Good-Bye is Never Easy

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After an 8 month road of bladder cancer, Otis’ earthly visit came to an end yesterday morning. Ugh. It’s SO hard to be a pet owner. I feel like we JUST went through this with Roscoe (even though it’s been almost 2 years).  And – because we went through a similar situation, Joe & I both know that there is very little-to-nothing that can be said or done to make it any easier.  As they say, it just takes time.



It’s pretty crazy to think that Otis was a LaGreca longer than I have been. He was there the night we adopted Roscoe and brought him over to meet his new friend. Otis and Roscoe were both there to greet and welcome the LaGreca boys into the family (2007 and 2010). Thankfully, we took a LaGreca Family picture 2 Christmas’ ago that included both Otis & Roscoe.  The White and Black dog were “the boys” before our two LG boys were part of the family.

When he was diagnosed  8 months ago  none of us (including the vet) knew what that meant in terms of time. They said maybe 3 months…we got 8.

It’s something you knowingly sign up for when you adopt a dog. It always ends the same and its ALWAYS hard. You NEVER feel like you had enough time – you sort of feel….robbed at the end (at least, that’s how Joe & I felt).

The nice part about it is that you usually get years of fun, love and joy – and at the end, you trade all that in for a really crappy day(s) and weeks of tears, heartbreak and loneliness. Hopefully you took lots of pictures along the way and have MANY wonderful memories with your 4-legged friend.

We had many nicknames for Otis and rarely actually called him “Otis”:

  • Oti
  • Oters
  • Oti-kins
  • White Dog
  • Diablo Blanco (Joe came up with this one and back in Oti’s younger years, it was very suiting)
  • Oti-O

Glad we got to spend lots of time with Otis. Our house was his 2nd home. He LOVED that we had a doggie door and he could run out after critters on the back hill anytime he wanted (including ALL hours of the night).   He even {sort of} accepted Lucy into his pack… even though she was always trying to get him to play & annoying him.   Just this past week, they enjoyed the leftover meatloaf at Otis’ house – they happily shared all the yummy drippings and crumbs out of the same dish.



Nicholas said grace last night before dinner and after Thanking God for his family members and the food, he said “I hope Otis is having a good time in heaven with Roscoe and I hope Grandma & Grandpa will feel better.”  Such a perfect 7-year old prayer.  I can’t remember which boy it was, but one of them asked us if Roscoe and Otis were in the same place and if they were going to be able to find each other.  And although I don’t really know the answer, it’s comforting for us to picture the two of them together again.


Pregnancy with 2 Boys

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It is pretty fun & interesting to be pregnant this time – and have two little boys around. They are so different (always have been) and their reaction to Baby 3 and me being pregnant is no different.

AJ has been so loving and sweet about the baby. Nearly every single day, he rubs my belly and says “I like your baby, Mom.” He gives the baby kisses and wants to feel it kick whenever possible. When asked what kind of baby he thinks it is – he just says “I don’t know” with a sweet smile and a shrug.

Nicholas has been more removed. He is JUST now asking to feel the baby kick. The most excited I have seen him was the day I surprised him as the Mystery Reader in his class. He ran up to me, gave me a big hug and said loudly “My Mom is pregnant!!”

This morning was definitely one of my favorites. Nicholas was in my room when I came out of the bathroom from getting ready for work. He said “Mama, when the doctor takes the baby out at the hospital, how will he know what kind of baby it is?” (meaning: gender). I said “the doctor will look at the baby, and if it has a penis, it’s a boy. If it doesn’t have a penis, it’s a girl”

He paused a second and then said “oh….yeah….the penis” – in that ah-ha voice when something just clicks and makes sense. I had to laugh because it was so sincere and cute – coming from a little boy.

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Cousins are the Best!

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We had Elliot for a bit this weekend – and luckily it worked out that Nicholas went to hang out at Grandma & Grandpa’s house for the afternoon. We got a small glimpse of what ‘big brother Anthony’ would look like.

Right away, he ran to his room to get a book that he could show Elliot.


When Elliot got fussy and started to cry, AJ seemed really worried. He kept asking why the baby was crying and what we could do to stop the crying.

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