their home for ANOTHER party. We are so blessed!!


It was a bit strange to open up a bunch of baby stuff. I still can NOT believe we are having a baby. The little onesies were so LITTLE!! We will have a little LaGreca that fits into that in a few weeks!! Say what?!?!?

It’s time to get the nursery ready now! So much to do – and not that much time – eek!

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