Baby LG3 Update

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I meant to post a picture & an update last week but never had the chance, so here is a few weeks’ worth of photos and happenings.

**If you haven’t already done so, but would like to take a guess as to what Baby LG3 is going to be (pink or blue?!?!?) – Just click the Expect Net box below:

The ‘girl camp‘ is growing larger everyday. I always enjoy hearing from people that are “absolutely sure” that their prediction is the truth :)

Here is Mama & Baby at 30 weeks….and my other two ‘babies’ with their sweet little boy smiles:


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Say Hello to the 3rd Trimester

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To start of the post: Here is the link to the Baby Guessing Game again.

Get your GIRL or BOY guess in while you can. I haven’t seen a guess from Aunt Yvette yet—she is the one to beat :)

Last week we welcomed the 3rd & final trimester for Baby LG3! 12 or so weeks to go — I guess that means we really should get ready for this baby’s arrival!!


23 Weeks vs. 28 Weeks – this baby is getting bigger every week!

It still surprises people when they haven’t seen me in a few weeks or they only see me sitting down at my desk. When I stand up, I generate quite the reaction. “Whoa!! You really are….pregnant!” – ha ha. Yes, that is a nicer way of saying “Dang, you are HUGE!!”

We had a Dr’s Appt this last week. Everything is going as planned. Surprisingly, I measured approx. 27 weeks ON my 28th week day. (I find it hard to believe I am not measuring AT LEAST 1 weeks ahead). The heartbeat was great. We have another appointment in 3 weeks to do a follow-up ultrasound to make sure the placenta isn’t close to/covering the cervix. Should be interesting to see the baby this far along. We have never had more than the ’20 weeks ultrasound’ before. Maybe a chance to get a glimpse at the ‘goods’ —– kidding!!!! We certainly wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise now!

Baby LG3 Update & The Guessing Game!

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I missed posting an update last week.  I can NOT believe how busy the end of October is for the LG Family. Between Nicholas’ Birthday and Halloween, we could barely catch our breath.  (There will be another post on both of those events).

I snapped a picture last week (yes, in my office’s bathroom, again – it’s the only way I will capture the growth. I have to take the picture when I remember) just to prove that this baby is growing a LOT right now.  Evidenced not only by my physical appearance but by the amount of food I can consume. Holy cow!


After looking at the above picture, and FEELING a whole lot bigger – I compared the previous 2 pictures.  This baby REALLY grew in the last 4 weeks (between Week 22 and Week 26).

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