{some} of July 2014

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Bike rides at Lake Murray – less than 2 weeks after learning to ride a 2-wheeler, AJ was going off sweet jumps on his bike.

Nicholas continues to secure our house from bad guys with his arsenal.



Grandma & Grandpa have stopped by for dinner or a visit throughout the summer.

The preschool Summer Fun program had a fabulous parade & picnic for the 4th of July. Nicholas & the older kids ran a lemonade stand to raise money for the end of the summer party. We were so impressed with how hard NCL was working and trying to sell. He was very intent on selling all the lemonade 😀


Daddy & AJ relaxing on the couch one night.





We spent the 4th of July at Aunt Patty’s pool party. It was a nice afternoon.



We drove out to Santee to see fireworks that night (with a secret east coast visiting friend) and the boys fell asleep on the way home.




We had a family movie day and saw How to Train Your Dragon:2. Always fun to go to the theater.


We met up with dear friends this last week when the Mion’s were in town. Fun to see the kids growing.

Silver Lake: The Rest

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I pretty much gave up blogging after the first few days at Silver Lake. Although we had a connection, it was PAINFULLY slow to upload pictures…so, I moved over to Instagram to post pics.

Here is the rest of the week in pictures:

Day Trip to Bodie with the Camping Gang.


Fun at the campground.
















We spent the day in Mammoth towards the end of the week. It was GREAT fun. Joe bike-rode the mountain the entire day and the boys got to try out rock climbing, bungee-trampoline jumping and zip lining! They LOVED it all!





It was a great week with friends and family. We so fortunate to have a great group to travel with. All the kids had a great time together and the adult got to have some fun, too. It’s always hard to end our annual RV road trip. This one was shorty than normal for us – but that’s because we had to save a bit of vacation time for our big trip to the East Coast – only weeks away now 😀


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I am so thankful for Preschool Artwork made with love (and little boy handprints).


I am thankful for school aged projects that make my son think about the things that he is most thankful for. Included in his collage were: Darth Vader (because “he is an awesome bad guy”), our family – including Lucy, kiwi (his favorite fruit), yams (his favorite veggie), and the Fort & Brother combo.


I am SO thankful for friends. Jen dropped off these awesome pilgrim hat treats for us the other night. We are so blessed to have amazing friends surrounding us.


I am thankful for sweet naps with Anthony. He is such a joy to rest with. So snuggly and warm. My sweet baby boy.




I am thankful for ‘dates‘ with my two little guys. It seems to be so much easier and fun to go out with the boys. I can take them shopping or to get (me) a pedicure or coffee. They ‘usually’ behave pretty well (definitely when I just have one of them, alone). The 1:1 time with the boys is so special. I love it.


I am thankful for protection. Thankful to all our troops near and far – for protecting our country. As you can see from above, the boys also like to protect our house ‘from bad guys’. I am thankful for their bravery.


I am thankful for family. ALL of our family, near and far. I am thankful for the family we have just up the street – and thankful for impromptu story time when we stop by to drop something off. I am thankful for FaceTime/video chats with our family afar.


I am thankful for our weather in San Diego. At the end of November, we are still out front riding bikes and working on chores. We are SO fortunate to be able to do this every month of the year.

*I don’t have a picture of Joe & I on my phone (currently) but I am (always) thankful to be married. And not just to have the title or the status — I am REALLY thankful to have a ‘partner in crime’ to join me on this great life adventure. It is a lot of hard work — but our life comes with so many amazing rewards. More than either of is could have ever imagined. I am thankful that, 15+ years ago, that he loved me.

Here are a few pictures from our Thanksgiving festivities.









Numbers: 6 and 10

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2 Important numbers happened in October.

The first happened on October 4th and it certainly wasn’t a small, insignificant deal.  Joe and I celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary.


On the actual day, Joe came up to my office and we went out on a lunch date.  We have been talking about ways to celebrate this milestone anniversary for months – but haven’t been able to come up with anything.  It seems like we haven’t had a lot of ‘extra time’ to plan a trip away.  Maybe we will get to do something in the spring – a long weekend away, or something….

I just looked back at the LaGreca Family blog archives and I have captured MOST of our married life on this site (8 out of the 10 years).  When I look back at our photo archives, I have all 15+ years captured in digital (mostly) photos and it is SO fun to look back at ‘old times’ when we were dating, in college, first married, etc.

Of course, I could go on an on about all the things we have done together. The adventures, the struggles, the fun, the tears….but really what I want to capture at this marriage marker is:

Babe, this is ONLY the beginning.  We have a TON to do still. Lots of important tasks – raising the boys. Lots of fun trips – all over the country (and world, hopefully). Lots of dates to go on.  Food to enjoy.  New wines and beers to try.  And remember, we have to rake up a WHOLE lot more anniversaries before we can win the “Anniversary Dance” at one of our grandkids’ weddings. I pray that someday, we will be crowned the “Longest married couple” :)  Make sure you are thinking about your advice to the newly married couple. Write it down if it comes to you over the years – chances are, we will forget by the time we get the mic.

The second was Nicholas’ 6th Birthday on October 29th.

