38 & Counting Up

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Is anyone tired of getting pregnancy updates at this point? Are you thinking to yourself: “I would much rather HEAR about Baby’s arrival and SEE pictures of this LG Baby?” I mean, when do the ‘Pregnant Belly Pictures in a Bathroom Mirror’ get old??!

Oh wait..maybe that is just what I am hearing in my head this week…ha ha.

Ah well. Why stop now with my updates and pictures? We have come this far, right?


Week 38. According to my weekly email updates, baby is developed enough and welcomed to come out to breathe its first breath. Baby LG3 might be on the smaller side, so everyday on the inside is a chance to plump up a little more. That is definitely the benefit to an extended stay.

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An Update from Home

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As of tomorrow, it has been 2 weeks since I lost driving rights (Joe’s ruling). I have been well cared for and driven around by my personal chauffeur. I have spent a lot of hours in the house — and I have to admit, I have been pretty good about the whole thing (I am not going TOTALLY stir crazy…yet).

Since I am home and have nothing but time on my side (ha ha), I should be able to keep up the blog a bit better, huh? A friend pointed out to me that I hadn’t updated or spoken about the chickens on the blog. Oops! Guess that one came and went – their arrival was 5 days before Christmas and things got a bit busy right after they landed in our courtyard.

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We Bring GOOD News!

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Joe & I went to the Doctor today for our final ultrasound check-up. The primary purpose was to check the location of the placenta. We have both been preparing for the very likely possibility that we would leave the appt with a scheduled surgery date.

I wish we could have had a picture of our faces when Dr. B showed us (and explained) that the baby’s head had moved down past the placenta and I NO longer have placenta previa!! I couldn’t believe it! No need for a scheduled c-section!

I know that many of you have been praying – for that chance that things would change. Thank you SO much!! I have been praying for the same — although, I have also been praying for peace and preparation for a c-section. Joe & I have talked a LOT about it — both terrified, but just trying to prepare each other. We went to the appt feeling ok with the plan. After all, we just want baby to be healthy and arrive safely. That is most important and at the top of our prayer list always!

This means we will be surprised by a birthday!! And still surprised by the gender! So exciting 😀! We love the anticipation.

In other news, today was my last day at the office. Time to rest, prepare, and hang out with my boys.

Dr also measured baby (pictures above). It looks like Baby LG3 is measuring smaller than the boys. More petite, perhaps….???? Can’t wait to find out!

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