The Growing Belly

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Wow. Baby LG3 – You really are growing! You are moving around a ton (on my right side, only). You get the hiccups at least twice a day. And…you are causing some SERIOUS acid reflux pains for Mama :/

Here is a pic at 32 Weeks. Lots of belly!!

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Baby LG3 Update

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I meant to post a picture & an update last week but never had the chance, so here is a few weeks’ worth of photos and happenings.

**If you haven’t already done so, but would like to take a guess as to what Baby LG3 is going to be (pink or blue?!?!?) – Just click the Expect Net box below:

The ‘girl camp‘ is growing larger everyday. I always enjoy hearing from people that are “absolutely sure” that their prediction is the truth :)

Here is Mama & Baby at 30 weeks….and my other two ‘babies’ with their sweet little boy smiles:


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Say Hello to the 3rd Trimester

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To start of the post: Here is the link to the Baby Guessing Game again.

Get your GIRL or BOY guess in while you can. I haven’t seen a guess from Aunt Yvette yet—she is the one to beat :)

Last week we welcomed the 3rd & final trimester for Baby LG3! 12 or so weeks to go — I guess that means we really should get ready for this baby’s arrival!!


23 Weeks vs. 28 Weeks – this baby is getting bigger every week!

It still surprises people when they haven’t seen me in a few weeks or they only see me sitting down at my desk. When I stand up, I generate quite the reaction. “Whoa!! You really are….pregnant!” – ha ha. Yes, that is a nicer way of saying “Dang, you are HUGE!!”

We had a Dr’s Appt this last week. Everything is going as planned. Surprisingly, I measured approx. 27 weeks ON my 28th week day. (I find it hard to believe I am not measuring AT LEAST 1 weeks ahead). The heartbeat was great. We have another appointment in 3 weeks to do a follow-up ultrasound to make sure the placenta isn’t close to/covering the cervix. Should be interesting to see the baby this far along. We have never had more than the ’20 weeks ultrasound’ before. Maybe a chance to get a glimpse at the ‘goods’ —– kidding!!!! We certainly wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise now!

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