Full Family Update

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I feel like it’s been forever since the last post….it’s only been 11 days (ha ha. Goes to show you how the days have gone lately). 

Here goes – a full family update. 

Nicholas lost his 5th tooth this week (Monday morning, on the way to school). The tooth has been under his pillow, in an envelope, for 2 nights. The tooth fairy clearly did NOT get the ‘change of address’ notification :/ Daddy sent her an email with our new address. She found her way out here tonight (thank goodness). 

He is doing great in school – good behavior every single day. We are really proud of him for that. 

He had his Spring Performance today. Video is posted on You Tube (Spring Performance). 

After reading 20-30 minutes the last 4-5 nights, Nicholas finished his 1st chapter book!! He is doing great with reading! 

 One last thing, NCL is loving the new house. Lots of outdoor time & boat loads of exercise. It’s SO good for the kids! The only sad part about the whole thing is seeing Nicholas upset about leaving Benchly (his school) next year. He doesn’t want to leave his friends :( He has already cried a few times when he thinks about it (definitely gets that from his Mama). 

Anthony is still a little monster (ha ha).  He still has his ‘almost 5 year old’ temper – BUT, since moving and all the outdoor play time…the temper tantrums have lessened. 

I must say, he is a good helper with his sister. He likes to feed her at home and he will always jump up to give her a paci when she is crying.

We went to the Lakeside Western Days Parade last weekend & AJ represented the ‘country’ very well: 

Here are a couple more pics from the parade: 


Good reports from preschool lately (Thank God!) He (like his brother) can’t wait to get home from school, everyday, so they can play in the yard – or ride their bikes down the street to see if Brooke is at her Grandma’s house (our neighbor). The trampoline is a BIG hit for the boys. They are out there every afternoon — and every afternoon, someone gets hurt :/ I think it’s going to be that way for awhile.

Grace is growing & growing. You can see that her cheeks are filling out. She is healthy and mostly happy (when being fed and held). She is also losing her hair :( I am finding piles of hair in the bassinet every morning. 


She loves the bath. 


She is still sleeping in the bassinet, in our room. She has been consistently sleeping 7-8 hours at night. I wish I could say the same for me. I go to bed about 2 hours after her — and still can’t stay asleep until she wakes up. She makes quite a lot of noise and I can’t seem to sleep through it. It might be time to move her to her room. We will see. 

Here are a few more pictures of Grace. 10 weeks old yesterday! 



Lucy (can’t forget her…in this FULL family update) has turned COUNTRY with no problem. She runs around the yard all the time…AND…she is catching rodents! As of tonight, the count is: Lucy 3, Rodents 0. 


Joe & Dad installed a doggie door last weekend, so now Lucy can let herself in and out (during the day. We have to lock the doggie door at night due to the coyotes- they are all over the place out here!) 


The chickens are….1 less. Our neighbor across the street has given Gimpy a better home. The other two birds were treating her awful. We get 1 egg a day (from Minnie – the red hen). Will be nice when we can get a few more egg-laying chickens. We love eggs 😀.


Joe has been SO busy – as you can only imagine. Living on 1.25 acres of land means a LOT of outside work. The yard is big. The weeds are big. The work load is huge. His ‘to do’ list never gets smaller :/ Poor guy. 

We are almost 100% done at the old house. Joe is going to pick up the last of the mulch tomorrow and then I think everything is done over there. Will be nice to have that ‘to do list’ finished off for good. 

The ‘almost finshed’ courtyard at the Golfcrest House:


Joe is also enjoying the new kitchen. The appliances are giving us a bit of trouble (not the best brands, refrigerator, microwave and ovens) but the island/counter space is great. The stove is pretty nice and works great. 

Joe was pretty nervous about this move. Leaving ‘home’ (San Carlos) was a REALLY big change/move for him. I am happy to say that I was right — he really likes it out here. He loves all the outside time for the boys and the dog. He loves the house. The drive back to San Carlos isn’t even that bad. 

On Wednesday & Sunday nights, our neighbor teaches roping (horses). We look out our kitchen window and can see the dust being kicked up from the horses, etc. Tonight, Joe looked out the window and said “It’s Wednesday.” And I said “I know, I love it.” — He said “Me too. So far, it’s awesome out here.” That confirmation warmed my heart. I knew he would like the country (the country that is just outside the city). 

