Rewind: Anthony’s 4th Birthday

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The week after Easter, the littlest LG turned 4 years old. We threw together a little party with family & friends, food, and a piΓ±ata.






Instead of birthday cake, we did “Make Your Own Ice Cream Sundaes!”

And after all the eating, playing and piΓ±ata-breaking – Anthony FINALLY got to open presents (the ONLY thing he really cares about the whole day)



Happy 4th to out little ninja turtle.


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I am so thankful for Preschool Artwork made with love (and little boy handprints).


I am thankful for school aged projects that make my son think about the things that he is most thankful for. Included in his collage were: Darth Vader (because “he is an awesome bad guy”), our family – including Lucy, kiwi (his favorite fruit), yams (his favorite veggie), and the Fort & Brother combo.


I am SO thankful for friends. Jen dropped off these awesome pilgrim hat treats for us the other night. We are so blessed to have amazing friends surrounding us.


I am thankful for sweet naps with Anthony. He is such a joy to rest with. So snuggly and warm. My sweet baby boy.




I am thankful for ‘dates‘ with my two little guys. It seems to be so much easier and fun to go out with the boys. I can take them shopping or to get (me) a pedicure or coffee. They ‘usually’ behave pretty well (definitely when I just have one of them, alone). The 1:1 time with the boys is so special. I love it.


I am thankful for protection. Thankful to all our troops near and far – for protecting our country. As you can see from above, the boys also like to protect our house ‘from bad guys’. I am thankful for their bravery.


I am thankful for family. ALL of our family, near and far. I am thankful for the family we have just up the street – and thankful for impromptu story time when we stop by to drop something off. I am thankful for FaceTime/video chats with our family afar.


I am thankful for our weather in San Diego. At the end of November, we are still out front riding bikes and working on chores. We are SO fortunate to be able to do this every month of the year.

*I don’t have a picture of Joe & I on my phone (currently) but I am (always) thankful to be married. And not just to have the title or the status — I am REALLY thankful to have a ‘partner in crime’ to join me on this great life adventure. It is a lot of hard work — but our life comes with so many amazing rewards. More than either of is could have ever imagined. I am thankful that, 15+ years ago, that he loved me.

Here are a few pictures from our Thanksgiving festivities.









The End of Summer

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The last time I wrote something on the blog, we were on our way home from our big summer vacation. After going ‘dark’ for so long, I am not even sure what to write about. It’s really hard to come up with something good after a 2+ weeks vacation and a boat load of fun pictures.

It’s the eve of September — Labor Day Weekend — the end of summer. The rest of my family is about to get ROCKED with the {new} routine. Joe hasn’t set an alarm in months! Nicholas starts his Kindergarten year on Tuesday AM – bright & early.



I must say, it is SUCH a great feeling, as a parent, knowing that our son is ready & excited to get back to school — even when he knows he will be at a brand new school..and have to make brand new friends. I know it’s crazy – but I might not even CRY on Tuesday AM when we drop him off for the first, official time.

I guess I jumped right to the end of August — maybe I should do a quick ‘August Recap’ – especially since it was probably the FIRST August that we were HOME for the month.

I didn’t really want to post about the fact that I turned ANOTHER year older at the beginning of August — but I didn’t want to brush over the fact that my husband is totally awesome & had a really great birthday party for me.




He put together a small ‘Wine & Cheese‘ Party and it was amazing. The boys spent the night at Grandma & Grandpa’s house. The adults attempted to guess the region of grape and alcohol content of 6 wines, and the cheese selection was fabulous. It was a relaxing evening with a great group — including my sis. I have said it before but really, you can NEVER say it enough….my husband is so great :)

The boys had another great year at VBS.

(You can’t tell from the look on NCL’s face above…but he really did enjoy VBS again).

We visited with friends


We played at home a lot (kind of odd for us!! But I loved it).




We visited the beach once (big beach camping trip is coming up in less than 2 weeks!!)




Summer weather officially arrived at the end of August! This is when I am super thankful for our air conditioner!!




It’s a big week up coming in our house — NCL’s first day of school (pictures coming tomorrow) AND our new floors will be in by the end of the week!


It was a fabulous summer….although, all 4 of us wish we were still on the road in the RV :/ Our boys really love traveling…good thing, because Mom & Dad love it, too. I need more vacation time!

More to come from the Adventures of Kindergarten!


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The boys picked me up in Boise yesterday and we headed back to Hagerman. It’s been 3 years since we have been out here. Hard to believe Anthony was a newborn (3 weeks old) last time we were here.

We had a little BBQ at the house for the 4th, and planned to shoot some fireworks – but a storm rolled in.


Oh – and we played with the new marshmallow guns from Auntie Meg & Uncle Steve.





A little front-yard swinging too…


It was a fabulous 4th of July and I have to say, even after being married for almost 10 years and together for 15 years – reunions with my hubby are still as anticipated as they were years ago :)

One Special Dude

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My two boys are so incredibly blessed to have the Daddy that they do. I know it’s easy for them to take him for granted because they are so young — but one day, they will look back and they will be completely blown away by their Dad.

People have asked me before..”How did you know that Joe was ‘the one’?” I have a longer answer to that question, but the short and important answer is: “I could see him as the Father of my children and knew he would be great.” And….He is SO much better than I even thought he was going to be (way back then!)

❀ He loves our boys.
🏊 He TEACHES our boys.
πŸ˜‰ He cares for our boys.
⚑ He disciplines our boys.
🍴 He feeds our boys (and most of you know HOW amazing he is at this.)
πŸ™ He prays for our boys.
πŸ‘ He encourages our boys.
🎩 He is a great example for our boys.


And…he has a great job πŸš•

For Father’s Day this year, we took my Dad & Joe to the Fair..after a fabulous breakfast at my sister’s place (I think we were her first guests!)





If my boys could blog, I know they they would say THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU, Daddy. He is the BEST! πŸ˜€

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