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This past Thursday, we had our big ultrasound for the baby. The tech spent an hour taking pictures and measurements, and answering our questions (as best she could). We had too look away a few times while she looked between the baby’s legs…didn’t want to take a chance that we might see anything.

Here is a view of the baby’s arm and hand (the hand is in the right ride of the picture).


And here are the feet (a view of the bottom of the feet).


And finally, our favorite shot of Baby LG3, the profile:


Unfortunately, the tech couldn’t get a good enough view of the heart to take measurements so we have to go back for another ultrasound next week.

And then at the end, she had to double check the location of the placenta which appeared too close to the cervix (placenta previa). She kept saying she ‘wasn’t a doctor’ so she couldn’t tell us much.

I was bummed when we left – since we really didn’t know too much. Joe read a bunch online and said that the higher statistics were that placenta previa wouldn’t be an issue by the end of the pregnancy. I emailed my doctor when I got to the office and he got back to me within an hour. He had already read the report and said he wasn’t too concerned and it was likely to be totally fine by the end. AND – he was happy to see that all was well with the baby. It was SO awesome to hear that news (and not have to wait until next week when we will see him in person).

Here is a view of the baby from the outside – Mama at 19 weeks.


As they always say, Time is flying by…mostly. It’s hard to believe I am almost half way, but at the same time – I wonder how I will make it through the next 4+ months! Eek!

More from Buffalo

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My vacation has come to an end 😕 I shouldn’t be the least bit sad about that, right?!? After all, I have been gone since Aug 6th!

The boys are sticking around Buffalo for a few extra days but it’s time for me to face the music and get back to the office.

I have a few more pictures & activities that I wanted to post about (I wish I could have gotten everyone else’s photos before posting about all the Fun we have had…but let’s be real…there is NO WAY I would blogged even half of our trip of our trip if I had waited until returning home.)

One afternoon it was ‘supposed’ to rain (I wanted to see some serious thunder/lightening action!), so Angie, Joe & I took the boys to the Fisher Price Explore & More kids museum. So many fun things to do there!


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One of the most anticipated and talked about activities of our summer vacation – Picking (and eating) Blueberries. On Thursday we headed out to an old favorite: Burdick Blueberries (farm). This is the same place that Uncle Sam used to pick blueberries.


Despite what the weather man said on the news, it was a VERY nice (and hot) day. We were expecting some rain at some point (& it would have been welcomed) but it never happened. Luckily for me, there were a few chairs in the shade that were perfect for me 😀



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