And finally, me. The first and only thing that comes to mind is: I am exhausted. So, so tired. I feel like I say it too much – but man, it’s the truth. I shouldn’t be so tired with a baby that sleeps 7-8 hours, right?!? I know! What is my problem?!? 

It’s been a busy 3+ months. We have done it to ourselves so there should be no complaining. And most everything has been good (except the weight scare with Gracee). We are so happy we were able to find this house — and actually buy it and move it. Wow. We still can’t believe we live here! 

Postpartum with Gracee has been unlike the other two kids — although, with AJ, we did embark on a 7 weeks RV Road Trip when he was only weeks old! That was pretty crazy! Packing and moving with a 6 weeks old was a bit much, even for me. Especially when I was having such a hard time feeding her. 

I am scheduled to return to work on May 13th. Can’t believe it’s right around the corner (although – if you ask anyone from the office, I have been gone “FOREVER!”) It’s always hard to go back to work after having a baby. No one will tell you it’s easy – but at least I know it can be done. I know Gracee will be fine and well taken care of. I am nervous about me. I don’t know how I will do it all — and do it all ‘well’. It’s also a new commute. A bit farther, which will make my drive time even worse. Joe keeps saying “it will be rough for the first year and then things will get better” (no, I didn’t mistype that — a year!!! How am I going to make it?? 😁)

The only other thing I have to say about me is: holy cow – this house is big and SUPER hard to keep clean! Wow! Just the wood floors are enough to make me second guess our move. Our old house may have been small — but it was a heck-of-a-lot easier to clean. 

Hopefully I will get a few pictures hung on the walls before going back to work. One can hope. 

The Pine Wood Derby

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Amongst all the most recent chaos in the LG Family that I have shared with you…there was an event that slipped through the cracks. The Cub Scout Pine Wood Derby was this past weekend. 

Nicholas & Grandpa LaGreca have been plotting and preparing for this event for months! They spent MANY hours in Grandpa’s shop – working on the perfect derby race car. There were prototypes and scrapped models along the way….and finally, two days before the race…the car was done.  

Nicholas started the countdown to March 21st – weeks ago! 

And then…Saturday (3/21)  morning arrived….and so did the stomach bug. Nicholas passed out in our bathroom at 8:30am (he hit the wall with a loud crash & scared Joe & I to death)… and then started to vomit. By noon, NCL couldn’t get off the mattress on the floor and we were watching movie after movie. 

Nicholas finally realized it was Race day and expected to go. Joe told him that he couldn’t go be issue he was sick. Nicholas burst into tears and then said (through sobs) “Can you at least bring my car and race it?”

Joe & Grandpa had already planned on it. Joe stopped peaking/moving for a few hours and they headed up to the race. It’s a good thing NCL didn’t go because he was throwing up while they were gone…and while I was nursing the baby on the couch. Ugh. It wasn’t pretty. 

Joe FaceTimed is a few times and sent lots of text updates. 


There were 36 cars total. NCL’s is #11 above. 

Here is how NCL did in all of his races (3 cars race at a time. 1st = 0 points, 2nd = 1 point, 3rd = 2 points. When you get 6 points, you are out of the race.

3.150 test place

3.136 first

3.138 second

3.149 first

3.130 first

3.143 second

3.130 second

3.146 third by less than 1000th

3.143 first

3.129 second

Nicholas got 5th Place out of the whole race! Amazing! And — he got 1st Place out of all the Tiger Cubs (his age group, 1st grade). So, so cool! 


Since NCL was still feeling SO sick on Saturday night – AJ held the car and the medal up for a picture. Grandpa LaGreca was SO proud of NCL’s for building such a great car. He worked really hard on it – and it paid off. 

Just a HUGE bummer that NCL couldn’t see it in person 😕 (I had tears in my eyes when Joe was talking to Nicholas about it). 

Grandpa is already jotting down ideas for next year…..

Professional Photos

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When I found out I was pregnant (and got over the initial shock), the one thing I really wanted to do this time – was take professional family & newborn photos.

We have a friend of a friend that is a professional photographer and I knew I wanted to hire her 😀

Back in Sept, we met at the beach in La Jolla and took maternity & family pictures:

Read the rest…

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