We had a fun (house) party for Nicholas the weekend before his actual birthday (it’s so hard since his birthday is SO close to Halloween!)  Pepere and Penny came down for the weekend – and with them, came a WHOLE lot of campfire wood.  NCL was such a good helper – and the picture below shows how BIG he is looking these days.


Instead of party favors – this year, Joe wanted to do something extra special. He put together Stomp Rocket Kits for each of the families to take home (made out of PVC pipe and 2 liter soda bottles).  As a craft at the party, everyone had a chance to make and decorate their own rockets!



As if that wasn’t enough – Joe also got this AMAZING Death Star Pinata! It. Was. HUGE! And it was filled with enough candy for all the families to give away on Halloween night.






These two LaGreca boys can really melt my heart. They are getting SO good at posing for pictures (together) when I ask them to. I can’t even believe it! It used to be SO hard to get them in the same area – let alone LOOKING at the camera. Now, I don’t even have to ask them to smile – they just do it. I love it!


(above: refrigerator ‘art’ by Auntie Dani and Neal)

Nicholas is learning all kinds of great stuff in Kindergarten this year; one important thing is learning to tie his shoes (below, he is practicing with Daddy’s shoes since he doesn’t have shoes with laces right now). Nicholas has also memorized Joe’s phone number (with the area code!) That didn’t seem to be a hard task for him — and he also loves doing math homework and counting games…I wonder where he could have gotten that from…???


Grandpa and Grandma LaGreca got him a giant map of the US for his birthday, so we hung it up on the wall in the dining room.  He can draw & write on the map with a dry erase pen  – kind of fun to draw out all of our RV adventures over the years.  He can also see how far Buffalo and CT are from San Diego (the boys BOTH say that it’s too far..Joe and I both agree).



Above: Mom and the gang came to town towards the end of October for a quick weekend visit. I took the boys to get haircuts that weekend snapped this picture right after Nicholas was done.  Nicholas really loves his grandparents.


The night before his real birthday, I had to take Nicholas to Urgent Care.  He got some kind of a bite on his belly (right in his belly  button) and it was super itchy and puffy on his stomach.  He got the royal treatment since everyone there knew he was turning 6 the next morning.  He was pretty excited to tell everyone about his awesome birthday party. What a joy to celebrate our first ‘baby’ turning 6 (although, I will admit – I have been watching Nicholas lately and looking at recent pictures – and it makes me a bit sad to see HOW grown up he really is.  Of course, I love him and I love watching him grow – but man, it’s going TOO fast!)  The day after Nicholas turned 6 – he told us at the dinner table that he was going to be 7 soon….I nearly had a heart attack and told him to slow down. I want to enjoy 6 for all 365 days :)


October at the Beach

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We spent the weekend of October 11-13th at San Elijo State Beach and it was beautiful (as you can see from the picture above). I am telling you – EVERY time we camp at the beach, I am always in complete AWE of the amazing sunsets over the Pacific Ocean.  I always pause and remember to be thankful that we live in a such a beautiful part of the country.


As usual, the boys could not WAIT to get to the beach on Friday night.  Above, they were looking out the window as we pulled into the campground – anxiously anticipating all the friends they would have to play with for the whole weekend.


On Friday night, we gave Nicholas his birthday gift (a few weeks early, but the timing was right). He got an awesome ‘new’ BIKE for this 6th birthday (Mommy got it slightly used from her old boss)! It’s a little big for him, but he jumped right on and started practicing. The new bike has gears and brakes on the handles (instead of the pedals).  With a little more practice, he will be able to mountain bike with Auntie Dani :)



All our amazing kiddos at our potluck breakfast (above). Have I mentioned how FUN our camping group is?  These kids LOVE camping together (as you can see from the smiles up and down the table.  And let’s not leave out the awesome parents, too :)  One of them, in particular, can make an amazing happy hour beverage (you know who you are).




Lucy has been a pretty good traveler so far.  She hangs out with us outside, most of the day – while we are camping.  AND – the best part – she doesn’t mind when we put her in the RV when we go down to the beach! She doesn’t even cry or bark. She just curls up on the couch and takes a nap.




Above: Daddy was trying to encourage AJ to ride a two-wheeler (eek! I am not ready for him to be such a BIG boy yet!)



Above: My favorite picture from the weekend. Love those two boys.



For the first time ever – thanks to Kristen, we had a pinata while we were camping. The kids had a blast with it!


Unfortunately, the above picture of AJ was nearly the last from the weekend (on Saturday afternoon).  He was clearly not feeling well all afternoon and by the evening, his breathing was VERY fast and labored (you would NOT be able to tell from the picture and that sweet baby boy smile – but he was in my lap for hours and didn’t want to play with his friends)  I had to call Joe’s parents to come and pick us (AJ and I) up so we could get home for a breathing treatment.  Otherwise, we were going to have to pack up the entire camp and head home.  THANKS so much, Mom & Dad, for coming to get us — it was totally the right thing for us to be at home so AJ could sleep in his own bed (and get the medicine he needed).


Before AJ and I left, I took one more sunset picture.  The view from our campsite was awesome.  I wish we could have stayed for another week. In fact, one of these days, I want to book a site for at least a week – and just stay down at the beach the whole time.  We have to take advantage of this beauty as much as we can — AND — it also REALLY tires out the boys. They usually sleep REALLY well after a long day of beach play. Success.

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