The Pine Wood Derby

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Amongst all the most recent chaos in the LG Family that I have shared with you…there was an event that slipped through the cracks. The Cub Scout Pine Wood Derby was this past weekend. 

Nicholas & Grandpa LaGreca have been plotting and preparing for this event for months! They spent MANY hours in Grandpa’s shop – working on the perfect derby race car. There were prototypes and scrapped models along the way….and finally, two days before the race…the car was done.  

Nicholas started the countdown to March 21st – weeks ago! 

And then…Saturday (3/21)  morning arrived….and so did the stomach bug. Nicholas passed out in our bathroom at 8:30am (he hit the wall with a loud crash & scared Joe & I to death)… and then started to vomit. By noon, NCL couldn’t get off the mattress on the floor and we were watching movie after movie. 

Nicholas finally realized it was Race day and expected to go. Joe told him that he couldn’t go be issue he was sick. Nicholas burst into tears and then said (through sobs) “Can you at least bring my car and race it?”

Joe & Grandpa had already planned on it. Joe stopped peaking/moving for a few hours and they headed up to the race. It’s a good thing NCL didn’t go because he was throwing up while they were gone…and while I was nursing the baby on the couch. Ugh. It wasn’t pretty. 

Joe FaceTimed is a few times and sent lots of text updates. 


There were 36 cars total. NCL’s is #11 above. 

Here is how NCL did in all of his races (3 cars race at a time. 1st = 0 points, 2nd = 1 point, 3rd = 2 points. When you get 6 points, you are out of the race.

3.150 test place

3.136 first

3.138 second

3.149 first

3.130 first

3.143 second

3.130 second

3.146 third by less than 1000th

3.143 first

3.129 second

Nicholas got 5th Place out of the whole race! Amazing! And — he got 1st Place out of all the Tiger Cubs (his age group, 1st grade). So, so cool! 


Since NCL was still feeling SO sick on Saturday night – AJ held the car and the medal up for a picture. Grandpa LaGreca was SO proud of NCL’s for building such a great car. He worked really hard on it – and it paid off. 

Just a HUGE bummer that NCL couldn’t see it in person 😕 (I had tears in my eyes when Joe was talking to Nicholas about it). 

Grandpa is already jotting down ideas for next year…..

Professional Photos

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When I found out I was pregnant (and got over the initial shock), the one thing I really wanted to do this time – was take professional family & newborn photos.

We have a friend of a friend that is a professional photographer and I knew I wanted to hire her 😀

Back in Sept, we met at the beach in La Jolla and took maternity & family pictures:

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Meet Your Sister, Grace

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I have to start this one off with a GIANT Thank You to Mom & Dad (Grandma & Grandpa LaGreca) for pinch hitting this week with the boys. It was such a relief knowing they were cared for and having a good time. Thank you for all the help – we really do appreciate it!!

After 2 whole days of waiting, the boys FINALLY got to meet their new baby sister (at home).

Nicholas was the first boy home from school on Thursday and he was thrilled to run into the house and find his baby sister sitting with Mama in the rocking chair.


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