Back at The Ranch

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We have lived in our new house for 2 weeks now – wow! A lot has been done in that time.  Lucy is loving the space and the critters. The boys have slept good nearly every single night thanks to ALL the outdoor playtime (and trampoline jumping). Joe has made a dent in the yard work (we have a BIG yard). And I am slowly getting the inside of the house organized (while caring for Grace and keeping up with laundry and dishes). 

In recent family news, Joe’s parents bought a 5th Wheel — and needed a place to park it (it’s a bit large to keep in their driveway at home). And so, commenced the ‘Back 40 Parking Lot Project‘. In order to use our lower lot for parking (our RV and the 5th Wheel) we needed a ramp to drive down. 



Work started on Monday. 



And today (Saturday) the cement truck came. 



We had to make sure our mark was left in the cement while it was still wet. 



And…the LG Kids’ handprints….including Grace. 


It will be nice to have access to the lower land :) 

….Lucy catches a mole in the yard….


Easter 2015

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One of favorite holidays was last weekend and this year, it came SO fast! I love the Lenten season – but with Grace being born in Februaury & the big move, this years’ season got the passenger seat. 

We were somewhat settled in the new house on Easter weekend so we decided to color some eggs out in the patio. 




The boys had a great time. 

Easter Sunday was filled with lots of great experiences. A yummy breakfast at church, an egg hunt, and an amazing Easter Service/Celebration. 




When we got home from church, there were hidden Easter baskets in our new house! (Gracee’s really wasn’t ‘hidden’) 



Then we cooked up a few things and headed over to Auntie Meg & Uncle Steve’s house. 





It was a fabulous day with great weather and yummy food. After the kids did an egg hunt – the adults had a turn. It was fun to watch :)  Hard to believe that Gracee will be walking around next Easter! That will be super fun! 


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Above: the official Redfin post of the ‘SOLD’ Promise Lane house (our house). 

I tried to document a bit of the move in pictures throughout the week. I wasn’t able to take as many as I had hoped….I spent quite a bit of time feeding Grace and picking up the boys from school –  while things were being moved. 

We started last Friday night — and 9 days later, we are DONE!!! After church today – we picked up the FINAL few things. 

Here are some pics:

Old House












New House





The old hous is already being painted (the inside). The new house is already being cooked in 😀 We enjoyed a cooked breakfast inside this morning – with our guests. We loved having people spend the night. 

We owe SO many people a HUGE Thank You!! This last week was probably the busiest & most physically tiring for Joe. The long hours of lifting and moving – in super hot weather – day after day… Was NOT easy. And unfortunately, I wasn’t able to help with the big stuff. Thank God for the amazing help and support from friends & family. There is NO way we could have done it without everyone!  

Now…it’s time to make this house…our home 🏡😀❤️

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